Top 2018 - Best Penis Pumps for Penis Size Gains and ED

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Updated on November 27, 2018

So you already know the answer to "Do penis pumps work?" and want to find the best penis pump.

In this article, we're going to review the best penis pump for results and cost.

Best Penis Pump: First, What Is It?

Penis pumps are devices that are used to increase penis size and combat erectile dysfunction.

They are typically made out of plastic chambers with a valve that controls the amount of pressure inside the chamber.

The best penis pumps can use an air or water-based chamber.

the best penis pump.
One of the best penis pumps (Bathmate X30).

Why use one?

  • Penis Pumps help men get erections.

  • They are the cheapest treatment option for erectile dysfunction.

  • Pumps are non-invasive and are not dangerous like surgery.

  • Gains in girth (especially before sex).

Best Penis Pump Size Results

A penis pump can safely expand the penis up to 30% in size.

before and after results
A PhalloGauge Medical test subject's results after using a Bathmate pump.

This size increase will last up to a few hours after using the pump.

Buy a penis pump to start getting these results for yourself.

Best Penis Pump: Penile Cell Reaction

The body cells in the penis are expanded in two ways.

The first way is by expanding each individual cell size (hypertrophy).

cells expanding in pump vacuum.

As air is pumped out of the chamber, a void is created (vacuum).

That means all the "stuff" inside the chamber has to expand.

Diagram of smooth muscle tissues.
Each penis cell is stretched in the pump.

As a result, your penis cells are trained to grow.

Diagram showing how a penis fills with blood causes it to expand.
The penis on the left has lots of blood flowing - the effect of the best penis pump.

Best Penis Pump FAQ

Is a penis pump safe to use?

Answer: Yes. When used correctly.

How long do I have to use a penis pump each day?

Answer: You should use it for 20 minutes each day.

Are the best penis pump results permanent?

Answer: Yes, however, you will have to continue to use the pump to maintain the results.

How long until I see results from a penis pump?

Answer: Most users report size gains IMMEDIATELY after using the penis pump.

How many times should I use a penis pump each day?

Answer: We recommend only 1, and no more.

Will both flaccid and erect girth increase?

Answer: Yes, both will increase.

If I stop using a penis pump, will I lose my gains?

Answer: No. But you should use a pump at least once a week for good maintenance.

When is the best time of the day to use a penis pump?

Answer: We recommend to pump when you take a shower, to kill two birds with once stone.

Do you offer discounts on the best penis pumps?

Answer: Yes, you can get our pumps with a 30% discount here.

Can penis pumps add length gains?

Answer: Yes, to a small extent. The expansive nature of the pump also stretches the penis length-wise.

Will using the best penis pump cure my erectile dysfunction?

Answer: Yes. Your erectile dysfunction symptoms will disappear.

How old do I have to be to use a penis pump?

Answer: You must be at least over 18 years of age.

Using a Penis Pump to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Here is a quick overview on how to use it:

Filling a water pump in the bathtub.

Now that you have the best penis pump here are the steps:

  • Fill your penis pump with warm-hot water.

  • Place the water-filled pump over your erection.

  • Press the pump against your pelvis to create a seal.

  • Keep pressing the pump against your pelvis to increase pressure in the chamber

  • Keep the pump on for 15 minutes.

  • Release the valve to decrease the pressure, and remove the pump.

  • Clean and dry up as necessary.

Bathmate being filled with water.
Bathmate being filled with water.

A daily routine is recommended.

This means getting at least one 15-20 minute pump session in per day.

Using a timer app on a smartphone to time a 20 minute session.
Simply set an alarm or stopwatch timer on your smartphone and leave it near you to ensure you train your penis for the full 20 minute session.

However, if you cannot find time to get in a penis pump session, try to aim for at least two sessions per week, to maintain your gains.

After you use a penis pump, I find it is really good to just "let it all hang loose" for at least an hour.

You want to let your penis relax and not put it under any tension.

What to Expect From Using One

A pump product, unopened.
A Bathmate erectile dysfunction pump, still in the box.

So now you have a really good idea about how the best penis pumps work and how to use them to combat erectile dysfunction.

But what can you really expect when you use them?

Here, I give you the crucial insights before you decide to get a penis pump.

Best Penis Pump: The Pumping Sensation.

Myself, and a lot of other men, would describe the sensation as pleasurable.

That's not surprising when you find out that you no longer have erectile dysfunction.

This pleasure is somewhat between getting a blowjob and masturbating.

I say that because the suction power from a penis pump is many times greater than that any partner can give you.

Not only that, but you physically feel yourself getting bigger because of all the blood getting drawn into your penis by the penis pump.

Man experiencing pleasure
Most men experience pleasure from using a penis pump.

