How to Have Rough Sex

Written by Jeff Ferrara on June 9, 2016

a man spanking a womans butt during sex

Why would we want to have rough sex in the first place?

The psychology of rough sex

We're not to bore you with scientifc jumbo, and get straight to it.

Rough sex plays into our carnal, animalistic desires. Every woman has a secret desire to be dominated by a strong man, obviously this varies to some degree from woman to woman.

It is said that even the most uptight of feminists secret want nothing more but to be secretly dominated by men, the opposite sex that they seem to have an unhealthy hatred for.

Do embarassing stuff before rough things.

A couple of reasons to do this - it allows both of you to lower your guards without shocking anyone.

It also let's you both analyze each other's tolerance to something "different" than you average sexual encounter.

This is especially useful if this is going to be a one-night stand, and you know nothing about your partner or if you're looking to take it to the next "rough" level.

It makes you more open to the rough things that are to follow.

How to do slapping properly.

Slapping should be done with verbal cues

We're going to go with the typical roles of male dominance to illustrate these examples.

Slapping should start off light, and increase in intensity to some stable pain threshold.

The reason you want to start of light is because you want the intensity and pleasure to escalate, not jump into the deep end and not know where to go from there.

This is similar to the reason why you always hear that foreplay works wonders - it's just another form of sexual escalation.

The goal is make her "want" it harder - whether she physically says "harder!" or not, you can tell from her verbal language and body language.

You can also tell if the opposite is true. If you spank her and she cringes a bit instead of moans with pleasure, there's a glitch in your escalation.

A couple of things could have happened there:

  • Not a gradual You went from spanking too soft and jumped to too hard.

What to do when you the perfect pain-pleasure threshold

So you've detected that you have a sweet spot spanking intensity that she likes, because the last one you did was a little too hard.

How do you take it from there?

This is where volume takes over. Pretty much you spank her over and over with a slightly less, but almost equal intensity of the "sweet spot".

This will really allow you to seal the "dominated" mindset in her head.

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