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How to Get Laid In Vegas - The Non-Mainstream, Surefire Guide

UPDATED by Jeff Ferrara on November 4, 2016

girls in Vegas looking for hookups

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At the very end, in Part 3, we're going to put it all together into one, single, surefire gameplan that you can use over and over every night in Vegas.

Types of Girls in Vegas and Their Availability.

you must first understand what potential category each girl falls into as it will affect your chances of getting laid.

Type Difficulty of Getting in Bed Monetary Cost Additional Notes
College Girl (Spring Break, etc.) Easy - Moderate Low - Moderate Secretly wanting to get laid, may or may not be very "open" about it.
Must build trust and repoire with her in order to get her in bed.
Cougar Easy - Hard (The younger you are, the easier it is.) High Experienced.
She knows what you want. Will try to play mind games. You must also match her intellectual level. Imaging a cat playing with a mouse - she's the cat and you need to outsmart her.
Dancer Very Hard High These women are typically very sexy / cute / hot.
Therefore, your game combined with your looks and perceived value is the deciding factor.
Bartender / Waitress Hard Moderate This type of woman lives in Vegas and has seen it all. Will not be "duped" by Vegas culture.
Quality of your game as it applies in any other city applies here.
Middle-Age Single Woman w/ Friends (Vacation) Moderate Low - Moderate In Vegas for the "Experience".
Follow the game plan and you'll get this lay with decent time put in without crippling your wallet.
Party-Girl, Vegas Regular Easy Low - Moderate A girl in Vegas expecting to get laid.
Easy to identify by her wild party style and attitude.
Also easy to identify because these girls are generally very touchy / "handsy".

Part 1: Sculpting the Ideal Face and Body for Getting Laid

Increase your penis size

So your going to go to Vegas with the complete intention of getting laid, but your penis is average or below average in size?

Not only are you letting down yourself, your also letting down her - after all, it's no secret that girls prefer above-average sized penises, and given that it's completely possible to add size, there's no reason not to.

Oh, not to mention this whole process of penis enlargement becomes ridiculously easy with penis extender devices.

Girls are looking for the best sex of their lives here.

Don't let anyone make you think otherwise. Want to party? Go to Vegas. Want to get laid (both men and women) with no strings attached? Go to Vegas. It's a part of the culture, and it's not going to change anytime soon.

After all, its in the middle of the desert. The wild west. Everyone understands this and embraces it - women too. The women who are nice girls in their hometown unleash a horny beast when they land in Sin City.

It's your destiny to meet them halfway.

Bridesmaids movie scene showing blonde woman wanting to get nailed in Vegas

Lose body fat - three major benefits when you do so.

The three major reasons.

  1. You'll lose facial fat, defining your facial features (cheekbones, etc.), and simply look more attractive.

  2. You'll lose body fat that will make you look great naked (ripped) and universially, is the most desired physical trait that women are attracted to in men (not bulky muscles as most people think).

  3. You'll literally increase your penis size by removing the fat around the base of your penis, exposing more shaft length.

How to lose body fat as fast as possible

Unfortunately, there are no secret shortcuts to losing body fat. However there are many mistakes that you can make sure you avoid doing.

Let's quickly give the things to avoid doing which will save you months, possibly years of bad/failed bodybuilding.

  • Learn to cook delicious meals otherwise you're not going to eat it and go back to fast food.

  • Cook in bulk to save massive amounts of time and effort cutting vegetables and washing dishes.

  • Get a supply of micronutrients, whether it's from fruit, or supplements to promote body repair, hormonal balance, and simply feel better (instead of worn out and tired).

  • Remove all junk and unhealthful food from your home - you will eat it eventually if it is lying around a cupboard in your house.

Now, here are the things you must do to lose body fat (most important) and build a decent amount of muscle (next important, but by far less than losing fat):

  • Work out at least twice a week.

  • Buy a gym membership, the more expensive the better, because then you'll force yourself to go. Utilize the fear of wasting your money to push you from behind.

  • Do cardio on an empty stomach to maximize fat burning efficiency (body turns to burn fat when simple carbs are not available for fuel).

  • Use BCAA supplements to get a energy boost in the gym without the fat-inducing effects of traditional body fuels like carbs.

  • A simple surefire workout? 12 minutes of light cardio followed by 18 minutes of high-intensity, medium weight, minimal rest-period weight training.

girls in Vegas looking to get laid by a pool

Part 2: Conditioning Your Mind for Cool, Calm Cconfidence

Check your voice

You're honest with yourself. After all, you know what you want (getting laid in Vegas), and will do anything to get it.

Because of that mindset, you are that much ahead of your competition when it comes to getting laid.

One thing you may have not considered is how you actually sound to other people.

Ideally, you want to sound either cool, sexy, confident, and powerful - or a combination of the following.

After all, mastering your voice and how you sound allows you to boost your charisma - the thing that attracts the ladies, that is passively, and more importantly, always working for you in your favor.

Here's how to diagnose and improve your voice.

