Concrete Data Proof that Penis Extenders Work

Written by Jeff Ferrara on July 21, 2016

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The goal of this article.

This study is 9 pages long, and extremely informative.

However, it looks like this:

a wall of text from the clinical study a second wall of text from the clinical study

If you have time to read the whole thing, I'll link to the source of the article here.

However, I'm here to save you some time by extracting the main points and conclusions of the study and make it easier on you.

They throw in lots of statistical jargon, which is important, but not the main takeaway.

In short, penis extenders work. Let's prove it once and for all, now.

Why these results are so important.

These results are important because we finally have the truth on an industry that has been damaged by lies for decades.

The biggest scam of all time were penis pills, and while there are some benefits to penis pills - they absolutely cannot provide permanent penis enlargement.

Becauase of the lies and misleading of pills, men were wholly convinced that there was simply no way to enlargen the penis except for extremely risky and low-success rate penis surgery.

But now that these studies were done - and done well, not just in a few weeks, but rather over the course of 6 months - we have concrete numerical proof showing the effectiveness of penis extender devices.

By the time all men learn of these affordable, practical devices, we expect that the average penis size of the world will increase - simply because penis enlargement will become accessible to all men of many lifestyles.

The history of this study. Was it conducted properly?

a group of men for the study

A total of 20 men qualified and participated in the study.

The minimum daily use of the penis extender was each of the men in this trial was 5 hours a day.

None of the men were taking any erectile dysfunction treatment during the study.

The Groundbreaking Results from the Penis Extender Study

Enter the boxplots

Ok, we're going to show you some of the boxplots from the study, which are essentially graphs of what kind of results the men in the study experienced over time.

The first is the penis growth for the flaccid length.

You'll notice the first column slice shows the "basal", or "starting lengths" of the men in the study.

The diamond in the middle of this segment shows where the majority of the men (the median) measured for this starting point. It was just under 8cm or 3.14 inches.

Then we see the diamond in the next column, labeled "6 months" increased to by 1.3cm (or 0.52 inches) to a median length of 9.3 (3.7 inches).

Flaccid penis length gain boxplot.

Now let's take a look at the size gains for the erect penis length gains - which is what really matters, right?

We can see that from the basal or starting point, the men started at a max erect length of 10.8cm (4.3 inches), and increased to 11.6cm (4.56 inches) over the course of 6 months for a full, erect length gain of 0.8cm (0.31 inches).

Erect penis length gain boxplot.

What period of time wearing the penis extender will you experience the fastest gains?

This is huge takeaway from reading this analysis of this study (besides the fact that you do gain significant size using a penis extender).

And that's that you gain the most size, and quickly, for that matter, during the first few weeks of using the penis extender.

This is backed up by the data, as they reported that the biggest gain per time period was experienced in the first month (labeled as t0 - t1 in the study) of using the penis extender.

Even more so, you should start immediately. You don't have a lot to lose (penis extenders like the Model S are extremely affordable now), and a lot to gain.

Were the subjects satisified with the results?

This is an intersting little thing that the study did.

They asked 15 of subjects of the study 5 questions to gauge their level of satisfaction with their penis extender treatment. The questions and their results are shown below.

So I'm sure the questions are pretty clear, but what do the numbers mean?

For question 1, the subject's score could range from 0 to 4 where 0 means "Worsening" and the highest score of 4 means "Complete Resolution" or that the issue has been solved by the treatment.

For questions 2 - 4, the scores ranged from 0 (reduced result, bad) to the max score of 3 (significant improvement).

Question 5 answers range from 0 (no result) to a max score of 4 (optimal result).

Breaking down the survey results.

So we can see that for all the questions, there was at least one person who gave the most positive response to each question.

That's definitely a good sign especially if you're considering to use a penis extender device.

However, let's take a look at the averages of the scores for the questions.

Since Q1 is related to the guys that were looking to straighten out their penis curvature, we'll skip it for now.

Q2 and Q3 which asks how satisified the subjects were with their flaccid length gain and their erect length gain, got an average score of 1.96 for both questions.

We can round this to a score of 2 which, according to the survey, means: "Acceptable Improvement".

Definitely good news here.

Q4 asks how would they rate the quality of their sexual life and the score was 1.6. Since 1 = "Unchangend" and 2 = "Acceptable Improvement", we can conclude that there was a moderate increase in sexual lifestyle.

Definitely more good news.

We hypothesize that the improvement in sexual life is due to the confidence increase that comes with size gains.

Q5 asks how good the overall result was after wearing the penis extender. The average was a 2 = "Acceptable".

Based on these survey answers, we can be confident that if you use a penis extender, there will be some marginal benefit that you can be sure you will obtain and be happy with.

In other words, there was no buyer remorse when using the penis extender device.

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