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How to Jelq: A Safe, Step-by-Step Guide to Train for Maximum Size

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Updated on March 28, 2020

Want to learn how to jelq correctly and properly? This guide will teach you how to jelq properly.

You're going to learn:

  • The exact steps to follow to perform jelqing exercises.

  • The best jelqing routine.

To jelq, do the following:

  1. Lubricate your penis with water-based lubricants.

  2. Form an OK-grip with your index finger and thumb, around the base of your penis.

  3. With a light pressure, slowly slide your fingers up the shaft of the penis (5 seconds).

  4. Release your fingers when you reach the penis glans.

the steps on how to do jelqing
The steps on how to jelq.

One jelq repetition shown:

the starting position for a jelqing stroke rep the ending position for a jelqing stroke rep

Jelqing Technique: First squeeze the penis. Then stroke upwards.

Follow This Jelqing Routine to Maximize Size Gains

The way most men typically jelq is in their bedroom in a sitting position.

man sitting
Most men will agree, your bedroom is the best place to jelq.

Here is the exact penis enlargement routine men should follow:

  • Do no more than 1 jelqing sesion per day.

  • Do at least 1 session per day.

  • Do 100 to 200 jelq strokes (reps) per session.

  • Jelqing experts can increase their stroke count to 500 or 700.

Does this routine work?

Can you be sure that this jelqing routine provides results?

Check before and after photos (studies) here:

Jelqing Tips for Safety and Optimal Results

Jelqing: Use a Lubricant!

Men should rub a lubricant the erect penis with your finger when jelqing.

"Dry jelqing", a exercise technique which is doing it without a lubricant is highly discouraged.

Why not?

  • It's harsh on the penis skin (rashes)

  • You don't get an even sliding motion.

Jelqing Lubricants You Should Use

  • Olive Oil

  • Coconut Oil

  • Water-Based Lubricant (Commonly used with sex toys)

olive oil coconut oil

Here are three possible ideas for lubricants.

Warning: Never use soap as a lubricant.

If the soap gets inside your penis opening then it will be painful.

Jelqing Erection Levels

Generally, men want to maintain a penis erection level between 70% and 80% when jelqing.

Diagram showing the different erection levels.
It is highly recommended to enlarge to the 70-80% erection hardness level range.

For most men, as they do their routine, they will naturally get a harder penis erection.

That's not surprising - jelqing actually feels way good on your penis.

Maintaining a 70% erection level while jelqing is challenging because it requires you pay attention to your penis.

Also, never jelq with a 100% full erection - it actually reduces penis gains.

jelq device tool
The Penilizer is one device that can provide more penis "work" force.

Jelq devices provide more angles that you can jelq your erection with.

This is because some may find it hard to do jelqing exercises with the simple OK-grip. This device solves that problem.

Go here to learn more about jelqing devices.

At the same time, you don't want to be jelqing your penis too lightly.

Remember to make sure that your jelq stroke is going the full distance of your penis shaft.

Forget to do this, and you're just wasting your time.

The Biggest Exercise Mistake Most Men Do

This mistake is none other than NOT doing each jelq for the full 5 seconds.

These are bad penis exercise reps.

Don't get in the bad habit / technique of doing quick jelq reps (bad) because you get impatient.

This leads to poor blood flow in the penis arteries and veins.

You have to develop good technique when you're first starting jelqing exercises.

To improve, time each jelq rep using a stopwatch.

This will allow you to commit the full 5 seconds to muscle memory.

In conclusion, jelqing is one of the "bread-and-butter" exercises for male penis enlargement size (enhancement).

Not only that, but it's probably the easiest penis exercise to get started with, and one that is highly recommended for men who have never done any penis enlargement before.

Jelqing primaily targets girth, but can be used to achieve some length penis enlargement gains due to the pulling technique of the exercise.

However there are much better options for penis length gains.

woman impressed by man's size
It is the single-most important exercise to do for overall penile health and size. It also decreases his sexual anxiety.

If you have any questions on how to jelq, just ask in the comments section below.

If you're also interested in gaining penis length, you may be interested in our extender that thousands of men already use and developed by doctors.

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