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the PhalloGauge Model S penis extender extender device

Enter the Model S Penis Extender Device

The British Journal of Urology (BJUI) has reported:

clinical study results on penis extender devices

.7 Inch Average Length Increase after using a Penis Extender Device

*(Results may vary from individual to individual)

(Say what you want, but that is a lot!)

For work, social, dating, and relationships.
a man jumping across a cliff with confidence

An honest size compliment is the greatest feeling in the world.
sexy women in sexy poses

Reduce Frustration
No more countless hours Googling for solutions.
cross out of a depressed man

Hours of Time Saved
Less time stretching. More time living.
a clock silhouette to show time saved

More calls to "meet up"
a popular male who gets lots of women

Reduced Stress
Prevent pre-sex anxiety.
a relaxed, confident male leaning back on a chair

So simple that it

Takes Less Time to Put On Than Brushing Your Teeth.

1. Wrap

2. Loop

3. Hook

Wrapping the silicone part around the base of the penis glans and at the top of the shaft
Placing the foam loop around the base of the penis
Hooking the mating hooks together to secure the belt in place

When worn, never shows through pants.
NSFW photo of model

Carry it around anywhere without anyone seeing it.

Here's what guys wanted us to design for them:

An Extender with Stealth, Comfort, and Results

a gear icon that doesn't slip

No Frustration with Slippage

small medium large icon

One Size Fits All

an easy checkmark icon

Easy To Put On

a durable chain link

Focus On 2 Large Parts - Not 30 Small Ones

a razor icon for shaving

No Hassle of Shaving or Trimming

a relaxed man lying on his side

Designed for Your Comfort

a man shushing to keep a secret

Completely Invisible When Worn

"Can be used anywhere, anytime - this factor was a huge one for me."
*(Results may vary from individual to individual)

Mike from

We took your concerns and made sure the device:

Doesn't Cut Off Blood Circulation

Stretchy Silicone Grip Expands With Penis Size

stretched silicone wrap part of the Model S penis extender

Model S Exclusive Feature:

Precise Ligament Targeting

Target your shortest shaft ligament that's hindering your progress.

"Do I have the time and energy to spend 30 minutes every day?"

...Why not just spend 1 minute and 0 energy each day instead?

When you wear the model S, you can also:

  • Sit and operate a computer

  • Walk around in public

  • Sit in any position

  • Go to stores and restaurants

  • Bump into others without them noticing it

  • Drive without any distractions.

Here's proof:

Proof that the Model S can be used in public.

"It's slim, yet practical. It's simple, but gets the job done."
*(Results may vary from individual to individual)

Review by Ben Aldaine from

"The secret to getting ahead getting started."
--Mark Twain

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