Credible Sources Verifying Penis Stretching

Written by Mike and Jeff on January 2, 2016

All innovations were with the goal of making our lives easier.

Here is an excerpt from the number one Google result on the search 'penis stretching'. It is an article off of

The article is fairly long, but page 2 which we quoted can be found here.

They go on to completely reject all other methods of penis enhancement (like pills), but compared to other methods, their take on stretching is fairly positive.

To quote the article:

This "freakish" degree of dedication is not so intimidating as this article makes it however.

But what is the dedication required? We can be confident this article means it consists of putting on a device on everyday.

But what if putting on the device was just as easy as tying shoes or brushing your teeth everyday?

What if wearing the device was as easy as wearing clothes and didn't hinder your daily activities whatsoever?

The dedication becomes less and less "freakish", but rather manageable and practical.

Which is what the PhalloGauge was designed around:

It can be put on in a few seconds (less than the time it takes to brush your teeth), and it can be worn throughout the day without interfering with your daily activities.

If you have the motivation, penis stretching and length gains are ridiculously easy to accomplish.

But if you don't have the motivation, it will become a "burden" and will appear to be too much effort involved.

For those who think they aren't motivated enough, read our blog article on why you should even start a penis enhancement journey in the first place.

We're confident you'll find it very enlightening and put the whole process in perspective.

Here is another great, high-ranked Google article:

The article is also fairly long, and can be found here.

Again, these are all points that have been reiterated across different blog articles on

The article goes on to suggest jelqing (full guide on the topic) as a primary method to do stretching exercises, but it was also the motivation and innovation to create the PhalloGauge.

Cellular division also responsible for stretching earlobes in ear gauges.

Manipulating body part size through stretching and other constant force applications should not be surprising because humans are very adaptable creatures.

One example is diet to achieve a certain body physiology. Most people manipulate diet to achieve a low body fat percentage to appear "ripped"

Caloric deficit diets are common knowledge in the body-building community and we will post an article on it later, as low-body will decrease the body fat around the penis base and effectively make your penis longer.

See our fat-loss blog article guide here.

Skin pigment responds to how much sun you get.

"Lotus Foot Binding" in 17th century China to make women feet smaller is another.

There are many, many examples, which are comparable to penis stretching.

Thank you for letting us give our personal insights into our innovation of penis traction devices. Get the PhalloGauge for yourself below:

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