How to be Amazing at Foreplay - What Women Love

Written by Chelsea on April 13, 2016

Foreplay is something that some men enjoy and others see as a hassle. If you’re in the latter category, I urge you to reconsider. I know it’s tempting to want to stop messing around and just get down to business, but if you take your time and do it right, you’ll find yourself thoroughly enjoying foreplay as much as the sex itself.

Foreplay gives a more fulfilling experience for both parties, and touching in general has all kinds of nice benefits, which you can read about here. Good sex is not enough. The overall situation, including what leads up to the sex, is equally significant.

a man carressing a sexy woman

Many women cannot orgasm from sex alone, which makes satisfactory foreplay a very important aspect of the sexual experience for them. Learning how to rock her world and get her off before you even introduce any penetration should be your goal. It will impress her and also take the pressure off you since you already gave her something great before even entering her.

Although I mentioned above that many women cannot orgasm from sex, it’s a lot more likely to happen if you get her significantly warmed up. If you’re not very familiar with this, it may sound slightly intimidating, but it’s not as hard as it sounds. Here are some tips to ensure that you’ll be a master of foreplay:

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Don’t be Afraid to Talk Dirty

For women, sex is a highly mental ordeal, and we love to fantasize even more than men, which you can find out more about here. This means that if you have the courage to dirty talk and get her imagination running wild before you get her into bed, she’s going to love it.

  • Tease Her Over Text: Chances are if you’re planning on getting frisky with a girl, you have her number and you’ve already been texting her. This is a great opportunity to start getting her turned on. If the sexual tension is already there, feel free to build it up even more, letting her know that you’re thinking about her sexy body, the things you want to do to her, etc.

  • Be Specific: When you’re teasing her over text (or even over the phone), let her know in a very sensual tone exactly what you want to do to her later. Speak slowly and be detailed, which will leave her longing for the time when she finally gets to see you in person.

a man whispering into a woman's ear with sexual intent

Try Escalating Sexually

The best way to get a girl excited to fuck you is to start small and get a bit more intense each time. It lets her know you’re serious about getting physical with her and that you’re a sexual man. She will appreciate this forwardness and respond to your advances if you do it right. Some ways to implement sexual escalation are:

  • Being Discreetly Sexual in Public: Something about being in a public place with someone you’re attracted to and knowing that you’re turning each other on but have to wait until later is extremely hot and is a great way to build tension. You could try playful touches or verbal suggestions. Once you are beginning to get aroused try:

  • Leading Her Hands: If she is starting to make you hard, pull her hand toward your lap and let her feel you and let he r know that she is responsible for that reaction. This is a great way to build up the excitement and anticipation even more.

Okay, so now you’re back in a private place and you’re both horny. You’re ready to get down to some real action. Although it’s tempting to want to just rip her clothes off and go at it immediately, you’ll want to pace yourself if you’d like to be amazing at foreplay.

a couple getting intimate on a rug

Take Your Time Removing Her Clothes

Some women report that one of the hottest parts about getting sexual with someone is having her clothes removed. If you’re too quick with it, she might start thinking your only intention was getting her into bed, and even if that’s true, this won’t count in your favor with most girls.

  • Kiss and Massage Her a Bit: Get her nice and calmed down by giving her neck a rub, using the tips of your fingers to slowly work your way around her shoulders. Move to her back making sure to kiss her as well, as this is very important for a woman to be turned on. Now you can begin to remove her clothes, starting with the shirt first.

  • Remove the Panties Last: Work your way down from her chest to her panties, pulling them off slowly using both hands.

a woman seducing a man, reaching into his pants

Get Her Aroused Using Different Areas of the Body

There are obvious areas of the body that you’ll be focused on (tits, vagina, ass), but did you know that there are super arousing areas you could focus on that you’ve probably never even thought of? I guarantee most guys don’t even know about these things, so making sure you do will put you ahead of the game. Here are some amazing zones to focus on if you want to become the king of foreplay:

  • The Area Around the Lips: I’m talking about the ones on her face! We’ll get to the other ones later. You’re already aware of the mechanics of kissing, of course, but did you know there’s a hidden trove of pleasurable nerves surrounding the mouth? This is a very sensitive area that most people overlook since they typically focus on the lips themselves. Begin by gently tracing your fingertip around the edge of her mouth during or in between kissing. You can also use your tongue to trace this area lightly, which will give her a taste of what’s to become below her belt.

