Does Size Matter? Do Women Care About Penis Size?

Written by Mike and Jeff on January 21, 2016

Here are what some real women thought when asked: "Does penis size matter?"

These responses are taken from ThoughtCatalog and more can be found here

woman's response to 'does penis size matter?'
woman's response to 'does penis size matter?'
woman's response to 'does penis size matter?'
woman's response to 'does penis size matter?'
woman's response to 'does penis size matter?'
woman's response to 'does penis size matter?'
woman's response to 'does penis size matter?'

So does it matter? Yes and no. But based on above, consider these factors:

If you're under 4 inches (erect) -- yes they care.

If you're average or above average, they tend to not care, but there's definitely some girls out there that do.

Based on ThoughtCatalog's count, 27 (54%) of the women cared about size, and 23 (46%) said it doesn't matter at all to them.

Since we can't be 100% sure for all women on Earth, and the women's answers seem to be split, let's assume 50% care and 50% don't care about size.

However, we can be 99% confident that having a larger one makes it so much easier to have sex -- less work thrusting and more pleasure for both of you.

NOW just because you're with a girl that doesn't care, doesn't mean everything is fine and dandy.

Most girls will say that they prefer a man who "knows how to use it".

Now for 4 inch and under guys, no matter how you use it, there's a very real limit to what you can do.

For guys who are average (5" - 6"), you can go either way, but you'll definitely have to work at it and improve your sex skills for her to view you as giving "great sex".

Now, here's the kicker: Guys who are above average - 7" or greater - literally don't have to put any effort when having sex.

They literally don't have to thrust as hard or try to hit certain spots with more intent.

This is because if they have the length, they can easily hit deep inside.

If they have the girth, then they can hit any wall without trying inside (most of the time they hit all her walls at the same time).

The only times women reported a guy who was above average who gave them a crappy sex experience was if the guy orgasmed in less than a minute and was done.

So, while the girl doesn't care if you're average, there's still so much benefit to having a larger penis.

  1. More pleasure for her (even if she was already satisfied, there's always room for improvement)
  2. Less work for you. No need to thrust as hard and twist to all sorts of angles to make sure you satisfy her.
  3. More pleasure for you she'll definitely be more receptive to you and please you more.

Ultimately, every girl is different

It depends if you have a girlfriend or if you are trying to hook up.

If you have a girlfriend, it is very easy. All you have to do is ask her. If she doesn't care and you don't care, then you don't need to get a big penis.

If she does care, and this causes you to care, then you need to start working on your penis size. This is fine however, because we already know it's possible.

If You're Looking to Hook Up or Find Friends with benefits, it Matters 100%

If you want to hook up with many women, then the situation is much more different. You're going to get a range of girls that care little and some that care a lot. However, most girls that are looking for hook-ups, friends with benefits or no-strings-attached relationships, will want a bigger-sized boy toy.

Why would these types of women want to sleep with you if you didn't? If you find some girls that you really like, and penis size matters to them, then you can be sure it matters to you.

And that's the most important thing: if it matters to you.

Even if you're looking for some sort of validation, it still matters to you.

If you're looking to boost your confidence, it matters.

If you're looking to reach your sexual potential with the hook-up culture, it matters.

If you're looking to improve your life and feel that penis size can help, you should face reality, just be honest with yourself, and come to terms with yourself that it matters.

If you can hook up with plenty of women that you like and they care about penis size, but you don't care, then everything is all good. However, we highly doubt that this scenario will exist. Most guys will still have anxiety or some sort of inadequacy if this situation ever occurred.

Thus, it does matter to you.

Additionally, penis size should be the last thing you should be worrying about when dating women.

In fact, considering how poorly dressed men are these days, we'd expect basic fashion to be a more serious problem.

Therefore, in order to not even worry about it, it would be great if you just had a big one to begin with.

Most Guys should aim for above average

We here at PhalloGauge have always expressed, guys should aim for an above average sized penis.

Since most guys are about 5.5 inches long, they should aim for 6.5 - 7 inches or a one-inch increase.

The reason for this is twofold. The first reason is because a 1 inch gain is very practical and reasonable to accomplish.

Every guy has the potential for at least 2 inches minimum of length gain in their lifetime.

The second reason is that majority of women prefer an above average sized penis. This above average size is what will set you apart from other males and competition. Additionally, the competition is not that big - most guys are fine with being average.

Luckily, this makes it even easier to be above average and even be in the upper 25 percentile of all guys on earth.

Given all that we said about whether penis size matters and the fact that you can get a bigger penis, we will see that there really is no excuse for not getting a big penis.

Guys going to the gym to look great have no excuse

All bodybuilders, whether casual or professional, put lots of time and effort into their physique. The reasons that they do it, whether it be for impressing women, or competing in tournaments, takes lots of motivation. This is a lot more effort than the average guy can usually produce.

A bodybuilder who is trying to look great to impress women simply is not complete if he cannot control and build his penis size. After all, the penis is a very important part of the male body.

Again, since it is possible to increase penis size with time and effort - - two resources that bodybuilders have given to get the body of their dreams- - there is no reason why a bodybuilder should have a small penis. The only valid reason is if the bodybuilder was born with a small one and they truly do not want a bigger one

However, the guy going to the gym to look great is not the only one to be scrutinized

This goes for all people who have the drive and effort to do or get something that they really want. This could be the nerdy student who studies very hard to get the best grades. This could be the sports star who practices every day to win the championship. The bottom line is, if you want it, and you truly do want it, and it is possible to get it, there is no excuse for you not to even try. Most of these people who achieve greatness do not care what other people think of them.

Why be small when it's completely possible to be big?

Why take chances? Its better to be bigger than smaller simply because you will have less to worry about.

Combine this with the fact that length gains are permanent, unlike muscle gains from working out at the gym.

Why be small when it's easy to be big? There are a lot harder and more time consuming things that we have to do in life. Quite frankly penis enlargement isn't one of them. It may be a little embarrassing and something you may not want to share with other people, but with the invention of quality traction extender devices, penis enlargement is actually really easy nowadays.

Not everybody is talented enough to become an Olympic athlete or build a billion dollar company. However, there are some things that we can excel at. If it's something that we want (to some reasonable degree), and it is relatively easy to achieve (or at least much easier than becoming an Olympic athlete), the most logical thing would be to go out and work to get what it is that we want.

So what are you waiting for? Go out, put in the work, and to go get it! It doesn't have to be only getting a bigger penis, this extends to all of the things you want to accomplish in your life!

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