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By Dr. Jeff Ferrara
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Jesse Martinez

Updated on September 14, 2018

Jelqing performed on a dildo for demonstration.

Most guys wish they were bigger down there.

In fact, pretty much every guy has wished at one point or another his penis was an inch or two longer.

This article will focus on some of the most popular penis enlargement surgery procedures that have produced fairly successful results.

1.Penile augmentation

There are a variety of injectable substances and materials used for penile enlargement including:

  • Polyacrylamide

  • Liquid Silicone

  • Mineral-Oil

  • Hyaluronic Acid

However, scientists a have pointed out some potential risks of swelling, reaction, granulomas and penile distortion.

Doctors are now recommending autologous fat grafting increase penile girth and length because it doesn’t introduce foreign bodies since it’s derived from the body tissues of the patient.

This is a far less invasive procedure when compared to others like V-Y or flap reconstruction.

To get the fat graft, the doctor liposuctions for areas where it’s excess.

The fat is then purified to obtain pure adipose fat.

The purified fat is then injected in multiple layers which improve the survival of the fat graft.

The autologous fat graft tends to lose about 20–50% of its volume over the first year of the procedure, so you might need multiple procedures to achieve your desired results.

During the penile augmentation procedure, radial incisions are made through the frenulum about 40–60 cc of the purified fat is injected down to the penile root.

The average increase in circumference and length is 2.7 and 2.4 cm respectively after one year.


The cost of Penile augmentation ranges from about $5,000 to $10,000.

This can be significantly higher if you’re specifically looking for penile widening.

2.Suspensory Ligament Release

The Suspensory Ligament Release (SLR) holds the penis to the pubic symphysis, providing support and acting as a mobile anchor when the penis erects.

The attachment holds the penis stretching further outward, which gives the penis its arched angle from the pubic base.

As part of the penis lengthening procedure, the part of the penis that is usually hidden in the body is exteriorized.

The Suspensory ligament release procedure involves cutting the Suspensory ligament at the base of the penis using a low abdominal incision.

The ligaments act as the ropes of the tent by anchoring the penis to the pubic base. Once they have been released, the penis lengthens naturally.

This is the most widely accepted procedure for lengthening the penis.

Complete release of the ligaments and the corpora is known to further increase the penis length, but it has been associated with some risks including the de-vascularization and denervation of the penis.

Suspensory ligament release can yield up to 3 cm of penis increase in length.

To prevent recurrence of the penis, doctors now place a buffer (usually a soft silicone sheath) in the place of the released ligament.

This space can also be filled by dermal-fat grafts.

A few of the side effects that have been cited with this procedure, although rare, include penile shortening, recurrence, and insufficient penile support, especially during erection.


An average SLR procedure can cost anywhere between $3,500 and $9,500.

3.Suprapubic lipectomy

Suprapubic lipectomy procedure is carried out to increase the perceived length of the penis, commonly in patients with cases of a buried penis.

Weight loss in this patients usually doesn’t solve the problem of an overhanging fold (mons pannus).

These folds often cause hygiene issues as they tend to direct sexual functions and urine stream.

Removal of the fat and skill concealing the penis can be performed via suprapubic lipectomy.

In this procedure, the skin removed using a trapezoid incision.

The surgeon marks the inferior part of the incision at 2cm above the penis while making sure that the superior portion doesn’t interfere with the sulcus at the waistline.

This procedure exposes more of the initially hidden penile length.

It can be coupled with the removal of any diseased shaft skin that might have occurred as result of chronic infections and buried conditions.

If there is a need for further penile length increase, suspensory ligament release can be performed along with this procedure.


Suprapubic lipectomy is relatively cheaper and can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3000.

4.V-Y advancement

This is a penile lengthening procedure that involves using a V-Y incision made in the congenital.

The method was first tried out 40 years ago and is now being perfected.

It involves making a V-shaped incision and a partial crura detachment from the pubic ramis.

The incision is then closed forming a V-Y advancement flap.

This procedure is also typically used in combination with the suspensory ligament release procedure.

Poor wound healing, distal flap loss, and flap dehiscence are some of the potential risks that can occur if blood circulation the flap is compromised during the procedure.


this procedure is typically performed together with other procedures. Its cost can range from $3,000 to $8,000 depending on which other procedure has been included.

Surgery Considerations and Alternatives

Before penile surgery is done, a surgeon will first evaluate you to determine the cause shortened penis and also if you’re a good candidate for the surgery.

You should generally be in good mental health and physical condition and have any chronic illnesses such as asthma, cardiovascular disease or diabetes under control.

Most importantly, you should have very realistic expected when it comes to what the surgery procedure and cannot achieve for you.

The surgeon should also ensure that you understand the procedure and the possible complications and risks.

If you’re after penile enlargement surgery for cosmetic reasons, you should make sure that you first consult your personal physician.

If none of the available surgery procedures favor you, it might be time to try other alternatives such as physical conditioning or using natural pills.

But, always remember to consult your physician before making such a move.

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