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Bathmate HydroMax7 Review: Plus Before and After Pump Results

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Updated on March 6, 2020

What is the HydroMax7?

bathmate HydroMax7 product

The HydroMax7 is a mid-range model hydro, water-based penis pump, developed by the Bathmate company, that expands the tissues of your penis, primarily for girth gains.

Product Facts:

  • Price: $159

  • For men with a max erect length up to 7 inches (17.78 cm).

  • You use it once per day, for 15 minutes in the shower or bath.

  • It is manufactured in the United Kingdom.

  • It has completely replaced the Bathmate Goliath and X30 Models as the 7th generation pump.

VERY IMPORTANT: As of June 2019, all Bathmate Models have been upgraded to the 7th Generation Versions!!!

All Official Bathmate Products have the Number "7" in it's name (ex: Hydro 7, HydroMax7, HydroXtreme 7)

That means if you're looking at a product without a "7" in it's product name, you're buying an old, outdated, obsolete or fake model!!!

(Only purchase Bathmate products from the official website, otherwise you risk getting a fake!)


  • Massive increase in penis girth gains.

  • HydroMax7 design is patented and trademarked in both the U.S. and Europe.

  • This 7th Generation design improved upon 10 years of past designs.

  • It is 35% more powerful than the lowest tier model - the Hydro 7.

  • It's easy to use.

  • The water-based chamber makes these penis pumps way safer than air-based vacuum ones.


  • At $159, it is a bit pricy.

  • It ships from U.K. so shipping can be around ~$20, if you're shipping to the U.S. or another country.

  • It doesn't come with the neck leash (which allows you to use it with no hands). It's optional but you'll have to pay extra for it.

  • Small penis length gains. So use a penis extender instead.


Here is one of the best long-term results from our medical lab subject who used the HydroMax7 for three months:

Male Lab Subject #42 Verdict: Significant length and girth gain.

Use the button below to buy from the offcial website (and ensure you don't end up buying a fake).

Customer Reviews

Long haul Review

Evaluated: January 22, 2020 by Ragnaraz, a Straight Going Steady Male

Oay, so there is consistently the subject of accomplishes penis extension work? In the event that it accomplishes work, are the additions perpetual? I will clarify my discoveries admirably well.

The appropriate response isn't so straight advance. I grew up with a normal estimated penis, however in the wake of being acquainted with pornography... bogus models get set by none other than yourself. Anyway, throughout the years I attempted the supernatural occurrence creams and super pills like the innocent numb-skull I was. I made around 1/2 inch increases over a great deal of years to stand me at 6in with around a 5in circumference. (For the most part utilizing suction pumps to get that development.)

In the wake of hitting a dead spot I thought heck, everybody raves about these bathmate things... They're not modest either, so perhaps it merits an attempt.

To begin with it's somewhat odd to become acclimated to. You have to watch your nuts... ensure you rub your part in the breaks to keep blood stream, and you need to manage a little water maintenance after sessions(goes away fine and dandy).

In the initial scarcely any weeks is the point at which you consider the to be and snappiest enhancements as you're essentially opening up the chambers in your penis and extending them to their FULL limit. This is the place you think in about fourteen days you've increased 1/2 an inch all over the place and the activity is finished.

All you have done by then is accomplished the preparation. Presently is the long game, by then every time you use it, you're really extending the phones and rousing development. It can take a while to see another half inch, yet by then, after a rest time of a week or 2 your chambers recoil in versatile range once more, however that inch you developed is currently just a large portion of an inch... in any case, that half inch is yours for all time.

I additionally utilize the Max Out Serum for a bit of jelqing and the really impacts it professes to help with. I utilize a truly broad versatile throughout the day stretcher for an hour after meetings to stop prompt turtling of the penis and I in some cases toss in some Jai extends while I observe some TV. Doing a full normal can be a genuine undeniable irritation I'll be straightforward, yet in the event that you really need genuine additions that stay it's anything but a short procedure. In the event that you attempt to surge and face senseless challenges you can demolish your penis. In case you're not kidding go slowly and be submitted.

No numbers?

At the point when I began utilizing the BMHM7 on it possess estimating (which winds up a BPEL estimation because of suction, before you ask bone squeezed erection length) framework I was somewhat under 6 and 1/2 inches completely extended, I am presently somewhat under 7inch.

What I can't state is whether it's down to the BM all alone, or with my different pieces of the daily schedule. I can say that utilizing it has had the best impact on my daily practice and I would really prescribe it to any person who is eager to put forth the attempt in attempting to make gains.

Likewise, there's a discussion called Thundersplace the folks on there have more understanding than me and can assist you with mapping out an everyday practice in case you're not kidding and answer a large number of the inquiries that can't be replied here.

Generally speaking Rating 10 out of 10 stars Pros Ease of utilization and noticeable measurements. Cons Can be somewhat cumbersome at first. Bottom line A extraordinary expansion to any daily practice, straightforward and compelling.

Genuine feeling

Looked into: January 7, 2020 by Rob attractive nob, a Straight Going Steady Male

So I wound up getting the Hydromax 7 subsequent to being uncertain what one to get due to having a 7-inch pipe. Anyway, I'm happy I did in light of the fact that it's in reality longer than 7 inches and fortunately so on the grounds that I'm pumping 7 1/2 inch right now. It will likely go to a little more than 8 crawls before your funnel gets sucked out the end.

