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The Complete Penis Extender Guide - How they Work, What to Expect

UPDATED by PHALLOGAUGE PE Coach, Jeff Ferrara on November 11, 2016

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What are penis extender devices?

Penis extender devices also known as penile traction devices and penis stretchers are simple machines that were invented to hold the penis in the penis traction position to trigger hyperplasia and result in penis length gains.

They have existed for about 20 years now and are still used to this day because of the 100% real results that you guys gain from them.

What do extender devices look like?

Rod-based extenders

The old style of penis extender devices typically consisted of a rod, noose, and spring system.

Certain rods and springs are installed when you want to change the amount of force that you want to apply to your penis.

When you placing your penis inside of device you slip the base of your glans underneath the noose and you tighten it to clamp it down and hold it in the stretched traction position.

typical example of a penis extender device

Pulling extenders

Pulling extenders use the instinctual nature of pulling to create the traction force.

Typically, there is a part that grips the top of the penis shaft, and a belt that comes around that anchors to the base of the penis.

The advantage of pulling penis extenders over rod-based ones is that they can be worn underneath any kind of pants without being detected.

Rod-based extenders hold the penis straight out which risk large bulges in pants.

typical example of a pulling penis extender being used on a person

Censored photo of a man wearing a "pulling" extender.

What is typical device usage like on a daily basis?

Once you get your penis strapped into the device, there's a couple options that you can go from there.

Some penis extender devices have the option to angle your penis pointing upward or downward.

When you decide what direction you want your shaft pointed in, you can proceed to put your underwear or pants on and go about your day.

While some devices are still inhibiting in that they can't be used in public, they still allow you to have access to the use of your hands so that you can operate a computer or do cooking.

You do have some mobility in that you can walk around but you have to be careful to limit your movement so that it doesn't slip off.

Most guys that try to use the devices at work generally visit the bathroom and use the bathroom stalls to monitor and maintain the device.

After all, this is the only practical source of privacy unless you have your own private office.

You pretty much have to think about your personal situation and where you can put it on and take it off privately.

We mentioned the public bathroom at the office but other places that come to mind could be inside your car or in a closet some sort.

How to Put on Penis Extenders

How to put on a pulling extender system

  1. Make sure your penis is flaccid (ideally under 20% hardness)

  2. Fit the soft foam loop base against your pelvis, around the base of your penis.

  3. Secure the top of your shaft in the gripping mechanism.

  4. Hook the gripping mechanism to the pulling belt.

How to put on a rod based extender system

  1. Make sure your penis is flaccid (ideally under 20% hardness)

  2. Fit the hard base against your pelvis, at the base of your penis.

  3. Gripping your glans, fit it into the opposite end.

  4. While holding your glans there, tighten the noose so that it clamps onto the upper shaft.

How long should I use the penis extender device each day?

That's a great and important question.

The typical recommended usage for each day is about 3 to 6 hours, with 4 hours as a more specific recommendation.

If you're a complete beginner you definitely don't want to train yourself too hard and risk stunting your growth from overstretching.

Thus, we would highly recommend that beginners just get used to the device for the first couple weeks and only stretch maybe two to three hours a day.

Because of the high hour requirement that is required by wearing enlargement devices, you have to plan your day around its usage.

See, the reason why you have to stretch for so many hours of day as compared to a 20 minute manual stretching exercise session is because when you use the penis extender device, you want to keep the average force lower compared to the force applied during manuual stretching.

In order to compensate for this lower applied force, you make up for it by simply stretching for a longer amount of time during the day.

This formula has been proven and there are clinical results backing it up.

Penis extenders also need to be cleaned periodically and can be done by using water and hand soap.

You really need to do this in order to remove body oils and dead skin cells off the device.

Cleaning them in this manner is really straightforward and is not difficult at all.

Penis Extender Results - Numerical Results back by Clinical Data

The generally accepted results are as follows:

.7 inch length gain in 16 weeks.

That's quite a remarkable result given that even the thought of trying to increase your penis size was thought to be a waste of time.

But don't take our word for it.

Here are the the clinical studies done that contain all the data that back up these results.

The original sources to each of these article summaries on the studies are linked to in the article.

How much do penis extenders cost?

Unfortunately, extender devices are pretty expensive.

They typically cost you more than $150.

Some even go as high as $350!

Unfortunately, there are essentially the same device with no significant innovation or improvement over the past 20 years.

That is, they all consist of the same rod, noose and spring system.

While there are some slight differences from extender device to extender device, they are few and far in between.

So ultimately, it doesn't matter which penis extender device you use, because all that matters is it's ability to hold your penis in a light, stretched position for long periods of time.

However, if you're looking for the cheapest extender, you may want to read up on the different consequences of doing so.

If you want to try your hand at making your own homemade penis extender, check out this tutorial - warning, it's actually very hard to get right, and the materials are hard to come by.

The PhalloGauge Model S Penis Extender

However, the Model S Extender device that we sell here at is one that has addressed users' issues with all the rod-based systems.

