Why Do Women Moan? - And How to Make Her Moan Even More

Written by Jeff Ferrara on September 11, 2016

What causes her to moan?

Moaning is caused by intense sexual pleasure.

The simple fact is, women are more emotional than men - this isn't sexist, it's a fact, and it's beautiful when you think about it.

That being, said, moaning is a woman's preferred way of letting out her emotions - men do this too, but to a lesser extent because they are less emotional.

As we will see later in the article, there's a lot going on in their head and you want to harness all of it to maximize their pleasure - and their moaning.

Women are typically the "receiver" in sex.

We've all taken sex-ed 101. We know how it works.

Because women are the "receiver" during the actual act, they tend to play the more "submissive" role.

Obviously this changes in various role-playing scenarios, but on the whole, this is how it works.

Because they are the "receiver", they moan because is is purely reactionary to what is being "done to them".

Think about what happens when someone hits you or punches you.

Your initial reaction is to say "ouch" or flinch. This reaction is a physical one and vocal in nature. You may even gasp or scowl.

During sex, women do have that physical act being imposed upon them, but it's also a combination of the physical and pleasurable forces exerted on them.

The moaning, like when being punched, is purely a carnal, reactionary result of that physical pleasure.

This is also why in Japanese culture, because women tend to be more feminine and submissive, they will typically "sqeak" rather than moan like most western women.

The source of the reaction is the same and the reactions (moaning) to some extent are similar.

What prevents her from letting loose and moaning.

Any doubt or feeling of insecurity - a purely psychological response.

What happens when you enter a crowded place where everyone knows you and you're the new one there?

You start to feel insecure, develop some anxiety, and tend to be a little shy.

This is the case for most people - extroverts naturally tend to overcome this a little easier than others.

This is the same thing that happens in the bed.

If the woman you're sleeping with isn't fully on-board with the act, the will be a little hesitant to moan and let loose.

It's a natural psychological response and with minimal effort on your part, you can complete change that natural reaction to something you both can enjoy.

Not feeling safe.

a nervous woman

Safety is a huge issue that prevents her from moaning.

Why is that? Well, sex is the ultimate, final frontier that fully exposes a woman.

Combine this with the fact that there is a negative stigma associated with woman who "spread their legs" for anyone, and you can see why woman are more hesitant than men when it comes to sex.

How to combat her psychological resistance.

Here are a few things that you can do to "put her in the mood" which will eventually get her to moaning all night.

All of these have the goal of "diffusing" any psychological resistance that will prevent her from moaning with passion.

  • Lots of rubbing and touching reassuring her that it's safe.

  • Telling her she's beautiful or pretty.

  • Telling her that you'll take care of her.

How to make her moan even more.

Keep doing what is working - don't stop.

The biggest mistake the guys will make is that they will stop whatever it is they're doing that works.

That is probably the most common, biggest mistake!

It's also the single best thing you can do to keep her moaning, and, gasp, even make her orgasm!

For example, if they're stimulating her in just the right way, they'll switch over to something else or a different sex position.

This causes the escalation to go in the opposite direction and as a result, the moaning becomes less intense, or even stops.

Literally having a larger penis.

There's a reason why we joke about women being attracted to men with larger penises, especially when it comes to sex.

a massive bulge in a guys pants

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Physical stimulation is the direct cause of pleasure and moaning, and combining that with the psychological facts and strategies we presented, not only do you know why do women moan, but also how to make them moan.

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