Bigness shrewd I've despite everything got a limited quantity of room yet I'm speculating that my funnels not going to get much greater in size. Regardless of whether it doesn't give you a greater funnel it will extend it to its most extreme size so it's a certainty support. For instance, I'd generally state I have a 7-incher however 7 and a half sounds much better, lol.

By and large Rating10 out of 10 stars Pros Good suction. Cons Nothing. Bottom line Good little device.


Assessed: September 18, 2019 by Dazzydawg, a Straight Engaged Male

After much consideration, I concluded that I'd face a challenge on this and expectation that it would really work in the wake of perusing some positive reviews.

As usual, it showed up on schedule and in watchful bundling. (Much thanks to you, Bathmate!)

At the point when I opened the container I was astonished at the size of the pump. It was bigger than I suspected it would have been... It accompanied clear guidelines on who to utilize and clean it, the pump itself is truly all around made and feels strong and durable.

I utilize the pump most days for 15 minutes as trained and furthermore do 5/10 minutes of jelq/extending activities to help my development, which guidelines on the best way to do this is additionally included.

I found that the pump was awkward for me with the solace embed connected, however it tends to be expelled and utilized without this.

I've just at any point utilized it in the shower and buying the tie would be prompted as it will let loose your hands.

Results - I initially utilized the pump on the 29 Sept and composing this on the 18 Nov I'm completely flabbergasted by the outcomes and development I've just accomplished. Before use I estimated flabby 4.5" length and 4.2" bigness and erect 6.1" length and 5.0"G and now

In the wake of utilizing the pump for under 3 month's, when flabby I measure 5.1"L, 4.5"G and erect 6.8"L, 5.2G.

My accomplice has just remarked on how it feels and looks greater.

This certainly takes commitment and is anything but a convenient solution regardless of my benefits.

I'm anticipating perceiving how my development advances throughout the following year.

By and large Rating 10 out of 10 stars Pros Well made. Clear guidelines. Simple to use. Cons Nothing. Bottom line Fantastic item, would strongly prescribe and it really works.

Was this review supportive to you?

Recognition for a job well done

reviewed: July 18, 2019 by Don't it's not tied in with Getting, a Straight Married Male

So standard stuff, too quick conveyance, extremely prudent.

Very much pressed when you open this you can simply feel the quality, clear guidelines and kid this thing is large.

Nothing more I can say that is excluded from the item portrayal.

OK, perusing the web a great deal I chose to go for the Bathmate over numerous different alternatives out there, it's not modest so contemplated the astonishing criticism from numerous sources and dove in.

Fundamental explanation I took a gander at a penis pump was to check whether I could address a slight twist to one side I have when I have an erection, it has never caused any issues however is perceptible, I read a couple of posts on different people groups accomplishment with remedying this kind of issue, in any case cash went through and just about 3 months of utilization and I can say without question this item is generally excellent.

Leading it is imperative to push this isn't a toy and should be taken care of with all out regard when utilizing it. The explanation I stress this is on the grounds that you will be very enticed to go more diligently or spend longer utilizing this then what is suggested why? Since the outcomes are exceptionally speedy and noteworthy.

I would emphatically prescribe you measure your penis length and circumference accurately both hard and limp, and record them, so you can guarantee you buy the right model thus you can track your advancement, we should make something understood, you are going to see size gains by the very idea of this item, not saying these are at all lasting as I have no proof this is or will be the situation yet truly useable I think with a decent cockerel ring if that is your point.

When utilizing the pump I sit in a pleasant hot shower and splash my penis for a decent 10 mins before pumping, you have to heat up, google extends for the penis and start so your absolutely upbeat what you are doing this will help set up your penis and ideally forestall injury.

Utilize the pump as guided it takes an attempt or five to ace the gadget so be readied, once your content with the activities and the capacity of the pump your all set, I began with 3 x 5 min meetings and from the start thought that it was entirely awkward particularly around the left half of my glans and around the pubic bone and balls so I went moderate without a doubt. Truth be told it was more than about a month and a half before I could pump anyplace past my pre pumping penis size.

I now pump with significantly more affirmation and my penis when erect is perceptibly fixed, I will in general pump 2 or 3 times each week and consistently with a day or 2 in the middle of, I do at present get penis exhaustion and little red groups I would state somewhat like love-chomps yet these vanish normally following 24 hours, presently when I pump I start limp then semi-erect and for the last pump I pump completely erect.

Additions, yes impermanent, length from barely shy of 7 creeps to 7.25 inches, size is the greatest and I can go from 5 crawls to 5.5 inches, again these are not changeless and I have no proof to help that it ever will be, I will say I do get longer-enduring circumference increases and this can last as long as a day subsequent to pumping and I will likewise include erection quality after recuperation can be generally excellent to be sure.

Last scarcely any focuses don't pull out all the stops, go with the right gadget for your size, I pump up to 8 inches and there is still over 0.5 of an inch before the gadget starts to arch inwards so bounty to work with, overlook utilizing this in the shower or purchasing the shower tie, it's not incredible in the shower, and for best outcomes evacuate the spine it's (white) you get quite a lot more without it.

Generally speaking Rating10 out of 10 stars ProsGreat quality and helpful to use in the bath.ConsUsing in the shower isn't great.

Bottom lineGreat pump, incredible quality yet be reasonable can possibly cause significant harm.

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Totally Brilliant

Explored: December 11, 2019 by Gralmeb21, a Straight Male

Totally happy with my buy. Incredible bundling, and item itself.

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