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Updated on December 12, 2018

Hi guys, my name is Dr. Edward Matsumoto and I'm going to teach you what penis extenders are.

So you've properly mesaured your penis, but are looking to gain some length, right?

Well, you're in the right place.

Let's get started.

Examples of Popular Extenders



parts of the PhalloGauge penis extender

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parts of the SizeGenetics Penis Extender



parts of the PhalloSan Penis Extender


before and after results
PhalloGauge Medical lab study results after using a the PhalloGauge Extender.

Go here to start getting these results for yourself.

Best Prices

The best penis extender devices typically cost between $150 and $300.

Here are the most well-known penis extenders and their prices:

Bar graph comparing the prices of all the best products on the market.
Best Penis Extender Costs Compared. PhalloGauge wins in a landslide.

The graph shows the base price of each penis extender.

PhalloGauge is the clear winner in price by a landslide.

PhalloSan is the most expensive extender - last place for price.

As you can see, this one costs more than $300.

Showing the price tag of the PhalloSan, the most expensive penis extender.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I wear a penis extender under my pants?

Answer: Depends on which one you buy. Some are better at this than others.

Are devices safe?

Answer: Yes. When used correctly.

How long do I have to use it each day?

Answer: You should use it for 6 hours each day.

Are extender results permanent?

Answer: Yes, penis extender results will last forever.

How long until I see results?

Answer: Most users report that it only takes a couple weeks to start seeing results.

How long should I wear a penis extender each day?

Answer: We recommend between 3-6 hours total, each day.

Will both flaccid and erect length increase?

Answer: Yes, both will increase.

If I stop using a penis extender, will I lose my gains?

Answer: No. The penis extender device increases the total number of penile cells so that added mass will stay permanently.

Can I wear a penis extender in bed?

Answer: Yes, if it doesn't disturb your sleep.

Can they add girth gains?

Answer: No. The industry standard for girth gains is to use a penis pump.

Will using a penis extender give me weaker erections?

Answer: No, in fact, most users report harder, fuller erections.

Can I get a discount on a penis extender?

Answer: Yes, you can get a 15% discount from us here.

How old do I have to be to use a penis extender?

Answer: You must be at least over 18 years of age to use a penis extender.

PhalloGauge Medical extender length results
Another extender result from PhalloGauge Medical's research lab.

Penis Extender Size Results

The commonly accepted study result (average) is:

0.7 inches gained (length) in 12 weeks.

--British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) Study

Well even the renowned WebMD acknowledges that extenders work:

"You might have to wear a weight (or extender) strapped to your penis eight hours a day for six months," says O'Leary. At the end of it, you could be lucky enough to gain about half an inch." --WebMD

logo quote
(Even WebMD recognizes that length increases are possible.)

But it's not just WebMD that recognizes that penis extenders simply work.

Extender effectiveness has also been reported in Time Magazine, medical journals (British Journal Urology International [BJUI]), and in research labs across the world.

In fact, we've compiled all the results from penile clinical studies in an easy-to-read summary.

bar graph showing the average length gained over time.
Here is the enlargement result from Sina University, at Tehran Medical study.

Why Should You Use One?

A few reasons:

You should think of the penis extender as a tool that makes training more productive and efficient.

Which one is the best?

#1. PhalloGauge

The PhalloGauge Extender glamor shot
The PhalloGauge Penis Extender (Pulling Extender)

PhalloGauge was ONLY invented BECAUSE we were not happy with the other extenders out there.

Some of these points are as follows:

The extender device needs to be completely invisible so that it can be used all day, in public.

The penis extender needs to be worn for about 6 hours a day.

Another issue is the fact that so many parts are used and the rod-based system is really complicated.

This is because the Model S consists of only two main parts of that take less than 30 seconds to put on and take off combined.

Another problem with extenders is that they are notorious for slipping off, especially at the worst times.

The PhalloGauge addresses this issue by using a flexible, stretchy silicone polymer "double-grip" wrap.

To see more reasons on how the PhalloGauge penis extender has improved upon the status quo check out this page here.

At $115, there's no denying that the price of PhalloGauge in the best in literally the whole world.

Nobody can argue that.

So why do we sell it for under $100 when we could easily sell it just under $200 and still beat the other extender prices?

Because we can.

