Where is the G-Spot - and How to Make Her Have the Best Orgasm

Written by Samantha on March 4, 2016

a girl receiving lots of sexual pleasure

The G-Spot is a place so many people do not speak of, and when it comes to being pleasured in the bed, either you have it or you don’t.

Of course, many girls are not going to tell you that you suck, but you might figure it out later on down the road.

Keep in mind that women are able to have multiple orgasms, so if you can find the sweet spot, and keep it going, you might just give her the time of her life.

...and trust me, she wants it.

Here is where you’re able to find out where the G-spot is, and if you, yes you, could actually hit it when it comes to making it with the ladies.

Keep This Fact in Mind - ALL girls are able to have an orgasm by G-spot stimulation.

Locating the G-Spot

a woman receiving lots of pleasure during sex

The first thing you need to know is where exactly the G-spot is, and how you’re able to help her achieve this orgasm.

Many men do not know, or cannot think of where the G-spot is.

It can be found around 1 to 2 inches inside the front wall of the vagina.

diagram showing where the g-spot is

When feeling it, it is much like a small bump, but as she becomes more turned out, the spot will swell up, making it easier to not only stimulate but to find, in general.

This is the magical spot that can trigger lots of sensual, sexual magic when it is touched in just the right way.

Also, use this little diagram to locate it, and familiarize yourself with the female anatomy a little, it can do you more good, than bad when trying to pleasure her in bed, no matter what spot you’re trying to hit.

Don’t worry if you cannot find it in the beginning, but with a little practice, not only will she thank you, but she is going to be begging for more because you will know exactly where it is and how to stimulate it just so - so she can have those awesome orgasms that make her weak in the knees.

Tap into That Secret Love Spot

Manual stimulation and penile stimulation can both be done in this secret little spot, so you are in luck when it comes to hitting it just right - after you learn where it is.

Once this is done, you can achieve just about anything and be pretty much considered a love god.

Lets start with manual stimulation, since this is also the best way to locate that secret little area.

Using a firm circular motion, you can find the little area and gentle rub and tap along it with one or two fingers.

Your finger will need to be in a hook shape, so that you can easily reach and locate the G-Spot with the pad of the fingers.

example of how to curl your fingers to stimulate her g-spot

You will want to go with the rhythm of her body, and her breathing.

Listen to her, and pay attention to what she is doing.

Focusing really hard the first time will help you a lot in the long run because it will allow you to memorize her specific stimulation as well as train you to have success with other women (if you so wish).

Soon after, it will take less effort.

If she likes it, you will know just by reading her body language.

Keep in mind, you do not have to be overly gentle with the area, but do keep your fingernails trimmed for this specific purpose.

She does not want to deal with a scratch somewhere inside her that is going to be uncomfortable for some time, and you do not want to be the one that gives her the scratch, either.

Even some toys are designed for sensual stimulation of the G-Spot.

These all vary in width and length, but all have the same hook and soft feel on the end for better stimulation of that specific area that should be lightly rubbed into an orgasm.

You can ask her to try some out, if you want to give her a better experience with a little vibration action.

Stimulating her G-Spot with Your Penis

Penile stimulation can be done on the G-spot, but it is a bit harder to find if you’re unsure of where you’re directed when you’re inside her.

The only way - if you’re doing it missionary style - to touch that area is to have her prop her hips and buttocks up on a pillow while you’re thrusting into her.

This provides a more easier target for you to shoot at.

While you’re doing this, if she contracts her pelvic muscles, she can intensify her orgasm at the same time - see, this can be a team effort!

Some Other Great Sexual Positions for G-Spot Stimulation

There are other positions that help you stimulate her G-Spot through penile stimulation.

You just have to know how to achieve them. Be a little brave in the bedroom, and don’t be afraid to take charge, since she will like that, anyway.

Missionary with Her Legs Raised

This is a fun one, and one that provides a lot of penetration.

Not only can you reach her G-Spot when going in an upward motion, but with so much depth, you might even find yourself having less time to pleasure her!


Everyone loves a little ride every now and again, and when you let her get on and ride, she can be sure to find her own G-Spot while just using your penis as her toy in the process.

This is also a great way to watch her.


This is a great way to get some cuddles in, but it can also provide penetration in the right direction.

Make sure to do upward thrusts to hit that sweet spot, and have her intertwine her legs into yours and she pushes back, and you push forward.

Can we say heaven?

Face to Face

This is a way to hold onto each other, but also to look at each other.

If you’re into breasts, then you’re in luck since this is a great position for those, too.

Have her move with you, and while you’re inside her, make sure to point it in the right direction.

Not only will the motion get her, but the G-spot will be activated, as well.

How Do You Know She Had an Orgasm by G-Spot?

This is a great question to ask, since many men do not even know when a woman is faking it in the bedroom.v

Trust me - I’ve tricked a lot of guys.

But knowing when she truly has an orgasm is unmistakable in the way that she holds herself, but also it is all in the body language.

A lot of screaming and loud moaning is generally not something you can automatically look for when wondering if she had an orgasm.

Watch to see if her nipples are hard, and then go flaccid.

Feel for her muscles in her vagina. They will tighten around you when she has an orgasm.

Also, girls tend to have low moans, deep shallow breaths and of course, a smile when she has the best orgasm of her life.

Don’t worry if you do not make her have an orgasm, or five, since you’re not perfect and it might take some time to find it and then stimulate it.

Of course, with her giving you pointers, you can both be happy with the outcome in the bedroom.

Fun Facts on the G-Spot

Many women feel that the begin to peak sexually around their mid-30’s.

This is most likely because the G-spot is easier to find once the estrogen levels start to decrease in the body.

The vaginal lining, due to the estrogen drop becomes thinner, making the G-spot stand out a bit more, making it much easier for her lover to hit it.

diagrma showing that vaginal lining loss due to lower estrogen allows the G-Spot to be found easier

This is why many women state that they have great love lives in their marriages, since most women in their mid-30’s are currently married.

The G-Spot is thought to be an equivalent to the male prostate gland, so if you’re considering milking that area, then consider where it is in a man and then find it in the same place in a woman. It can be just that interesting, and also feel just as good.

The G-Spot will not make a girl have an orgasm if there is no direct stimulation to it.

The G-Spot has to be directly stimulated in order for anything to happen.

So what does that mean guys?

It means you better get out your map and start searching for that orgasm gold!

There is also another name for the G-Spot in tantric sex.

It is known as the woman’s emotional sexual center, and is referred to as the sacred spot.

When you can hit such a sacred spot, then you must be a sex god.

In Conclusion - All women WILL see you differently if you can have her achieve a G-Spot orgasm

Whether you’re searching for the spot for future sex nights, or you’re in a committed relationship; each woman or any woman that you come across where you’re able to pleasure her in this way - will thank you.

Not only will she want to see you again, but she will be extremely turned on by having you know where it is, and take the time to make her have these orgasms.

So go ahead, do your research and head off you future sex god!

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