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Written by Samantha on February 24, 2016

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The Most Popular Sex Positions came from the Kama Sutra

Did you know that most of the popular sex positions of today, spawn from an ancient Indian book called the Kama Sutra?

You'd be surprised, but a lot of the positions that you see in pornography are straight from this book.

The Kama Sutra has been around longer than most of us can remember.

It is a book that many go-to for those in-depth new sexual experiences.

When acted out, this book can bring a lot of new passion into the bedroom and open up the eyes of those involved.

However, when you do not want to purchase the book, but get to the good stuff that comes in it, then perhaps a quick guide and in-depth look into some of the better parts of the books would be suited best for your needs.

Through our extensive research into the Kama Sutra, some of the best positions, notes, tips and tricks for love making, and all-around great sex came out.

Consider many of these sex positions the next time you hit the sheets for that once-in-a-lifetime experience, but then again, why not make it an all night thing?

What is the Kama Sutra?

We should first start of by giving you a bit of background information that explores more deeply into what the Kama Sutra is, and how it can be of help to you, and your sex life.

It is an ancient Indian text that help to teach men, primarily throughout that area, on how to have a happier, healthier marriage.

sexy Indian woman

A lot of people mainly compare it to the "sex book," which is not entirely true.

There are 7 total sections throughout the original book, but only the second section covers many of the different sexual positions.

Despite the fact that it is centuries old, it is still being used as a stand-alone guide to having better, more pleasurable sex.

You can spice up your love life a bit more using some of these sex positions.

Additionally, even if some of the sex positions seem familiar, you'll learn details that you may have missed out upon previously.

So let's get into it!

Positions From the Kama Sutra Worth Trying

There are numerous positions that the Kama Sutra comes with, and each one of them is designed to give both partners pleasure.

This is something that is most talked about, and loved, with this book. No one position is going to be less pleasurable than the next.

Are you ready to spice up the bedroom a bit?

The Lotus

This is a G-Spot position, and it can be tricky to try at first since it requires a bit of flexibility.

The woman lays down on her back, and then she crosses her legs in front of her, bringing them as close to her chest as possible.

For her, it's much like sitting "Indian style" but up towards your chest, while on your back.

The man then puts his thighs as close to her sides as possible, and penetrates as deeply as he can in this position.

Just hold this pose, and feel the rhythm during this position.

The lotus position can also be done sitting up as well.

The Lotus sex position sitting upright

The Tigress (Reverse Cowgirl)

Perfectly named, since the woman is in complete control with this move. It is also thought of as the Reverse Cowgirl.

The man lays down on the bed, back down and the woman sits on top of him, but facing away.

She puts one hand on his chest, and he thrusts into her for an orgasmic ride for the both of you.

Reverse cowgirl sex position Another example of the reverse cowgirl sex position

Milk and Water Embrace

This position provides a little foreplay, lots of hands-on action, and of course, fun.

The man sits in a chair with no arms, and has the woman climb on top of him, facing away from him.

the milk and water embrace sex position

He touches your body, as you guide his hand to your lady parts. When you’re turned on, he then raises your body up, and then down over him.

Rock in back and forth motions to give both of you the orgasm you love.

The Pair of Tongs

the pair of tongs sex position

This position is another one that can be a bit difficult.

Both man and woman have to have a stronger upper body, and there has to be some trust involved with it.

The woman lies off the side of the bed, located sideways, and just use your calves, feet and ankles on the bed that are touching the mattress.

You have to support your body weight using your left arm on the ground.

He then holds you up by your waist. He then steps over the left leg, and holds the right leg up.

He enters you while you’re dangling off the side of the bed.

This one is a bit more dangerous, so it is best to be as careful as possible while attempting it.


This is a great position for a bit more intimacy during the bedroom foreplay.

This is because you’re both only inches away from each other’s faces.

She lays on her back on the bed, and he then climbs between her legs. She lifts her legs up, and brings her knees in as close to her chest as possible.

From there, he can penetrate her as much as he’d like, or she can make him thrust deeper, faster and harder by grabbing his butt during the process.

Widely Opened

This is another one that can make the woman get a little more control while in the bedroom.

It allows her to reach her orgasm in a much faster way.

You start off in a missionary position, but the woman then arches her back and bends her knees up to meet him during the thrusting.

She can then control the speed, rhythm and motion.

Clasping Kama Sutra

When you intertwine limbs, it brings you both closer together and provides more intimacy than some of the other positions that don’t allow for eye contact.

The woman lays on the top, and the legs and arms become intertwined as one during the process.

This can be done in a slow motion, to enjoy the feeling of being close with one another.

She lays her body completely on his.

He can then intertwine his legs and arms with her as they move together, as one.

Side-by-Side Clasping Kama Sutra

This is a great position when you want to look into each other’s eyes during the process.

It is also more intimate when it comes to being able to be close, with skin to skin contact.

The man should always lie on his left side, while the woman is lies on her right.

Lay down sideways, facing each other and then have the woman spread her legs while he thrusts into her this way.

This can be a great way to reach all of the vital areas on the woman, while the man is able to touch her.

Suspended Congress

This is another daring position to try out, but it can be great fun to attempt and even more fun when you get it down successfully.

The man leans his back up again the wall with the woman’s legs wrapped around his waist.

Her feet are then up against the wall, while he supports her weight by holding her under her butt.

She then is in control since she can determine the depth by controlling it with her feet that are against the wall.

TIP* If you remove the wall from this position, you’re then able to do the Stand and Carry position, which can also be quite fun, but he has to have a decent amount of upper body strength.


This position is also known as the tripod position.

This is because you only use three of the four legs that are available to make it happen.

You stand up in this position, and the man holds one knee near his waist, while her hands are free to roam his body during the process.

The woman's leg that's up in the air can either be placed on the man's shoulder, or it can be propped up by the man's arm.

the tripadam sex position

You just then thrust in and out while in this position.

It can become tricky though if there is a big height difference between the man and the woman.

The challenge with this position lies mostly with the man's ability to thrust. This is because she is going to be in a fixed position, unable to move very much.

Congress of a Cow

This position is a bit like doggy style, but with a bit of sass put into it.

This is because it is a bit more trickier than the every-day, mundane doggy style that you may be accustomed too.

the congress of a cow sex position

The woman stand up on her hands and feet, much like a cow, and not on her knees.

The man then enters her from behind. This can be tricky if the woman’s upper body is longer, or her legs.

However, it is important to be careful during this position since you do not want to feel pain, and you shouldn’t.


This sex position makes for a much in-control, hungry woman as suggested by many, since it puts her in control and she can be as rough or gentle as she’d like.

The woman places one foot on the bed, and the other on the man’s chest.

The man may hold her foot up, instead of having it on the bed, while the man is laying down.

She then can rock back and forth as much as she likes, while being in complete control of what is being done.

To sum it up

When it comes to which position you might want to try, it is best to give them all a go.

Start from the easier moves, and then work your way up.

While the book also explores other areas, and there are hundreds of positions to choose from.

These are a great starting point when trying to add some spice into the bedroom, and zap a little intimacy into the love life aspect.

After all simply "f*ucking" gets a bit boring after a while.

Of course, if you’re just looking for a little fun, then these Kama Sutra positions have all of the answers you’re in search of.

Have fun, explore and make love today!

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