Summaries of Penis Extender Results from Clinical Studies

Written by Jeff Ferrara on July 15, 2016

We're going to cover two studies that were done.

Both of these studies were published in the International Journal of Impotence Research - The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The International Journal of Impotence Journal Logo

This journal organization is a consortium that allow academics and physicians to publish their research and undergo a peer review by their colleagues.

In short, that means this journal publishes articles written by doctors and is reviewed by other doctors for credibility.

Not only can doctors contribute to this journal, but academics as well.

That means reknowned people can contribute to the journal like university professors.

In fact, one of these journals was published by some practicing doctors at the University of Milan in Italy!

The first study explores the effect of wearing a penis extender for long periods of time.

The first study was conducted in the San Paolo Hospital at the University of Turin, Italy.

How long was the extender worn for?

As quoted below, it was worn on average for 6.5 hours a day.

However, the time worn varied between 3 to 9 hours on any given day.

The setup of the penis extender study done at University of Turin, Italy

The result?

The average penis length increased by .7 inches (1.8cm) at the end of the study!

The results of the penis extender study done at University of Turin, Italy

This result is so powerful - it proves that penis enlargement is 100% possible

This is good news because since the average length of the participants in the study increased, the result was considered statistically significant.

That means, if you were to follow the same procedure, mathematically, you should expect the same results.

It would be bad if there were a few subjects who didn't experience any size increase - then that would corrupt the results. However, that wasn't the case - that's good news for you and any other guy that wishes to add size.

The second study explores the use of penis extenders with compounds used to treat micro-penis.

This study was conducted by 5 doctors in Moscow, Russia.

This study is a little different from the previous one because it focus on men with a condition known as micro-penis.

Micro-penis is defined as when the flaccid penis length is 2.5 standard deviations less than the mean penis size.

Even if you have a small penis, like a 4-inch penis, don't worry, that isn't micro penis. Additionally, it's really rare to have micro-penis because it only occurs in 0.6% of men.

Examples of micro-penis are shown in the image below:

penis extenders used on men with micropenis

The experimental setup for this study

This setup was a bit more elaborate than the previous one.

It contained 50 men who

To address the micro-penis issue, they initially treated the men with testerone hormone treatment through injections. The reason they did this was because the penis was so small that it was impossible to fit it in the penis extender.

After some growth was achieved, the men wore the penis extender device for 4 hours on average each day.

The result of this study?

To quote the results of this clinical study:

The results of the penis extender study done in Moscow, Russia

That's a whole 2.55 inches (6.5cm) gain!

These type of size gains are nearing those outrageous ads you see on porn websites (which you still shouldn't believe though - don't get your hopes up that high)!

This study also goes to show you the power of newbie gains.

Notice how the men in the second study, who started out much smaller than those in the first study experienced a much larger size increase over a similar period of time of using a penis extender.

This is the power of newbie gains.

Newbie gains also exist in other body modifications like weight lifiting - that is, it's incredibly easy to build your first 20 lbs of muscle compared to the next 20 lbs after that.

It's just a physical law of nature - there's a very real limit to what you can achieve.

That's also why you don't see us claiming 6 inch gains, but are deeply passionate about advocating a 1-2 inch gain for all men.

In other words, men who haven't tried any penis enlargement are the ones that have the most to gain.

Regardless of what you choose to do (or not do), either be happy with what you have or take what you want.

These studies just prove that there is a way out and we'll always be here to help you along the way.

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