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How to Make Your Own Homemade Penis Extender Device that Works

By Dr. Jeff Ferrara

Updated on August 9, 2018

Penis extenders are clinically proven tools to increase penis length permanently.

Since they're a bit expensive, you may want to consider making your own.

Here's how to make your own DIY penis extender.

Fashioning Yourself a Belt

The first step is to get an ordinary belt. This belt will be worn on the waist. This belt is also what the other parts of your homemade penis extender will attach to.

Now, you have to be careful with this step because the belt is going to be worn directly on the skin.

That means you need to pick a belt that will feel comfortable against your skin. Typically, hard leather belts do not fit this criteria.

An example of a brown leather belt that can be used for your extender device.
A leather belt that can be used for the belt part of the extener.

Nylon belt with buckle example.
Or you could use a nylon belt instead.

However, everyone is different, so a harder leather belt may work for you, the best thing is to just try and see for yourself.

Another good, study option for a belt are nylon belts, but again, some may not like the abrasive feeling of the belt on their skin.

One thing to consider is that to be successfuly with penis extender deviecs, you need to keep the extender device worn for about 4 hours a day. So time wearing the belt is definitely a factor.

Once you've chosen a belt, you need to put the belt on around your waist as normal, however, you're not looping it through belt loops on your pants because you're not putting on your pants, you're putting directly on your waist's skin!

Gripping the Head of Your Penis (The Glans and Top of the Shaft)

So the next thing you need to do is use something to grip to the upper part of your penis.

This includes the upper shaft and the base of the glans (your mushroom tip).

Whatever you use will be used to grab onto the penis so that it can be pulled, thus creating the stretch.

We recommend buying a Theraband exercise band and cutting it to the appropriate size. You can get a Therband for about $10-15.

Just a heads up, you're probably going to need a long Theraband (not as short as you might think), because you're going to need to wrap it around your shaft at least 3 times to make it secure.

Three Theraband examples
A Theraband is made out of a nice rubber that can be used to grip your penis.

Next, take that cut Theraband and wrap it around the upper shaft and glans of your penis. Remember not to wrap it too tight, but rather keep the idea of snug and flush in mind.

The idea is to get a good grip on the upper penis, not choke it to death.

If you have an uncircumcised penis, do not pull the skin back, just wrap it around the foreskin.

One way to check if you've secured the Theraband nicely is to just let your penis hang with the Theraband on for a while and see if it falls off or not. It should just hang there, fairly stable, and not unravel if you are doing this properly.

Now you need to further secure the Theraband onto your penis.

To do this, take some string and wrap it around the Theraband multiple times, and evenly spaced around the Theraband.

Some sewing string that can work for your extender device.
You're going to need some string to hold the parts together.

Tie a knot when you've went around the Theraband and penis shaft at least 5 times with the string.

Leave some thread available after you've tied the knot - we're going to use this to attach it to the belt.

I'm going to be honest - this is literally the hardest part of the penis extender to get right.


Make it too tight and you choke your penis to death.

Make it too loose and it slips off and becomes completely useless.

Fortunately, we here at PhalloGauge have created the perfect solution to this:

The fully-stretchable, fully-adjustable silicone wrap for the penis shaft.

Silicone wrap penis extender part. Silicone wrap penis extender part.

This wrap is 100% safe on skin (and actually feels good) beceause it is made out of a unique silicone rubbery alloy that is used in many medical applications.

It also comes with a hook so that you can connect it to whatever belt you've chosen for yourself.

This original, novel part is actually used in the PhalloGauge extender.

Since so many people have asked us just to buy this part only - you can get purchase it right below here:

PHALLOGAUGE Silicone Wrap Part ($39.99)

Silicone material gripping penis shaft.
Demonstration on how well the silicone "grips" to the penis.

Connecting Your Gripping Mechanism to the Belt

Now, you need to pull your penis downwards and between your legs. Ideally, you want to pull it to the left or right of your scrotum and testicles.

That's because we don't want your testicles getting in the way - if they do, it could start to get unfomrtable and even painful.

Now proceed to pull your penis between your butt cheeks and then start coming up towards the belt around your waist.

Proceed to use the leftover string that you tied around the Theraband and tie it to the back of your belt around your waist.

Congratulations! You're pretty much done and you've just made your very own homemade penis extender!

Putting On Your Pants

Now that you're done putting on the penis extender, you can proceed to put on your underwear and pants.

If everything is done properly, you shouldn't be able to see the extender through your pants, or at the very least, it's very hard to tell.

You should check what you look like in front of a mirror just to be sure.

Try walking around a bit to see if it's comfortable. If not, you may have to loosen the tension on the string (create more slack) so that it's not pulling on your penis too hard.

Remember, if it's uncomfortable or painful, you're not going to last wearing this extender the whole day!

So definitely take sometime to get it right to make sure that you can last about 3-4 hours - the recommended time that guys should wear the penis extender to facilitate results steadily.

Some other considerations to keep in mind

Remember, alhtough you created your very own homemade penis extender, you need to be sure to use good, safe practices that is true with all natural penis enlargement techniques.

This means not overstretching by making the penis extender pull too tight, or keeping your device worn for too long.

Also, try to put on the device after you used the bathroom so that you can try to get your whole penis stretching session in before having to take it off.

This is to avoid taking it off and putting it back on within the same day.

Another thing to consider is to keep a backup plan in-case the device slips off. Always keep a note of where the closet bathroom is and how you plan to either abort mission and take off the device, or how you plan to put it back on.

In Conclusion

To sum it up, making yourself your own homemade penis extender can be an option to try if you're short on cash and want to try save some money.

It will probably cost you about $30-40 dollars to get the necessary materials.

Once you have a reliable device, all that you have to do is just put in the hours and you'll start to see results.

Thankfully, that's time that's not wasted because when you wear the penis extender, you can complete other daily tasks - true time-saving multitasking.

However, if you're looking for a quick, reliable solution we recommend checking our our Model S penis extender device, and you can get started right away.

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