Thunder's Data on Penis Enlargement Results

Written by Jeff Ferrara on November 29, 2016

The data from this study is courtesy of Thunder's Place, and all credit to this data goes to them.

How these results were set up for presentation.

The data points that were thrown out:

  • Any data that showed a length decrease of over 1 inches.

  • Any data that showed a girth decrease of over 1 inches.

  • Any data that showed a length increase of over 4 inches, as this most likely an untrue outlier.

  • Any data that showed a girth increase of over 3 inches, as this most likely an untrue outlier.

Why throw these out?

The simple fact is that these sort of gains from natural penis enlargement are completely impossible.

Since we know that this is a fact, we can be confident not to trust this data.

Think of it this way:

If these results were real - others would also experience them and penis enlargement would be completely mainstream.

However it's not.

The generally accepted results for length are .7 inches in 16 weeks, but you don't hear much about this.

That's why we're going to present these results to prove that claim and also have the many men that have experienced it to back it up.

Typical girth and length gains experienced by the general population.

Here is the first interesting graph from Thunder's.

girth vs length gains scatter plot

It shows that there are many men that experience a non-zero size gain when engaging in penis enlargement.

Why is this so powerful?

Many men overlook this fact and dismiss it as ordinary.

However, those that do are missing out a very powerful truth.

That truth is:

If you even try to do some penis exercises - you will gain something.

Here's another way of looking at the data above:

What if it were the case that penis enlargement, was in fact, impossible?

Then we would expect men to see 0 girth gains and 0 length gains.

After all, that is the definition of penis enlargement being impossible, right?

That means the graph above would instead look like this:

It would have all the points overlapped at the 0, 0 point!

In other words, you would have all the thousands of points centered on the 0, 0 mark on the plot, and it wouuld be a really dark blue there!

That just isn't so with this data!

Yes, it's true that some guys have gained more than others - there's no disputing that.

But the fact that the vast majority gaiend some size is an accomplishment in of itself, at least when asking the most polarizing question of all time: Does penis enlargement work?

Typical Penis Length Gains Experienced by Thunder's Men

Here's the Thunder's plot for length gains that men experienced after doing some form of penis enlargement.

length gain results after penis enlargement training

This is another interesting plot to analyze.

Let's first take the "zero-case", that is, if literally none of the men were to experience any gains at all.

What would the graph look like?

It would look like a completely flat horizontal line of data points, all algined with the y-axis of BFEL Gains = 0.

It would basically be saying that, "No matter what your starting size, you will have gained 0 after doing penis enlargement."

That is simply not the case here.

Looking at the plot, it would be safe to say that a vast majority of the men experienced 0.5 inches of length gain, or more.

One crucial thing to understand about these gains:

Granted, these numbers were reported at some point in time after doing penis enlargement.

However, the actual time after each report varied from man to man.

In other words, some guys may have reported their increase one month after doing exercises, and some may have reported a few months to a year after doing some sort of PE routine.

That would explain the great variance in the gains.

So while this data is not the best to learn how much you can gain in x amount of time, it is still reassuring that you will gain something if you just try.

That's the point we're trying to drive home, because when you know something is possible, there is literally nothing stopping you from accomplishing it (given sufficient motivation to actually want to succeed)!

Typical Penis Girth Gains Experienced by Thunder's Men

Alright, here is the last data plot from Thunder's:

girth gain resulst after penis enlargement training

Ah, the final crucial measurement when it comes to penis size: girth.

This data wouldn't be complete if it wasn't for this last girth plot.

So let's analyze the results.

It seems same trend is occuring.

Again, taking the "zero-case" (also known as the "null hypothesis") - if penis enlargement was impossible, then there would be zero gains experineced by the vast majority of the men.

This would be represented as a flat, horizontal line of points aligned with the 0 on the y-axis.

This is simply not the case, again!

Again, just like the length gains, the girth results are varied, but are non-zero.

It seems that at least 75% of the points showed a girth gain of 0.25 inches or greater.

When it comes to girth, small gains are actually a lot.

Any small girth gains are actually a lot when it comes to sex.

That's because girth represents how wide you can stretch your partner open.

The average penis is already naturally designed to stretch a woman wide open, so any small amount larger than that simply adds non-linearly to that pleasurable result.

Girth allows you to press on her vaginal walls more and stimulate her harder without trying as hard.

Quite frankly, a girth gain of 0.25 inches is actually really good and although it seems small, she will definitely notice the difference.

Just ask her.

Again, this is another fantastic, reassuring result for those that are still on the fence about penis enlargememt.

Some more importanat points to consider about the data presented.

This data does not tell what natural penis enlargememt techniques were used.

Just something to consider.

While we can be fairly confident that the appropriate length exercises and girth exercises were used, it wasn't disclosed exactly which exercises or routines were used.

Length gains are typically achieved with penis extenders and manual stretching.

Girth gains are typically achieved with jelqing and penis pumps.

However, the fact that the exact exercises were not disclosed creates a bit of a fuzziness on exactly what a guy should do for the optimal result.

This data was not provided in a secure environment.

Again, this is just the data that was harvested from Thunder's website.

This includes their articles and forum posts.

The results were provided by random men on the internet, so that makes the data less credible.

However, the best way to combat the lack of credibility is to have a large sample size, which is exactly what Thunder's has provided here.

This data does not show the time spans used for each male subject.

Most likely, a guy who experienced an inch gain, was doing PE longer than a guy who was only doing enlargement for a couple months.

This is common sense.

However, Thunder's did not explicitly say how long each data point conducted their penis enlargement routines for.

While it will be interesting to know how long each guy took, it will probably be reserved for a newer study in the future.

In Conclusion

The biggest conclusion to gain from this study is:

Do something, and you'll gain something.

The converse is also true:

Do nothing, and you'll stay the same.

Based on the data presented, most guys were able to achieve a .7 inch length gain and a .25 inch girth gain.

These numbers are nothing to sneeze at, considering that penis enlargement was once thought to be impossible.

So what do you think about this data?

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