While the rod-based systems are a pretty good first attempt, and while they do have some non-zero value, there were definitely improvements that we made to it to guarantee that you can achieve success.

Some of these points are as follows:

The extender device needs to be completely invisible so that it can be used in public.

This is absolutely necessary because given the requirement that the product needs to be worn for long periods of time (ideally 6 hours a day), the usage of the penis extender should revolve around your life not the other way around.

Another issue is the fact that so many parts are used and the rod-based system is really complicated.

This is because the Model S consists of only two main parts of that take less than 30 seconds to put on and take off combined.

Another problem with extenders is that they are notorious for slipping off, especially at the worst times.

The Model S address this issue by using a flexible, stretchy silicone polymer wrap that completely melds and grips the base of your penis glans for a fantastic grip without squeezing the hell out of your penis.

To see more reasons on how the Model S penis extender device has improved upon the status quo check out this blog article here.

The Model S penis extender glamor shot

Unfortunately, most companies out there are only looking to make a quick buck.

Compare that motivation with us here at the PhalloGauge team, where we have complete guide and tutorials that span the whole field of natural penis enlargement.

In fact, we're the only company that publishes full guides and tutorials to help you because we truly care about your success.

See, we found out and honestly believe that if we just handed to you a device, you would most likely fail (not achieve any gains) due to lack of guidance.

However, if we were to hand you a penis extender and guide you every step of the way then your chances of succeeding increase exponentially.

Not to mention that we will prevent you from making self-destructive mistakes along the way.

You have a whole staff of guys who experience real enlargement success behind you every step of the way.

By looking out for you, we're able to tell you exactly what changes you need to be doing when on a penis enlargement regimen as well as crucial things that you must avoid doing because we've seen guys fail simply by doing certain things incorrectly during their whole journey.

For example, here, we compared the pros and cons of the best penis extenders on the market, and discovered that some were better simply due to their novel design.

Not to mention that some companies try to woo you with the bells and whistles, when all that should matter is practicality and functionality.

What to Expect From Wearing Penis Extenders

Now that you know how to put on the penis extender device, what can you expect when wearing it?

After all, you're going to have to wear these things for hours each day.

How does the base part feel against your pelvis?

For all extenders, they have a base part that goes against your penis.

base part of extender

This part can be a foam loop (as shown above) or a rigid frame.

Because it is one of the parts that is making contact with your body, you can expect that there will be some force applied to your skin at that point of contact (Newton's Third Law).

Newtons third law as it applies to penis extenders.

Because the penis extender is applying a stretching force, it needs to stabilize itself at this base part.

For some guys, this will be slightly annoying or irritating.

Some guys will be more sensitive to the force applied to the base of the penis shaft, compared to others. However what we find with most guys is that as they use the extender device more often, they will adjust and eventually won't be affected by the force applied to the base part.

Generally, when you apply a higher force, the force applied to the base of your penis will also be higher.

So here's what we recommend: If you're a penis enlargement newbie, you should probably not even focus on stretching for the first two days.

Take these two days to get used to wearing the device. You can do this by simply applying a very low force that gives a very light stretch.

Next, slowly try to increase the tension in the device to the point where you can wear it for the recommended four hours a day.

What are Edemas and how can you get them from penis extender devices?

What is an edema?

According to google, it's defined as: "A condition characterized by an excess of watery fluid collecting in the cavities or tissues of the body."

an example of an edema blister on a foot

It kind of looks like blisters that fill with fluid that you may get from wearing uncomfortable shoes.

When you wear penis extender devices, especially if you put the noose mechanism too tight, you will notice that it seems like water is being trapped in a small, bead-like area in the glans of your penis.]

The good thing is that if an edema occurs, it is actually only temporary and not a permanent thing. It will go away unlike edema blisters that you get from shoes.

Once you take off your penis extender device and give your penile tissues a little bit of time to relax, then you will find that the edema disappears!

Some people can't even feel it when they have edema, so they only notice it immediately after they take off the device.

Others feel a little uncomfortable after wearing the penis extender for a long time and when they take it off, they see the edema, touch it, and notice that that area feels tender to the touch.

While not 100% completely painful, it can be a little annoying to some people.

This usually means that you're strapping in your penis too tight into the device. When you secure the noose (for rod-based extenders) or the silicone wrap (in the case of the PhalloGauge Model S), then you're constricting your penile tissues.

This constriction is what traps the fluid inside your penis and causes the edema to appear.

While edemas are not ideal, they are not the end of the world.

One thing you can try is to find the minimal tightness that you can use to strap your penis in without it slipping out. This is a great way to reduce occurances of edemas.

However, the trade-off here is that you might risk slipping out of the device if you move around a little.

That's where experimenting and getting used to the device pays off.

However, the Model S solves this problem because the silicone wrap that is used to strap your penis into the device can actually stretch and expand so there is a degree of flexibility that allows a better results in: reduced edema, comfort, and no slippage.