Record yourself and play it back

Identify what you like and don't like about your voice. Write it down.

Are these some of the things that bring your voice down from ideal?

  • Is your voice too high?

  • Is the tone of your voice messed up or weird? Instead of a creamy sound, does it contain all sorts of clashing frequencies?

  • Do you stutter when you talk?

  • How often do you say "um"? Are you always at a loss for words?

Now tweak it.

Now take the list of things that you wrote down that bothered you and tweak your voice, addressing each problem point one at a time.

Do multiple recordings with little tweaks and by the 20th recording, you'll find something that you'll be more than happy with.

Of course, you're going to have to practice talking in this voice - similar to how a stand-up comedian does his impressions.

However, because you're just doing minor tweaks - it's more than practical to get a voice that will work in your favor.

Practice speaking loudly.

This is a given voice characteristic you need to learn about yourself and determine whether you need to improve it.

Ultimately, you want to have a loud voice, no exceptions.

There's nothing worse than a girl saying "what?", "what!?" after every sentence you say, especially with the music pounding in the background and the fact that you have to compete against hundreds of other conversations going on at the same time in the same room.

Practice projecting from the diaphgram (the space between where your rib cage starts to open).

Also have very strong intent with every sentence that you say.

Even if the lines aren't smooth, it's 100 times better to have what you said, come across clearly, sonically. Most girls aren't stupid, they understand what you're getting at whether you're giving them a compliment or asking them where they're from or who they're with - all as long as they can hear you!

To practice speaking loudly, simply talk louder in your everyday interactions.

Take a step or two back from the people that you normally talk to and amplify your voice enough to keep the conversation going smoothly.

You're making up the extra distance that the sound has to travel by amping up the volume of your voice proportionately.

Then, when you get to Vegas, simply use that same volume even when you're only a few inches away.

This is a simple thing to do that can make your already stressful conversations much more easier.

Don't be afraid to slightly lower your standards.

Every guy wants to nail the hottest chick or the cuttest girl.

However, to completely rule out any girl who doesn't match your perfect type is a critical mistake. It also messes up with your mind and expectations.

Think of it this way:

There's 365 days in a year. If you were to only run into your ideal girl maybe 3 times a year, and your success rate is 30% (which is actually pretty damn good), then you would only get laid once a year.

Combine this with the fact that if you don't live in Vegas, you're simply not going to get laid at all.

Now if you lower your standards, just a little bit...

Now you'll simply increase your dedicated encounters tenfold, even a hundred-fold. It's a numbers game and you can play it easier than poker and better than the rigged slot machines.

You're effectively rigging the absolute number of lays in your favor, just as the slot machines are rigged in the casino's own favor. Be smart and manipulate the game - that's one way of winning it for sure.

This also means there's no reason for you to get laid every day in Vegas, and you'll have some nights more memorable than others, but we can all agree that a night of action with a girl, although she's not ideal, is still better than sitting in your room doing nothing.

Part 3: The Surefire Game Plan for Las Vegas

Clearly you don't need a soul for Vegas. It's Sin City after all.

All you need is your looks, and balls. But since we already taught you how to get them, you're more than halfway there.

Let's talk Las Vegas Specifics.

Logistics, logistics, logistics!

Bachelorette parties and how to elegantly break into them.

white girls at a Vegas bachelorette party

Find a girl you're interested in from a group like the one above, screen her, and focus on bringing her home!

Location for your hotel is key.

Location is very easy to get right. All you have to do is pick a room near the area where you're going to meet up the women in public.

Ideally, it would be in walking distance, and take no more than 15 minutes to walk to.

Also understand that girls are going to be in heels - none of them want to walk far in heels, so far walking distances create last-minute resistance which prevents you from gettting the "win".

Give your targeted girl many safety signals

Fear at the last second is probably one of the biggest score killers for the guys in Vegas. And it's rightly so.

Even though sex is pretty casual in Las Vegas, people, especially women still have a guard up and don't want to endanger themselves.

Therefore, the solution is to make yourself appear as safe as possible. This is doesn't mean you have to act like a beta, or loser, and these are some ways you can do it:

  • Stay at a well-known, preferably expensive hotel (like the Trump hotel), and make sure she knows during your conversations with her.

  • Dress extremely well. No cheap jeans. Nobody suspects well-dressed people as being creepers or criminals.

  • Be extremely well-groomed. This means even getting a professional hairstylist.

Identify and filter out escorts

Escorts can be a waste a time, especially for you, because it's our goal to get you laid in Vegas as fast and as efficiently as possible.

However, escorts provide sex for money and there's even some cops that go undercover as escorts to arrest those that try to solict their services.

Escorts are fairly easy to tell. They typically hang out at bars, whether they be in hotels or independent bars, and typically don't hang out at night clubs.

Additionally, they are extremely doll'ed up to the point to max out their looks potential. These girls, with all their clothes and makeup are reaching level 9, bordering even on to perfect 10s.

an example of a woman escort in Las Vegas

Also, if they meet the previous criteria and they are alone, by themselves, then that's also another strong signal. However, don't use the "she's alone" signal to scare you away from her - you should still game her - just combine this signal with the other ones to aid in your judgement.

