The Three C's of Male Confidence: (Cocaine, Cash, and Your Cock)

Written by Mike on February 6, 2016

a confident man in a suit sitting in a chair

What defines a man?

This topic is and has been highly debated for centuries.

Do we simply go with the scientific definition: if a human has male genitalia?

Some are willing to just accept that definition.

But I'm sure a lot of us can agree there's more to it than that.

So is it having lots of money? Is it having lots of muscles and being physically strong? Is it being a good person and protecting your family and friends?

If so, there is probably a more fundamental quality that is crucial these criteria above.

That fundamental quality is confidence.

If you have tons of confidence, then I'm sure we can all agree that you fit the definition of a man.

After all, there's a famous saying and it's very simple: "Be a man".

What is this quote talking about? It simply means to be confident. That's all it means.

I think the first time we all heard this quote was when we had a crush in high school.

Although this exact quote probably wasn't used, I'm sure we got advice from friends or family that urged us to just be confident and ask her out.

If anything, if we as men just had more confidence we would move so much farther in life.

We wouldn't hesitate to do things that would normally make us think twice.

As a result of a more fulfilling life we would also be much happier and satisfied with ourselves.

So What is a confident man?

A confident man is one who doesn't give a damn about anything that tries to take him down.

A confident man never gives up.

A confident man never shies away from any challenges that confront him.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Some guys are naturally confident.

Some guys are only confident based upon their circumstances.

Confident men are found in all sorts of environments. They can be extremely poor or they can be immensely rich.

However the opposite is also true. You can find poor people and rich people who are timid.

However rich people are more likely confident unless they inherited all their money from their parents.

Next, we will found out how guys can gain confidence.

Cocaine: The fastest (and most expensive) way to get confidence

This method is pretty obvious what you think about it.

It's doing cocaine.

DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street doing a line of cocaine

Cocaine is the drug that provides a high that's known for making its users feel invincible.

It's also notorious for making its users do some crazy things that they would never do otherwise.

It's well documented on how many guys died from cocaine experiences, whether actually due to overdosing on the drug or getting involved in an accident under the influence.

As Rick James once said, cocaine is a helluva drug.

Rick James has said that cocaine is a hell of a drug

"Cocaine is a helluva drug." -- Rick James

For the majority of us, cocaine is not accessible.

You would obviously have to find a dealer or distributor.

That legal risk right there is a risk that most of us aren't willing to take.

Then there's the health risks involved: You need to use it responsibility, otherwise you'll overdose and die.

Now, let's assume you do all of those previous things correctly.

The next biggest barrier when trying to get confidence from cocaine is that its effects are only temporary - the monetary cost per benefit is huge.

According to the government's National Institute on Drug Abuse the average cocaine high only lasts 15-30 minutes.

Some people can get a slightly longer high off of it depending on whether they do bumps or lines, and also factoring in their body's response to the drug.

Spending hundreds of dollars just for a few hours is definitely not financially feasible for the majority of us.

The confidence from cocaine is more of a short-term luxury, not something we should be looking to as a long-term solution for a lifetime of confidence.

Another drug that sort of provides confidence.

I'm sure we've all used this drug because it's not as expensive as cocaine.

The drug it is none other than good old alcohol.

a selection of alcoholic drinks

However, to say alcohol is a source of confidence is a bit misleading.

That's because alcohol doesn't provide confidence. It's actually an inhibitor.

Alcohol is a depressant - it slows the function of the central nervous system.

Cocaine, on the other hand, is a stimulant - it boosts euphoria and energy.

What alcohol does is that it loosens the brain receptors that control fear and decision making.

So it's not really a empowering drug that can give you the confidence to do great things.

Alcohol is just a drug that would make you do things, both good or bad if you weren't under normal sober conditions.

The perfect example is with girls at a party.

Say you're under the influence of cocaine.

In that situation, you would have no trouble hitting on the hot girls.

The unattractive ones would be out of the question.

Now take that same party situation but put yourself under the influence of alcohol.

In that situation, it wouldn't matter, you would just hit on any type of girl at the party (beer goggles).

You would hit on the hot girls but you wouldn't even stop yourself from hitting on the unattractive women.

However, even though you're under the influence of alcohol you still probably wouldn't hit on the super hot woman.

The only way to do that with alcohol is to practically have eight or nine drinks, or however much is past your usual threshold limit.

At that point, you can't even function properly and you look like a total mess in front of them.

a drunk man

So what really happens is that you have three or four drinks and you just hit on the unattractive ones instead - that's because you don't really have a pure, natural confidence, but rather a lower fear tolerance.

Think of alcohol as a very, very, very cheap form of cocaine.

There's a reason why the super rich and elite would prefer to use cocaine over alcohol.

Cash: The longest and most difficult way to get confidence is by earning money

This is probably the next best way to obtain pure, indisputable confidence.

