Breaking Down Penis Extender Studies - The Eye-Opening Proof

Written by Jeff Ferrara on July 17, 2016

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About this penis extender study.

This penis extender study was conducted by the Jiaotong University in partner with the Renji Hospital in Shanghai, China.

A complete report of this study can be found here.

This just goes to show how widespread the effect of penis extenders are around the world, given that there have been other independent studies done in Madrid, Spain, and two more in Moscow, Russia, and Italy.

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The experimental setup

30 subjects were used as the data for this study. 30 subjects is a good number because most United States FDA efficacy trials for new medical devices on the market require about 20 subjects. And getting FDA approval is much harder.

Therefore, the number of 30 subjects is a great number for the purposes of proving penis extender effectiveness.

The subjects were also between the ages of 16 and 70 years of age.

The subjects were instructed to wear the penis extender for 9 hours a day.

Subjects were checked and measured once a week. The measurements were done on the dorsal side (top) of the penis shaft.

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Shanghai, China 2016

The Hard Numerical Results of the Penis Extender Study

Ok, now that we know how this study was done, let's take a look at some of the actual numbers.

Below is a table documenting the size gains for the subjects.

Let's first take a look at the column labeled "Length of flaccid" because we know that penis extenders primarily target length.

The average flaccid length gain after three months was 2.1cm (9.2 - 7.1) - that's a gain of .84 inches!.

Now let's take a look at the column labeled "Length of erect".

The average erect length gain was a 3cm (12.3 - 9.3) - that's a whopping gain of 1.2 inches!.

The Conclusive Results of the study.

For the purposes of this study, they set the following rule.

The penis length of the subject must increase past 0.4 inches (1cm) no later than 3 months.

They found that all subjects succesfully met this criteria after the study was finished, and the success rate was thus, 100%!

This is great news for the general population because the data and statistics prove that if you closely follow a penis extender regimen, you too will experience the same results - there are no outliers.

Cultural Applications of the Traction

Penis stretching uses the "traction principle" which is also used in plastic surgery.

Here are some more notes from the result of the study.

The most interesting was that the traction method is not an entirely new concept - take a look at this quote below:

It claims that the traction principle, or the principle of stretching by holding body parts in a stretch position for long periods of time, are also applied in plastic surgery to achieve the desired "looks".

With a major industry as plastic surgery, we can be sure that the surgeons know that it works well and will continue to use it for years to come.

Combine this with this and other studies results, we can be extremely confident in using penis extenders to apply the traction principle.

Body modifications in other cultures.

The Study's Report on the Safety of Penis Extenders

Next are some reports on the safety of penis extenders. Their findings were quite positive.

This is very good because it is in stark contrast to penis enlargement surgery which has a poor success rate ~50%, and a very real, mortality rate that can't be ignored.

While penis extenders are less risky, they do take longer to achieve results, but if you combine the fact that they are extremely effective (100% success rate as mentioned earlier, for this study), and completely safe (no risk of death or injury), these devices are massively useful tools that will set you up for a lifetime of penis size satisfaction.

If you're still not convinced by the results in this study, feel free to check out the Spain study and the Italy and Russia studies.

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