Remember, it's only illegal to physically hand over money in exchange for sexual services, so if you can get her to have sex with you without cash involved, you're perfectly fine (however, don't count on it, she has bills to pay).

Therefore, it doesn't hurt to talk to them, in fact, I urge you to try it, but once you get the red flag that she is an escort, simply move on.

Screening the women - why it matters and how to do it.

Why it matters:

Not only are we trying to get you to succeed at getting laid in Vegas, but we're also trying to increase your chances and do it efficiently.

It would be bad to spend your time trying to lay a girl who has no intention of having sex with you.

Whether she's a gold digger, has no sexual availability, or is a virgin that's not quite ready, there are girls that have astronomically low chances of sleeping with you - and you need to avoid them.

Luckily, Vegas has a lower probability of these not-DTF girls, but screening is a useful skill to have. If you can identify 50% of the girls that are not going to have sex with you no matter what, then you'll save more than 50% of your time and get laid 50% more.

a woman gambling in Las Vegas

How to screen women

The key is to talk to her and look for red flags.

If you hit about 3 of these red flags, you need to consider giving up on her and moving on to the next one.

  • She's taking too long to vibe with you - conversation is going nowhere.

  • She's keeps looking away - not interested in your time. Once or twice is fine, but if it's after every sentence, we have a problem.

  • She's here with her boyfriend. The fix? Simply ask her who she's here with. Hopefully she says her girlfriends.

  • She has serious emotional issues or signs of it. For example, she tells a disturbing story about her recent break-up.

  • She jerks away when you try to touch her gently. Clearly, if she doesn't want to be touched, don't expect her to spread her legs for you.

Redefining the Wingman

We're redefining the wingman as an "idea" instead of a "person".

It still can be a person, though, so let me explain.

The "Wingman" is merely something to fall back on while you're doing your gaming.

For example, in a conversation with a girl, you can say something like: "Me and my buddy are going to get some drinks around 10pm tonight."

This "buddy" who could be considered a Wingman may or may not exist. After all, as we'll see in the game plan at the end, 10pm is a good downtime to wait before your second encounter which is sex.

The "Wingman" here, is simply an excuse to be doing something during this downtime.

However, he may actually be a real guy. He may be a friend or another person who's chasing game like you - he may not actually be a true friend, but you're both supporting each other in your lay efforts, and would thus, be a more traditional "Wingman".

The "Wingman" may also be a place - somewhere you have to go to take care of an errand, or an obligation you have to meet (e.g. I have to pick up my buddy at 10pm).

So you see, a Wingman is more of a utility idea that helps you with your conversation and gaming of a girl.

Use it to your advantage to help things go more smoothly.

The Game Plan

This plan aims to get the girl in your room for sex at around 2am. Any deviations from the plan mean that you were able to have sex with her earlier than that time because she was more DTF (down to F***).

This plan is balanced because it takes into consideration all pushback and logistics you may encounter when interacting with the women and girls.

It also doesn't rush them, but aims to get the woman in your room that very same night - which is the ultimate goal, of course.

Here is a rundown of the steps. I'll elaborate after.

  1. Head to bars in and around the strip, this includes hotel bars, around 6-9pm.

  2. Strike up a conversation with nearly any woman that you think you might be interested in (5-10s on the looks scale). You should be talking with at least 50 girls in this period (playing the numbers game).

  3. Learn what her plans are and who's she with (make sure she's not with her boyfriend). Also give her a brief idea of your plans (lie or tell the truth here).

  4. Make each encounter's end goal to get her phone number - we'll be using it later.

  5. From 9pm-12pm. Text or call the girls you collected the phone numbers from making plans to meet up with them later tonight at a bar. No need to explicitly say it's for sex.

  6. While you're making plans with your women contact list on late-night meet-up plans, you can also try to score quickly by finding women at bars who are DTF and are ready to go home with you at around 10-11pm ish.

  7. If you don't score with girls that you immediately hit on during the 10-11pm period. Meet up with one of the girls on your contact at 2am.

  8. Continue to vibe with her, eventually offering to take her back to your place (ideally a nice hotel), for sex.

Why this plan works.

This plan works because it takes into combats the common resistances that women will meet you with, as well as the makes the logistics way easier on you (and her).

By chatting and flirting with her in the early evening with the goal of only getting her phone number, it takes the pressure off of her on where the conversation is going, yet you have a key to get back in contact with her (her phone number).

The 10-11pm downtime period between getting her phone number and actually hitting her up to meet her second time allows her to fulfill any social obligations that she has with her friends, like a bachlorette party or similar.

The downtime period also gives you a chance to score easy on women who are actively searching out for a man who's DTF or is waiting at a bar with the sole intention to be taken home by a man. This is the perfect time to strike for these types of DTF women.

The late evening (1-2am) is when the parties tend to wind down and is the perfect time to strike for the girls that you took the phone numbers for.

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