However, it is not the most time-efficient method, especially when compared to cocaine.

Think of it, the only time you truly feel confident due to having lots of money is when there's large sums of money are sitting nicely in your bank account.

You'll feel smug, comfortable, and confident.

But that takes an astronomical amount of work. You don't see those results for maybe 10 to 20 years after putting in that hard work.

The reason it's so hard is because you have many people competing against you and nobody will really help you in making money.

Additionally, there is an incredible amount of risk involved and it's not guaranteed that you will succeed.

Obviously there's many other benefits to obtaining lots of money then just getting more confident - you can pay your mortgage off or buy items for pleasure.

However, to earn more money for the sole reason of improving confidence is probably not worth it.

We will also include women, cars, and other materialistic items that you can buy with money in this money category.

Dan Bilzerian with four hot chicks on a yacht

Obviously, women cannot be 100% bought, but it can definitely positively influence your success with them.

Another important point with women is that you can't get with them unless you have some confidence.

Therefore, to build up your confidence, you have to start from the beginning, not with the end goal.

This is true with anything in life: There's a clear start and end goal.

First I need to do this in order to get that.

Then I use that in order to get that.


Work on the next step and then the next step and eventually you'll reach your goal.

At the very least, you'll be much farther than when you first started.

For most guys, getting women is the end or middle goal. Getting money is a long-term process - there's no quick fix to get it. If there was a quick fix, people would kill to protect that secret.

Camaraderie: True friends can also be another source of confidence.

However, the criteria for true friends is extremely high.

entourage group of men

If there are people that you just want to accompany you to a bar or social event, just so you don't have to go alone, then they are probably not true friends.

A true friend is someone who will give you a place to sleep or give you some money when life goes sour.

A true friend is someone who shares the exact same mentality and outlook on life as you.

You would even go so far as to say they share the same political ideologies.

A true friend is someone who corrects you when you are clearly wrong.

A true friend is someone who is willing to be corrected by you when they're wrong.

David Statham with his brother at the hospital\

David Statham in Furious 7. He would kill for his brother.

A true friend is not someone who leeches money off of you at the bar or at restaurants.

A true friend is not someone who easily gets angry when corrected.

A true friend is someone who doesn't get jealous of you when you have success, but rather works his ass off to be on the same level as you.

Based on all the criteria of what a true friend is and is not, a true friend is really really really hard to come by.

You may only meet three or five such people in your lifetime.

Since they're so hard to come by, you shouldn't be relying on friends as a source of confidence.

Also beware of fake friends who seem to boost your confidence and make you feel good ("yes men") but you can usually tell these people because deep down you feel like crap after hanging out with them.

Cock: The most lasting, natural, balanced, practical, and permanent source of confidence.

Accordingly to Cornell University's Urology Department, "Penis size is an important issue for many men and men of all ages are concerned about length and thickness of their penis."

We can be extremely confident that penis size is related to confidence for all men of all ages.

This issue practically affects every single man.

Even the most successful guys, the one's you'd least expect to be suffering from confidence issues, are also affected.

Let's take the huge movie big-wigs in Hollywood.

chris pratt at a Hollywood premiere

It's amazing how many Hollywood relationships are only supported by money and drugs.

I mean, these guys practically have it all, but there's one thing that pulls them back down to the average man: their penis size.

Penis size does improve confidence.

But it's more than that.

It is the only natural source of confidence and it is the only one that comes within the body - not from the outside.

Think about it: money and drugs all come from external sources.

Even then, they're not permanent and either fade away or can be loss.

Not to mention their expensive and not easily accessible.

A big penis will stay with you until the day you die.

So will that confidence.

We'll also loosely include normal bodybuilding in this category.

guy lifitng dumbbell weights

Bodybuilding also something that you put work into to gain something that is internally apart of you.

The biggest difference between normal bodybuilding and natural penis enlargement is that unlike natural penis enlargement, if you don't maintain your workouts, you will lose your gains - and your confidence.

Even more so, you should pursue penis enlargement for confidence because you just have to do it once and you're set for the rest of your life.

To conclude, confidence doesn't just come from nothing.

There has to be a source of it.

Unfortunately, the sources of confidence that we mentioned above, particularly drugs and money are extremely hard if not impossible to come by.

I think that's why there's such a big self-esteem problem for most guys.

However, the power to persevere and break out of your current circumstances, to change something that isn't in your favor, that's all that we can really do for now to improve our confidence and self-esteem.

Ultimately, the easiest, cheapest, and practical source of confidence comes from increasing your penis size.

It's something you can do secretly - you don't have to involve other people - and it's also the cheapest in terms of both money and time spent.

It's also guaranteed because there's scientific data backing up results that other men have obtained.

The other methods have lots of risk and uncertainty involved.

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