Penis Extender Results Shown Through Graphs and Numbers

UPDATED by Jeff Ferrara on November 20, 2016

So we know that penis extenders have alreday been clinically proven to work, so what do the results actually look like?

In this blog article, we go quickly go over the numerical results that you can expect to gain from a penis extender, and also take a look at some visuals of penis extender results.

The Numbers That Have Been Reported

Here is the general consensus on the results from using penis extender devices.

You can expect to gain .7 inches in length if you use the penis extender for at least 6 hours a day for 24 weeks (6 months).

Another important point is that it doesn't matter if you use a rod-based extender like the SizeGenetics or a belt-based extender like the PhalloGauge Model S or the PhalloSan.

We know this is true because there were two clinical studies, one for the rod-based extender and one for the belt-like extender and both penis extenders yielded the same result: .7 inches in 6 months

Ok. Now that we have the numbers agreed upon by the scientific community, let's take a look at real photos of what this actually looks like.

Some Before and After Photos Showing Length Gain Results

Clearly, penis enlargement is no joke anymore.

a before and after photo of penis extender results - example 1

Click here to see the uncensored photo above.

a before and after photo of penis extender results - example 1

Click here to see the uncensored photo above.

a before and after photo of penis extender results - example 1

Click here to see the uncensored photo above.

There are also numerous testimonials on other penis enlargement forums, so you can rest assured that results are guaranteed (as long as you train properly).

Another way at looking at this data.

It may be hard to visualize the actual results from just the photos above because both the before and after results are zoomed in and focusing on the penis and doesn't show the to-scale visual difference.

To solve this problem, we created a proportional bar graph that shows you the results for the male subjects who sent these photos above.

Before and After Results for 3 Male Subjects After Using a Penis Extender

bar graph showing the before and after results of using a penis extender

The percentage gains of each of the following are:

  • 26% gain for the Los Angeles subject.

  • 48% gain for the New York subject.

  • 45% gain for the Orlando subject.

These percentage results illustrate an extremely important concept that not a lot of guys know:

You can gain more size if you're smaller rather than starting out large.

This means that the guys who are 5 inches or below have most to gain!

Look at the data.

The subject from LA who started out at 6.9" and ended up at 8,7", he only got a 26% gain!

Don't get me wrong - while that is still a lot, it still doesn't compare to the other subjects from NY and Orlando who got a 48% and 45% gain, respectively!

This conecpt is related to the "Newbie Gains" results in bodybuilding.

That is, a beginner who never hit the gym before in his life, will experience the most muscle gain in a given period of time, compared to the veteran competitive bodybuilder, who has been there for 10 years.

In other words, the veteran bodybuilder would have to lift for about 5 months to experience the same muscle mass gain as the beginner gym-goer who only trains for a month.

This is phenomenon that we already see in the "normal" body modification / health industry, so it's not surprising that we see it here in the penis enlargement industry.

How these numbers work in your favor.

The best thing about these results?

Every single one of these men gained size.

Again there's a huge overlooked fact, that once you understand completely changes your persepective on penis extender effectiveness.

Do the regimen, and you will gain some size.

What does this mean?

It means if you do a penis enlargement regimen and stick with it, you won't not gain size.

That means you will gain some size.

See, the data shows us that each of the three men gained size.

Sure, we can debate and conduct more studies on why men gain more size than others, but the simple fact is all of them gained size.

This is a big game-changer compared to 20 years ago where your best hope was "being born lucky."

Gone are those days.

Now, there's a clear path to permanent size, and just like anything worth getting in life, it takes some work and effort.

How to achieve the results shown above.

The first thing that you want to do is pick out a penis extender that you can rely on.

The single most successful determining factor for success with a penis extender is how likely you are to keep wearing it.

Make no mistake, this is the only factor.

See, we already know that for a given period of time, say 6 months, that the design will not affect whether you get more gains in this 6 months period, or if you'll get them faster.

That is, whether you choose to use the PhalloGauge Model S penis extender, the SizeGenetics penis extender, or the PhalloSan penis extender, it really doesn't matter in terms of actual size gains.

All factors equal, they will all provide the exact same gains.

But, how likely you are to wear each device - that is the biggest question, and biggest determining factor for your success.

See, what happens is, if you find a device uncomfortable to wear - you simply give up and don't wear it. That's because it's simply impossible to wear an annoying penis extender and do daily tasks without going insane.

See the bad ones will gnaw at your skin, and pinch the tip of your penis - who wouldn't go insane if they had to put up with this 6+ hours each day?

In Conclusion

Penis extender results are very real.

They are no longer a thing of speculation, as careful effort went into proving their effectiveness.

Not only that, but the results have been reproduced around the world (Shanghai, Russia, Madrid, Italy).

In this article we learned that every man has at least .7 inches worth of gain in them in their lifetime.

Most guys will actually get way more.

We also learned that the shorter you are, the more you have to gain, at least compared to the guys who start out large. The "Newbie Gain Principle", which we also see in bodybuilding.

Lastly, we learned that every guy will gain some size if they stick with a routine for a few months - no guys will experience zero gains.

When I learned these facts, I was pretty motivated to start, knowing that they literally gave me an "out" to the frustration that I was having with my size.

What do you think about these results?

If you're looking for a penis extender that can provide all the results discussed above, you may be interested in our extender that thousands of men already use.

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