Best Penis Pump Safety

We all want to get rid of erectile dysfunction - but we have to be safe.

Here are some safety rules to follow even when using the best penis pump:

  • Do not use a pump for more than 20 minutes during a session.

  • Do not do more than two training sessions a day.

  • Always listen to your body - if there is a sharp pain, STOP.

  • If it is your first time, start your pump training light, and slowly increase the intensity each day / session.

  • If pain does not go away after a few days or a week, stop using a penis pump and seek professional medical help.

Pump twice a day? Nobody got time for that!.

Best Penis Pumps for Erectile Dysfunction

Penis pumps can definitely help guys with erectile dysfunction.


Well, simply use a penis pump before sex in order to "boost" your boner.

That way you can really get the blood flowing into your penis for an erection.

Using a Penis Pump to Face Size Problems.

Are you dissatisfied because you are facing sudden penis problems?

Thus, the solution is to find the best penis pump which helps in pumping and saves you from being demoralized.

However, before taking such a decision it is always better that you talk to a physician first and then take necessary steps to combat the problem.

These best penis pumps are available in different shapes and varieties and thus you should avail for the one which would indeed help you have a night full of sensual pleasure.

They will do well temporarily but in the long run they would not be able to show good signs of healthiness.

Best penis pumps are widely available in the market, but they cannot be termed as absolutely safe solutions in making things right.

Penis pumps fall into the category of several dangerous equipments and these include patches and weights.

However, when you are planning for a penis pump you must make sure to check with the item and judge its usability.

You need to consider several things before opting for an apt and safe penis pump.

When you go for a market survey you find penis pumps of both expensive and inexpensive varieties.

However, do not go for making a compromise in price in this case.

If in any case you choose to go for a cheap model you have to wait for the consequences as the cheap pumps may come with several imperfections.

When talking about penis pumps it would not be a wise choice to avail for the air type varieties as they are not aptly built.

It is always advisable for you to opt for modern best penis pumps with modern straps and support systems.

The best penis pumps are made with silicon tubes as they are perfect for providing utmost comfort.

Numbers of companies are coming up with latest, greatest best penis pumps.

However, there can be doubt about the genuineness of these companies.

Reputed companies will provide you with guarantee about the functional specialty of the best penis pump product.

Thus, pick the best penis pump today for that ease in sexuality.

There have been doubts raised regarding benefits of penis pumps. Do they really help?

Best Penis Pumps

  • Battery vacuum

  • Encore deluxe battery

  • Encore impo aid manual vacuum erection penis pump

  • Manual vacuum erection

  • Timm Osbon erecaid classic manual vacuum

  • Vacurect vacuum erection device

  • Vacuum pumps

  • Vacuum therapy device SM2000

More Best Penis Pump Questions

Are they safe?

And many questions like these.

Studies show that there are many men suffering from erectile dysfunction and other related problems like incomplete erection and premature ejaculation.

But most of these men are apprehensive about using the best penis pumps as they are not sure whether this vacuum therapy really help or not, and are frightened that using it may results into some kind of side effects damaging their organ forever.

They can't be blamed for their skepticism. After all they can't take any kind of risk with their manhood.

So the questions remains do these penis pumps really help? Or are they worth spending your time upon?

The answer is yes.

These penis pumps have been tried for many years by many users suffering from problems like erectile dysfunction and other elated penis problems.

They seem to be very happy with this device that gives them instant result.

Penis pumps use the vacuum therapy which is a very process of drawing blood into the shaft of the penis through natural mechanism which results into swelling of the shaft of the penis and eventually giving you a firm and erect penis.

It is a not a new method of giving the desired results to these men.

Most of these men suffer from erectile dysfunction due to other problems like anxiety, mental instability and diabetes.

Some men also fear that these penis pumps damage your penis forever, which is completely untrue.

No complaints from the men who use these pumps on regular basis.

The best penis pumps are easy to use devices that can be tried by men of all ages and gives a guaranteed result to the people suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Best Penis Pump Conclusion

In conclusion, penis Pumps are still going strong as girth-providing solutions for one reason:

They work.

Not only that, but they effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

Recent technology has provided us with water-based penis pumps, probably the best penis pump compared to the old air-based pumps.

Whether you're a beginner or veteran to natural penis enlargement methods, you can't go wrong with a penis pump.

If anything, just use it just before sex, and your partner will notice the difference.

Luckily, our company PHALLOGAUGE is a direct distributor of reduced-price Bathmate pumps, so go here to buy a penis pump.

"Hey man, here's free shipping for this penis pump, all on me."
Kind regards, Dr. Raz

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"Hey man, here's free shipping for this penis pump, all on me."
Kind regards, Dr. Raz

Maybe later