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Jelqing Guides

The Complete Jelqing Guide by PhalloGauge

Jelqing is a manual penis stretching exercise. This Jelqing Guide covers everything: The basics, erection level, penis angle, lubricants, grip, and posture.

Does Jelqing for Length Even Work? The Definitive Answer

Can Jelqing exercises help to contribute to length gains? If so, can I just rely on jelqing for my enlargement journey? Find out in this blog article.

Jelqing for Girth - How to Target Girth to Obtain Maximum Thickness

Jelqing is the ideal exercise to increase penis girth. However, you need to make sure your technique is spot-on. Here, we show you exactly how you should be doing it to maximize girth.

Jelqing Variations for a Complete Workout: Alternative Jelqing and V-Jelqing

Learn the popular jelqing variations like V-Jelqing and Alternate Jelqing in this guide. Censored and uncensored photos included.

How to Optimize Time and Efficiency Jelqing with Machine Gun Jelqing

Looking to save maximize penis girth gains in the most efficient time? In this guide we teach 'Machine Gun Jelqing', our advanced jelqing technique to reduce wasted time without sacrificing results.

5 Tips to Effective Wet Jelqing

Here are 5 things that you can do to make sure your maximizing gains from wet jelqing. Learn more about these advanced jelqing techniques here.

Understanding the Different Penis States to Optimize Your Training

A crucial factor to natural penis enlargement is understanding flaccid vs erect states and everything in between. Learn all about it here.

The Biggest Mistake Guys Make When Jelqing and How to Avoid It

Most guys jelq with too hard a grip or hard an erection and it costs them their gains. Correct these two factors in your jelqing routine and learn the rolling-over technique to maximize your jelqing results.