  • The Area Between the Neck and the Chest: Another typically neglected erogenous zone is the area that lies between the jaw and shoulder, but one part in particular of this area is super sensitive, and will give her tingles if you pay attention to it. This is the indentation where the neck meets her collarbone. The skin here is very thin, which makes the area more susceptible to sensations. You can pay attention to this spot with your fingertips while you’re kissing her, or work your way over it with your mouth, licking it lightly and teasing her with your breath. The heat from your mouth will relax her body and make her chest more sensitive, increasing the pleasurable sensations in her breasts.

  • a man kissing on a woman's neck
  • The Area Between the Ribcage and the Hips: The parts of the body at the sides of her torso are sensitive areas that connect directly to her clit. If you touch her here, her pelvic floor muscles will contract, increasing her horniness. Since this is a rather ticklish area, try not to be too light with your touching, using firmer strokes. You can alternate between using your hand to stroke downward from her ribcage to her hipbone or lightly nibble your way downward. This feels amazing and the contractions that result in the pelvis will lay the foundation for an amazing climax.

  • The Knob of the Lower Spine: At the base of her spine there’s a knob full of nerves that are extremely pleasurable when stimulated. You can hit this area while giving her a massage, beginning at her shoulders and working your way downward. Once you reach the lower part of her back, transition into a gentler touching motion, lightly tracing your fingertips over this area. It’s such a sensitive area, even the gentlest touch will give her goose bumps. In addition to paying attention to this area with your hands, you can softly graze your face along the area. The unexpectedness of this move will increase her excitement and anticipation. You can also gently kiss her here and use your tongue on the area.

  • a woman really enjoying foreplay with a smile on her face

Build the Tension with a Full Body Massage

Once you’ve got her naked, you should give her a massage, rubbing her everywhere while kissing her, being sure to hit the erogenous zones I outlined above. This will drive her wild and keep her guessing, plus it will get her into a relaxed state which is necessary for orgasm to be possible.

a woman using his hands seductively on a woman (massage-like)

Use Your Mouth a Lot

At this point, she will be extremely horny and relaxed. Since you’ve just been massaging her, she’s probably on her stomach which means you want to flip her over onto her back.

  • Begin with Her Thighs: Starting at the knees, start using your mouth on her inner thighs, going slowly up first the right one, then the left one. Don’t go all the way up yet though, make her wait for it and want it even more.

  • Don’t Neglect the Labia: Most guys focus on the clit alone, and while this is absolutely necessary of course, you shouldn’t neglect another very sensitive area; her lips! These are full of nerve endings and shouldn’t be ignored. Use your fingers to gentle massage the lips, one at a time, working your fingers up and down. Start toward the bottom and work your tongue upward toward her clit, spreading her lips open as you go.

  • a girl getting an intense orgasm!
  • Clitoris Action: Start licking the clit with the tip of your tongue, very lightly. If you’re unsure of what she likes, don’t be afraid to ask if what you’re doing feels good. A lot of guys are afraid to ask because they think it will make them sound inexperienced or lame, but trust me, most girls will appreciate the fact that you care enough about her pleasure to ask her this. Also make sure to mix it up a lot with varying degrees of pressure and speed.

  • Pay Attention to Her Reactions: As you’re trying out different methods with her clit, stay away of what her body is telling you. Is she moaning and pulling you toward her? Then continue what you’re doing. If she seems still or jerks away, try something else until you find something she responds favorably to.

Get Your Fingers In on the Action

Introducing some penetration into your oral routine will be appreciated by most girls. Since we’re all different and prefer varying degrees of pressure, start slow and work your way up. Start with just inserting the tip of one finger, and if she seems to like it, you can put the whole thing in and even two if she’s down.

Make Her Crazy with the Figure 8 Method

This involves both your mouth and fingers. As you’re licking her clit, start paying attention to the sensitive area surrounding it in a figure-8 motion. Gently expose her clit using your fingers, and then use the tip of your tongue to circle it in a figure-8 pattern, making sure you’re mixing up the amount of pressure you’re applying. Following all of these steps will push her over the edge.

If you use the methods I gave you in this article, you will level up instantly in your foreplay skills.

Eventually you can seal the deal and make her orgasm. (Don't worry, it's actually really hard to make a woman orgasm)

You will have women wanting to sleep with you repeatedly, and ensuring that the experience leading up to the sex is high quality will mean that never again will you get complaints about the quantity of sex. Being in too much of a hurry to get to the actual penetration will be apparent to her, and it will take her longer to get aroused. Most importantly, get absorbed in what you’re doing, because there is nothing that is more of a turn on, to women, than that. I hope this article gave you some new ideas, and thank you for reading.

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