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The Ultimate
How They Work and What to Expect

By Dr. Jeff Ferrara
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Jesse Martinez

Author portrait of Dr. Jeff Ferrara, MD

Updated on September 13, 2018

Extender Guide Video by James Federico, Chief Length Consulting Officer for PhalloGauge:

Hi guys, my name is Dr. Jeff Ferrara, MD and I'm going to show you the best penis extenders to buy.

So you've properly mesaured your penis, but are looking to gain some penis length, right?

Well, you're in the right place.

Let's get started.

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What is a Penis Extender?

Penis extenders are medical devices that hold the penis in a stretched state for long periods of time to increase length permanently.

Penis extenders are certified for self-use and do not require a doctor's prescription.

They are are also known as penile extenders, traction devices and penis stretchers.

Penis extenders should not be confused with the sex toy, penis extensions.

Comparing what a penis extender looks like to a penis extension.
Here, we talk about penis extenders, medical devices used to increase length permanently, not penis extension sex toys.

How do they work?

They utilize a technique known as "penis traction".

Penis traction is when the penis is held in a stretched state for an extended period of time.

Penis traction is the scientific reason why extenders add length.

Penis Extender Results

The commonly accepted result is:

0.7 inches gained (length) in 12 weeks.

--British Journal of Urology International (BJUI)

Well even the renowned WebMD acknowledges that penis extenders work:

"You might have to wear a weight (or extender) strapped to your penis eight hours a day for six months," says O'Leary. At the end of it, you could be lucky enough to gain about half an inch." --WebMD

typical example of a penis extender device
(Even WebMD recognizes that it's possible.)

But it's not just WebMD that recognizes that extenders simply work.

Extender effectiveness has also been reported in Time Magazine, medical journals (British Journal Urology International [BJUI]), and in research labs across the world.

In fact, we've compiled all the studies done on penis extender results in an easy-to-read summary.

bar graph showing the average length gained from penis extenders over time.
Here is the result from Sina University, at Tehran Medical

Why Should You Use a Penis Extender?

A few reasons:

  1. No need to do penis stretching exercises anymore.

  2. It's efficient. Use it to multitask.

  3. Specifically target length gains.

Ultimately, penis extenders make penis training more productive and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I wear them under my pants?

Answer: Depends on which extender you buy. Some are better at this than others.

Are extenders safe?

Answer: Yes. When used correctly.

How long do I have to use it each day?

Answer: You should use it for 6 hours each day.

Are extender results permanent?

Answer: Yes, they will last forever.

How long until I see results?

Answer: Most users report that it only takes a couple weeks to start seeing results.

How long should I wear an extender each day?

Answer: We recommend between 3-6 hours total, each day.

Will both flaccid and erect length increase?

Answer: Yes, both will increase.

If I stop using a penis extender, will I lose my gains?

Answer: No. The extender device increases the total number of penile cells so that added mass will stay permanently.

Can I wear a penis extender in bed?

Answer: Yes, if it doesn't disturb your sleep.

Can penis extenders add girth gains?

Answer: No. The industry standard for girth gains is to use a penis pump.

Will using a penis extender give me weaker erections?

Answer: No, in fact, most users report harder, fuller erections.

How old do I have to be to use a penis extender?

Answer: You must be at least over 18 years of age.

Penis Extender Types

There are two types of extenders:

  1. Pulling Extenders

  2. Rod Extenders

You can learn how to use these penis extenders here.

PhalloGauge and PhalloSan are pulling extenders.

Pulling Extenders

Pulling extenders use the instinctual nature of pulling to stretch the penis.

Typically, there is a part that grips the top of the penis shaft, and a belt that comes around that anchors to the base of the penis.

demonstrating the first step in putting on a penis extender
The PhalloGauge Extender's foam loop put on the shaft.

Demonstrating how a pulling extender works on a finger.

Why would you want to use a pulling extender instead?

A big advantage of pulling penis extenders is that they can be worn underneath any kind of pants without being detected.

Rod-based extenders hold the penis straight out which looks like you have an erection in public.

typical example of a pulling penis extender being used on a person
How pulling penis extenders are worn.

Rod Extenders

This extender style is pretty straightforward.

There are two metal rods that run along the sides that extend the penis.

Longer rods and springs are installed when you want to change the amount of force applied to your penis.

To put it on, you:

  • Set the desired stretching force by choosing the correct rod and spring length.

  • Place your flaccid penis inside the device.

  • Clamp your penis down at the glans with the noose.

  • Put your underwear and pants on over the device.

typical example of a penis extender device
A typical example of a rod penis extender.

SizeGenetics and X4 Labs are rod extenders.

Penis Extender Quality

Extender quality is important.

That's because you have to wear it for about 16 weeks to see size gains.

So you don't want an extender that craps out after week 2.

Here's what matters for quality:

Important Quality Factors

  • Number of Parts: You want less parts - less complicated.

  • Small Parts: You don't want small parts (might get lost).

  • Material: You want medical grade materials that are safe to touch.

All extenders should be using medical grade silicone rubber for their soft parts.

Medical grade silicone rubber used as a penis extender part.
Only medical grade silicone rubbers should be used.

This includes the noose part on rod-extenders, and the wrap part for the pulling extenders.

Any metal parts need to be stainless steel (no rust).

A stainless steel rod used as a penis extender part.
Stainless steel rods should always be used.

Price is not necessarily reflected on quality.

We've found that a high price usually means that they company is trying to make more profit off you.

How do we know that?

Becauase all the part materials are the same!

Penis Extenders for Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's disease is when your penis curves when erect and is not straight.

While the disease is not life-threatening, it can cause serious self-esteem issues.

Not to mention, it makes sexual intercourse more difficult.

It has been clinically proven that penis extenders are effective treatments for Peyronie's Disease.

A censored image of a man with Peyronie's Disease.
Peyronie's Disease is very difficult to deal with. Fortunately, extenders are effective treatments to straighten the curvature.

In Conclusion

Penis extenders are the perfect tools that will guarantee your penis lengthening success.

They aid you in your penis training by allowing you to stretch for longer without affecting your day-to-day lifestyle.

They have been clinically proven to work and because all men are the same, there's no reason why it shouldn't work for you as well.

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