How to Increase Thrusting Speed During Sex (for Men)

Written by Jeff Ferrara on September 15, 2016

a man with rocket speed pelvic thrusting skills

Why you suck at thrusting fast and steady.

Truth is, you probably suck at thrusting, and you're not reaching your true sexual potential in the bedroom.

It's not your fault, I mean, they literally don't teach this stuff in schools.

Believe it or not, the guys who have a clear aptitude at thrusting (namely, male adult film stars), have tons of practice, and depend on their skill to make their living.

Chances are, the stakes aren't as high in your situation, so it's up to you to take the initiative to get good at thrusting like a stallion with the energy of a horny 18-year old at the peak of puberty.

Here, we explain the components to good thrusting technique, and how to improve upon each of the factors that will allow you to call yourself a skillful thruster and eventually a sex master.

I commend you for taking the time to read this becuase most men give up on their sex lives after 30 and well, since you're here, that has simply made all the difference.

Let's get started.

What you need to thrust fast and with machine-like rhythm.

Strength. Specifically lower body strength.

Most guys will try to engage in sex with underdeveloped leg and core muscles - big mistake.

If you do, you'll probably set yourself up for some awkward failure when you try to "act like a stallion".

Don't act like one. Simply be one. Develop those lower body muscles - we'll explain how to later in this article.

If you know that you're not physically active, the best you can hope to achieve is probably average speed thrusting, and even with that, you probably lack the stamina to keep going until she reaches orgasm.

Thrusting is very much a physical thing, and sitting in front of a computer with porn open and masturbating is a completely different experience than actually using your hips to thrust with gusto.

Most will get the shock of that reality in the rare event they actually get laid.


It's no secret that it takes women a lot longer to reach orgasm than men.

That, and after your first time having sex, you find out that thrust for long periods of time like the porn stars is not as easy as it looks.

The trick to getting her to orgasm? Steady, consistent, then escalating stimulation.

That's why women can easily get off of vibrators and motorized dildos.

And the worst part is that they can get their orgasm more reliably with a machine rather than with an actual man.

Time to change that, and it's completely possible, for every man who has a hot desire to master their masculinity and sexuality.

Your goal, as a man is to become more machine like - powerful, fast, and rhythmic.

This is a surefire way to make your girl orgasm. Some things in life are accomplished with brute force. From personal experience, I can honestly say that this is one of them.

How to become a 10-Cylinder thrusting machine.

Train your leg muscles.

Abdominals, quads, glutes, hip flexors, calves - the lower body essentials.

If you hit the gym regularly and guiltily know that you're not hitting these muscle groups - use this as a driving motivator to get those muscle groups in.

You don't even have to do anything drastic, just use the compound motion exercises like squats, and deadlifts, and even power cleans to get this training requirement done.

how to power clean photo instructions

Visual instructions in the steps on how to do a power clean repetition.
Do 3 sets of 12 each workout.

After all, these are the most efficient exercises to do because they train so many muscle groups at once.

In other words, your time is best spent doing these exercises if you want to become a thrusting machine.

The next step is to get your technique down.

To get your thrusting technique down, you need to commit the motions to muscle memory.

First put your hands on your hips.

The best way is to start off slow, and repeat the motion about 50 times.

Then you dial up the speed about 2-5%, and repeat that technique.

During these slow motion stages, try to be conscious about what muscles you're activating, and after enough conscious practice, the movements will become embedded in your subconscious.

Embedding the muscle movements in your subconscious is important because it will allow you to take your mind off the anxiety of getting the thrusting correct, as well, as the actual activation of each muscle group so that you can reap the pleasure benefits and respond more passionately to your partner.

Ultimately, it will make sex more enjoyable to both you and your partner once the the thrusting becomes second nature.

You want to repeat this process until you get to 100% speed. However, if you start to lose rhythm, dial the speed down by 5%, try to get 50 thrusts in without breaking rhythm, and then, and only then dial the speed up.

If you fail with your rhythm, dial the speed back down.

Once your reach 100% that day, you're done for the day, and repeat this whole technique exercise process tomorrow.

a mans pelvis practicing sex thrusting

How to improve your stamina.

The easiest way to improve your stamina in the context of sex thrusting is to simply have sex more often and for longer sessions with the focus being to practice going for long periods of time thrusting.

However, not all men have the luxury of a sex partner on demand, like a personal trainer.

It's important to train the first two components to thrust above - strength first, then technique.

Then, and only then can you work on stamina training.

The first aspect of stamina training - not cumming too early.

The goal here is to "cum on demand".

That means avoiding the likelihood of premature ejaculation.

Think about it, if you can't even accomplish this, there's no way you can last long enough until she get's off.

That's why this is aspect of stamina training is incredibly important - mission critical, you could even say.

The best way to accomplish this is to do edging, a form of sexual stamina training.

In a nutshell, edging essentially means stimulating yourself sexually, mostly through masturbation, and stopping the stimulation when you're just about to cum.

This creates the mind-penis technique that allows you to use your mind to hit the brakes to prevent orgasming.

With enough edging training, you have the potential to have the ability to appear in adult films, taking on male roles.

The second aspect of stamina training - cardiovascular stamina.

This stamina is less associated with sexual stamina, and more of stamina in the traditional sense.

Basically, cardiovascular stamina is the one that keeps your body in motion and it's resistance to tiring out.

Really, the only way to train this stamina is to simply be in good physical shape.

This means having good cardiovascular health - good heart health that allows your body to deliver oxygen to the rest of your body during periods of high physical load.

There's no secret to improving this stamina - simply start hitting the treadmill with a solid jogging routine.

We recommend at 15-30 minutes of jogging at medium intensity - this approximates to about 2-3 miles at a 10-minute pace. This is a good regimen target to hit for each workout session.

One way to think about it to motivate yourself is to convince yourself that you're not only improving general health so that you can go about your day (work, leisure, etc.) with high energy, but you're also giving yourself a BONUS by increasing the quality of your sex life.

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