If you used a rod-based penis extender device, be cautious because they use a higher durometer (harder, non-flexible) silicone noose which feels more like a bar that clamps down onto your penis rather than gripping it elegantly.

The actual stretching sensation that is felt in your penis shaft

Imagine doing a light leg stretch with your leg.

Now try to translate that sensation in your tendon, but 100 times less in intensity to your penis shaft - that's what it feels like.

It's not painful, in fact, some have even reported that it feels good.

a guy doing a basic leg stretch

Generally, you won't experience any problems with the actual stretching of your penis.

This is pretty ironic because you would think any pain experience would be on the part of the penis that is experiencing the majority of the force applied.

However, this isn't the case and it just goes to show you how flexible and adaptive the penis shaft ligaments are.

If you haven't bought a penis extender device, we recommend trying out the manual stretching penis exercises because this will give you a good idea of how the stretch will feel when it is applied to your penis with the penis extender.

Any pain and problems stretching are due to the common mistakes that guys will make when doing penis enlargement, especially beginners.

The specific common mistake here is overstretching from applying too much force. Guys will think that they have to configure their extender to pull really hard on their penis to get results.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

The fact is, all you need is a light force applied for long periods of time.

Stretching harder will not do much for you, and in fact may stunt your growth by toughening up your septum ligament too much - if that happens it won't respond to stretching desirably.

One way to tell if you're overstretching from too much force is if you feel a sharp pain anywhere in your penis area. This goes for both penis extender devices and manual penis stretching.

For a single stretching session, discomfort will increase the more hours you wear it

This is true for all penis extender devices.

What's happening is that your penis - your skin, tissues, and ligaments - are all getting naturally fatigued from the workout you've been applying.

Every guy will experience this: When you first put the device on for their daily stretching session, you will feel fine.

Then after about 2-3 hours fatigue will start to settle in and you will start to feel some discomfort. If your a beginner this discomfort may settle in quicker because you're not conditioned to penis training yet.

This discomfort may be one of the expectations that we discussed just above.

Again, penis enlargement training is all about pushing yourself with care to avoid overtraining.

It's just like working out - there's just so many similarities.

You may feel the urge to stretch for more than 6 hours a day, but you have to have control over yourself to not do that.

You have to have the discipline to start off easy and then slowly increase the intensity and force setting on the device.

Don't jump into the deep end. Listen to your body, it will alert you if something is drastically wrong through pain. If you experience sharp pain, simply stop and call it quits for the day.

By combining the fact that you know discomfort will settle in the longer you wear it during the day with the amount of discomfort and pain that you're feeling, you can easily figure out when to stop stretching for the day.

It just so happens that this time happens to occur after 3-4 hours of stretching for most guys.

It's not surprising that discomfort settles in. After all, you're applying force to your penis, just like you're applying force to your muscles at the gym.

When you workout at the gym, it's not super comfortable, you're actively pushing yourself (causing yourself pain) to train yourself to become stronger.

Same deal with penis enlargement training.

Penis Extender Safety

Here is the only rule you need to understand when it comes to penis extender safety.

As long as you use extenders no more than 8 hours a day and do not stretch too hard, you will be perfectly fine.

That then raises the following question:

1. How hard is too hard?

At first this seems confusing and ambiguous because there isn't a force meter that tells you what the correct stretching force should be applied to your penis is.

However, there's a simple rule you can follow that will guarantee that you are applying the force that optimizes both safety and results.

The Optimal Force is the force that keeps your flaccid penis fully lengthened + a little extra.

You can practice getting an idea for what this force is like for yourself, even without an extender.

Simply take your flaccid penis' glans (mushroom tip) in your hand and pull it out from your body, just enough so you're maximizing your flaccid length.

You do this by gripping your tip and slowly move your hand away from your body.

Once you reach the point where your penis starts resist that motion and pulls back against your hand, you've reached point where your penis is now fully elongated.

At that point, pull just a little harder by moving your hand out a little past it's current position to lightly stretch your penis and that will be the absolute correct force required for your penis extender.

This pulling force should not be painful.

This is another rule to follow.

If you feel pain, STOP what you're doing and reassess because you're doing something wrong and you need to fix it.

In Conclusion

Penis extender devices are the perfect tools that will guarantee your penis lengthening success.

They aid you in your penis training by allowing you to stretch for longer without affecting your day-to-day lifestyle.

They have been clinically proven to work and because all men are the same, there's no reason why it shouldn't work for you as well.

We covered the different types (pulling and rod-based) how to use them.

We also covered the common things to expect when wearing it.

By applying these points covered in this guide, you'll practically be on your way to getting a larger penis in no time, just as tens of thousands of guys have done before you.

To check out the PhalloGauge Model S extender, which was designed for your user experience (results, comfort, stealth), you can learn more about it here.

You can also check out a real case-study of a Model S user on what it was like to wear it on an ordinary day, here.

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