Mike's Experience with the PG Thermal Wrap and What to Expect

Written by Mike and on January 21, 2016

the PG Themal Wrap material

How to put the Thermal Wrap on

Clean or wash it if necessary, especially if you havent for a long time and it collected dust.

Stretch your penis to the side and pin and sandwich one edge of the Wrap between your waist and penis.

Proceed to wrap it around your shaft, until there is no loose end.

Give the wrap a small squeeze and it will stick to itself.

After you let your penis hang, you'll notice it will stay there and not come off.

Proceed to put your underwear and pants on.

Go about the rest of your day.

To take it off, simply unravel it by peeling it off - its super easy.

My Experience with the PG Thermal Wrap and What to Expect

Let's be 100% clear. Just wearing the thermal wrap and doing nothing else will not gain you size.

You need to do some form of exercises or stretching in conjunction with using the thermal wrap.

It's a red piece of silicone-polymer rubber.

It's squishy and stretchy and doesn't break easily.

It feels nice to the touch and does not leave a sticky residue when you touch it.

When you put it on, you can't even feel its there.

I know there where times when I left it on and cometely forgot about it - that just shows how non-invasive it is when you wear it.

It's also not big and bulky so for those guys whose pants or underwear is tighter, you can still wear it comfortably.

Why you should use the Thermal Wrap

As you may already know, blood flow is immensely important for penis enlargement gains.

However, there's no easy way to keep your penis heated.

Guys who live in warm places may have a slight advantage than those that live in cold places.

Buy even still, you can always guarantee proper temperature and thus, improved blood flow with this tool.

One thing you could do is to possibly use condoms to trap heat in your body, but you definitely want to pick the ones without lubricant.

Also they might be hard to keep on your penis and fall off.

Additionally, I can't imagine doing a single-use for a condom just to keep your penis warm for 1 day - since they cost at least $1, that amount of money is going to really add up.

Alternatives to the thermal wrap

I feel that if you have enough initiative, you could possibly make your own thermal wrap at home.

You would need to find a rubber-like material and cut it to the appropriate size.

Whatever rubber you use, you need to find out if it sticks to itself.

Some ideas that come to mind are rubber gloves (that you don't mind destroying), or hot-bottles that (again that you don't mind cutting up).

rubber gloves hot bottle

Some things that don't work that I've personally tried, are saran wrap or black garbage bag material.

These simply don't trap heat the way rubber-polymers do.

If it doesn't you would need to use tape or something to keep it attached to your penis.

Unfortunately, you can't use a cloth because it doesn't insulate heat like the way rubber materials do.

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