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Sex Guides for Men

How to Eat Pussy - A Detailed Guide from a Woman in the Adult Industry

In this learn guide, learn from an actual woman on how to eat pussy. This is the most detailed guide out there and covers all the small things that make a huge difference in her eyes.

How to Get Laid In Vegas - The Non-Mainstream, Surefire Guide

Hands down, Vegas is the best place to get laid. Here's surefire plan on how to get laid in Vegas without wasting your time.

How to Be Good At Sex For Men - Tips for Biggest Impact

In this guide for men, we provide the little known tips that you can instantly apply to take you from virgin-level to sex god.

How to Be Authentically More Confident in Bed Without Faking It

Being confident in bed is something they literally don't teach you in schools. Efforts to "try" are immediately detected and a turn-off. Here we give you the raw to-dos on how to have pure confidence in the bedroom.

How to be Amazing at Foreplay - What Women Love

Being amazing at foreplay will instantly set you apart from the average guy. Oh, and it doesn't take a lot of work, you just have to know what works and what doesn't!

How to Get A Girl to Have Sex With You

Can't seem to get her into your bed? Getting friend-zoned all the time? Learn the mistakes most guys make trying to bed women and the things you should be doing.

How to Have Anal Sex - A Start-to-End Complete Guide

In this guide, we learn how to start the conversation with your woman on the topic of anal sex, as well as how to do it correctly and safely.

How to Have Sex - The Fundamentals

If mom and dad won't teach you how to have sex, who will? Learn the fundamentals of having sex in this guide.

How to Increase Thrusting Speed During Sex (for Men)

Thrusting is a crucial part of sex. Do you a low max thrusting speed, or can't keep a steady rhythm when thrusting? Apply these methods to increase your thrusting speed and rhythm.

How to Make a Girl Squirt - Tips to Pleasantly Surprise Her

Here we discuss surefire ways on how to make a girl squirt. These tips will reveal how it works and how to make her squirt consistently.

The Essentials Guide to Sex Positions

In this guide, learn the fundamental sex positions that every couple should know before they hit the bedroom. Perfect for those trying to expand their range and increase their sex IQ.

Where is the G-Spot - and How to Make Her Have the Best Orgasm

Giving a woman a G-Spot orgasm is how women separate the sex gods from the average guys. In this guide-tutorial, Samantha teaches you how to find the G-Spot and how to stimulate it to orgasm.

Is a 5 Inch Penis Small? Can You Please Women and Can I Get Bigger?

So we all know 5 inches is the generally accepted average penis size. But is this average enough to please women? The short answer? No. The answer will surprise you.

20 Tips to Meet Women at the Bar (and Take Them Home)

This a Non-Mainstream Guide on how to efficiently and effectively meet women at the bar with the goal of taking them home with you, all while minimizing wasted nights with no success.

Why is My Penis Small? The Cellular and Chemical Reasons

Why is my penis small? The question literally every guy has at least once in their life. Here, we explain the hormonal reasons and what action you can take to do about it.

Your Penis Size Comparison - How do You Compare to Other Men?

The biggest question all men have: How do I compare to guys' penises? Here we answer exactly that - and show you ways to actually get above average benchmark.

Does Masturbation Affect Penis Size? The Definitive Answer

Masturbation is commonly believed to affect penis size. Some think it makes grow. Others think it makes it shrink. Here, we give you the conclusive answer to this question.

Does Penis Size Matter to Women? - A Woman's Take on the Subject

Does penis size matter to women and girls? Here, we explore the survey reports other findings when women were asked the same question. The answer may surprise you.

How to Fix When Your Wife Has No Sex Drive

When you're wife has no sex drive, it's the most frustrating thing. Here, we give the actionable steps that you can take to increase her sex drive and restore the passion in your relationship.

Gaining Shaft Length Makes Doggy Style Sex Possible, Easier, and More Enjoyable

Learn how penis shaft length enhances the doggy style sex position. Also learn how why girls love doggy style, how to do it correctly, and how to get to get the most out of this sex position.

Is a 4 Inch Penis Small? What Can I Do About It?

If you have a 4-Inch penis, you're below average. Combine this with women's dissatisfaction with sex, things don't look good. However there is a way out. Learn exactly what to do here.

How Long Does it Take to Increase Penis Size?

So how long does it actually take to permanently increase your penis size? Given that the results are permanent, the actual amount of time that it takes may surprise you. Here we report clinical results that contain real data how long it took a sample group of men.

Does Size Matter? Do Women Care About Penis Size?

In short, yes and no. If you're under 4 inches -- yes they care. If you're average or above average, they tend to not care, but there's definitely some girls out there that do. However, having a larger one makes it so much easier to have sex -- less work thrusting and more pleasure for both of you.

Do Women Care About Penis Size?

Here, we analyze different studies done by prominent universities and journals that give us some insight into whether women care about men's penis size. You may be surprised by the results.