Honestly, we would feel a little guilty if we charged over $100.

Rich or poor, every man has a right to re-take his masculinity.

extender video review thumbnail

Extender Guide Video by James Federico, Chief Length Consulting Officer for PhalloGauge.

#2. PhalloSan Forte

PhalloSan is similar to PhalloGauge.

Both apply a pulling stretch.

However, Phallosan uses a vacuum condom to hold the glans in place.

PhalloSan Penile Extender Issues

Some users have reported irritation and at the tip of the glans due to the vacuum.

The vacuum is a neat idea, however, some guys are just too sensitive and can't handle it.

Here we cut open the pieces of the Phallosan for analysis.
Here, we cut open the parts of the PhalloSan to see what it is made of.

Vacuum Condom Penile Sizes

It comes if 3 different condom sizes - small, medium, and large.

Ideally, you find the correct size and use it forever.

For example, I chose a "medium" because "small" was way too tight on my shaft and it was painful.

One problem I soon found, is that you might actually fit between sizes.

For example, I fit between a small and a medium vacuum condom size.

As a result, the extender kept slipping off.

Hopefully you're luckier than I am and you'll fit perfectly into one of the condom sizes.

PhalloSan Extender Price

Phallosan is well over $300. Yikes.

And that doesn't even include shipping costs (which are also high because they ship from Switzerland.

Given the issues I ran into (and that you might also have), it is hard to truly recommend this extender.

#3. SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is actually not that bad.

In fact, it's probably the best one out of the old-fashioned extenders.

One thing we will say is that the noose system is probably the most comfortable out of the rod extenders.

The $200+ price point is a bit tough though.

Extender Parts and Material Quality

SizeGenetics is made out of a quality steel for the rods.

The white plasic parts that make up the frame of the extender are decent. The springs are also good quality.

Like all springs, they will eventually wear out so a replacement may be reuiqred.


There are two types of traction extenders:

  • Pulling Extenders

  • Rod Extenders

You can learn how to use these penis extenders here.

PhalloGauge and PhalloSan are pulling extenders.

Penis Extenders that pull use the instinctual nature of pulling to stretch.

Typically, there is a part that grips the top of the shaft, and a belt that comes around that anchors to the base of the shaft.

demonstrating the first step in putting the penile device on
The PhalloGauge Extender's foam loop put on the shaft.

Why would you want to use a pulling extender instead?

A large advantage of pulling extenders is that they can be worn underneath any kind of pants without being detected.

Rod-based traction extenders hold the penis straight out which looks like you have an erection in public.

typical example of a pulling penile device being used on a person
How pulling penis extenders are worn.

There are two metal rods that run along the sides that extend the penis.

To put it on, you:

  • Set the desired stretching force by choosing the correct rod and spring length.

  • Place your flaccid penis inside the device.

  • Clamp your penis down at the glans with the noose.

  • Put your underwear and pants on over the device.

typical penile device usage
A typical example of a rod penis extender.

SizeGenetics and X4 Labs are your average rod extenders.

Penis Extender Safety

a Doctor giving his safety approval

Why is safety important?

Your penis is more precious than you think.

You urinate, on average, at least twice a day. You also use it to reproduce.

Just think how hard life would be if you couldn't do any of these things.

Also, your self-esteem would crumble if your penis didn't work properly.

That's why this guide is absolutely essential that your read, not only to maximize gains, but also to ensure correct penile health for your whole life.

The Risks of Using a Penis Extender

Penis Extender Safety
Any risks that exist are solely based on the user (you).

This is a very different situation compared to other medical treatments.

The doctor isn't giving you a treatment, you're using the extender yourself!

On the surface, this may seem like a bad thing, but I view it as a very good thing.

That's because, as the saying goes: "If you want something done, you have to do it yourself!".

That's not to say doctor's can't do a good job with any surgical procedures, but like we've covered before, penis extender surgery success rates are extremely low and the danger disease risks are extremely high.

The Easy to Follow, Dont's of Using a Penis Extender

Do not stretch for more than 8 hours a day.
an exhaustsed man who has stretched for too long during the day
Just don't stretch for more than 8 hours a day - easy rule to follow.

A common thought that most men do is think that "if I stretch more, then I will gain more."

This couldn't be farther from the truth.

