There's Zero Proof That Penis Extenders Don't Work

Written by Jeff Ferrara on Augusst 2, 2016

a man questioning penis extenders

What we know is out there regarding scientifc studies on penis extenders.

There's tons of proof that penis extenders work - don't just take our word for it.

These studies have taken place in medical facilities, universities, and clinics all over the world. After all penis enlargement is a universal desire, and the benefits are pretty much indisputable.

But is their any proof against penis extenders? Is there any reason not to use a penis extender due to it simply not working?

After your read this article, we're going to hit you with the biggest revelation that will have you never question penis extenders' effectiveness, ever again.

So surely, there's at least one piece of proof that they don't work?

This is the big kicker.

Guys, especially ones in denial, think that despite all the studies out there, they still don't work.

Well, if they don't work, surely there's proof that they don't work, right?

Unfortunately, there's zero proof that penis extenders don't work.

That is, every study out there, done with doctors in a controlled environment showed that every man gained at least some size when using the devices.

This proves that there is some statistical significance when it comes to penis extender effectiveness. No if's, and's or but's.

Any guy on reddit or a forum who claims that penis extender's don't work, you'll find that they never even tried using one in the first place! Try ask them!

Let alone, they've never participated in a clinical study or have documented their results enough to prove that their penis extender experience didn't yield results.

Proof is the only thing that we can take action on - fortunately (for you) all the proof is in the favor of using a penis extender for size gains.

Now some are just unaware that penis extenders don't work - that's not they're fault.

We don't fault children who aren't taught what is the difference between good and bad. They have to be taught these concepts.

Combine this idea with the fact that may websites errorneously report that penis extenders and natural penis enlargement doesn't work.

Now, you've practically brainwashed the masses into actually believing that they don't work! And this is even with the facts that exist!

"But it may work for other guys, but it probably won't work for me.

a man in thoughtful doubt

Again, this is shooting yourself in the foot before you even give yourself a fighting chance.

Set your expectations correctly, before you start.

This is probably the biggest contributor to why people don't think penis extenders work.

After being bombarded by penis pills that advertise outrageous size gains (5 inches or greater), and finding out that these are complete scams, confidence in natural penis enlargement has taken a huge hit.

I know I was a victim of one of these scams after stupidly paying for some pills from an ad that should have been in my email spam box (good thing, I only lost maybe 30 bucks on a bottle of pills). Now I'm that much wiser.

Don't mislead yourself with testimonials.

a testimonial review checklist

While testimonials are great to`get a feel for what it's like to wear a penis extender, we higly urge you to take the results that other men report from them with a grain of salt.

We're not saying to not trust these guys, but rather, you have to acknowledge the fact that these are guys that are just holding up rulers to their penises to measure their length.

Since it's just one guy who's dong the measurements, and there's no pressure to get the measurements exactly right, it may very well be that some of the measurements are overstated or understated.

This can lead to getting your hopes up - remember a 5 inch gain or more is not possible - or you simply dismiss that penis extenders don't work, which is completely false.

Penis enlargement communities and their role in making penis enlargement more well known.

There's tons of guys out there who advocate for penis enlargement

These guys aren't stupid people.

They know what works and what doesn't. Some if not most of them have read the penis extender studies (many which exist on

They're there to get the truth out so that their fellow man can also achieve the sex lives that can be earned.

Some of these communities include PEGym, Matters of Size, and Thunder's Place.

PEGym Logo Thunders Place Logo

Feel free to check them out. Ask the guys on there a question or two. I guarantee you most of the responses will be enlghtening and probably even convince you to get started.

Nothing is handed to us in life.

I'm sure you know this is a world truth by now.

This goes for everything that you would ever want or desire. Whether it's the girl that you've dreamed of marrying, or the dream house you've always wanted, you have to work to get what you want.

Those that figure this out sooner than later are the truly successful ones.

The same goes for penis enlargement.

Sure there's a chance you can be born (and blessed) with naturally large penis size.

However, for most of us, that is a small miniority.

But there's an inherrent blessing to all men - penis enlargement is actually not that much work when you use a penis extender!

It's a tool that does the work for you!

That's the beauty of technological advancement. After all, we're not caveman anymore - we don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Once you understand this, penis enlargement is many orders of magnitude easier than trying to nail that interview to get that dream job, or woo the girl of your dreams.

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