However, after a certain point (at around 6 hours per day), there are no average gains that can be achieved if you were to stretch more than this point.


Stretching is not the only thing that actually contributes to the actual growth of the penis. It's what triggers the growth to happen.

What actually grows the penis is when more penis cell tissue actually starts to appear due to cell hyperplasia.

Now, if you stretch say for the majority of the day (greater than 8 hours), you're not giving your body time to actually build back the tissue through hyperplasia.

In other words, you're not letting the tissue doesn't build itself up bigger and stronger than before.

In a sense, this is the same as muscle bodybuilding.

Only proper nutrition and adequate rest after a workout is what allows you to grow bigger.

This is a fundamental principle of natural penile enlargement.

Do not stretch too hard to cause sharp pain.
a man experiencing sharp pain from using a penis extender incorrectly.
Sharp pain is a clear signal that you're using a penis extender wrong.

Pain is your body's natural alarm system that tells you that something is wrong.

So don't ignore it.

All forms of physical training mandate that any sharp pain requires you to stop.

Likewise, in all other forms of penis enlargement training, if you feel fatigue, then it means you're contributing to your training.

However, if it is sharp pain that clearly feels wrong and makes you want to stop, almost like tortorous disease pain, then definitely stop.

That's your body's alarm system going off.

We highly don't recommend using an extender while you sleep.

Using one while you sleep, can be a great way to multitask to help get gains, but I advise against doing it.


The main reason against penile extender sleeping treatment doesn't really have to do with penile safety - but rather the general health of your entire body:

Your sleep quality.

That's right, sleep is something that is commonly overlooked.

The point is, extenders can create a sense of discomfort while sleeping, which lowers the quality of your sleep and even the ability for you to fall asleep.

As a result, most guys will find that they will be extremely tired in the morning.

That's why we highly don't recommend wearing the extender while sleeping if it does affect your sleep, even to a small degree.

a man with insomnia from wearing a penis extender while sleeping.
We don't recommend sacrificing sleep quality to wear a penis extender at night.

Probably the only exception is if you're a heavy sleeper and won't be disturbed by it.

So try it once and see if you can even fall asleep while wearing it. If not, don't do it, just stretch and multitask during the day.

Day stretching is more than enough treatment.

After all, the PhalloGauge extender was made to be used during your active daytime and in public without being detected and interfering with your life at all.

Things to Keep an Eye Out For

Make sure you keep an eye on these things to practice good penis extender safety.

Maximize Blood Flow

During treatment, make sure you're getting a decent blood flow to your flaccid penis.

In other words, don't choke out your penis with whatever securing mechanism is used to hold the penis in place.

This can be a noose, or the silicone wrap in the case of the PhalloGauge penis extender.

A decent blood flow ensures that your body is supporting your penile growth treatment by delivering the proper oxygen and nutrition needed for growth.

Not only will cutting off your blood flow due to choking your penis cause pain, it will also prevent you from achieving your maximum potential for growth, especially if you're overstretching (too many hours during the day).

Is your device getting dirty? Clean it!

Good hygiene is the foundation for good health. That includes the cleanliness of your penile extender.

Remember, you're going to be wearing the penile device for hours each day. Over this time, it's going to accumulate dead skin cells, dust, and other unwanted particles.

Thus, remove it periodically, say at least once every two weeks, by washing it with water and basic hand soap.

demonstrating the cleaning of the PhalloGauge penis extender
Cleaning an extender is just as easy as washing your hands.

Your body will thank you for it by not getting you sick and not getting your pubic area irritated from germs or dust.

Not only will it promote good overall health, but it will also make it more comfortable to wear. And we know that comfort essentially equals results.

In conclusion, Penis extenders are the perfect tools to use that will guarantee your lengthening success.

However, they aren't used to increase average girth.

They aid you in your penis training by allowing you to stretch for longer without affecting your day-to-day lifestyle.

These traction methods have been clinically proven to work and because all men are the same, there's no reason why you should believe it shouldn't work for you as well.

Or check out our PhalloGauge Penis Extender, which was designed for your user experience (results, comfort, stealth).

"Hey man, I got you free shipping on the PhalloGauge - on the house."
Kind regards, Dr. M

Maybe later

"Hey man, I got you free shipping on the PhalloGauge - on the house."
Kind regards, Dr. M

Maybe later