Storing and Carrying the Model S Penis Extender

Written by Jeff on April 3, 2016

Why Easy Storage is So Important for Your Penis Enlargement Success

So we know that the Model S extender is already extremely compact, which allows it be invisible when worn in public.

But, did you know that the Model S Penis Extender can also be extremely small when carried?

It's so small that it can easily fit in your pocket when you're on the go.

Let's say that you already got your daily stretch in for the day. Now you want to take it off.

However, if the penis extender consists of many parts and is overall, fairly large, this makes storing it a complete hassle.

Remember, any hassles that you experience with the device act against your desire to use it, and this causes guys to "fall off" and start missing daily stretching sessions.

While this doesn't seem bad at first, it is probably the number one reason why guys fail their whole penis enlargement journeys.

That's because one or two missed days a week turns to three missed days a week.

Then the three missed days per week turns into a whole week missed, which hits you out of the blue.

Then that week turns into a month, and then when you look back, you'll have to admit to yourself that you "fell off".

That's not surprising because 90% of people can't stay consistent with their fitness routines for at least 6 months.

Hence that's why you see a surge of people hitting the gym in the beginning of January (New Year's Resolutions), but then by February, the gym traffic goes back down normal numbers.

a crowded gym

So what does all of this have to to with compacting the Model S Penis Extender to combat failing routines?

By learning how to compact this penis extender, it will allow you to carry it everywhere you go, so there won't be any excuse for you not to get your daily workout in.

As Vincent Van Gogh once said: "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."

How to Compact the Model S Penis Extender as Small As Possible

This can be done after using the Model S penis extender, or when you want to pack it and store it on you before you leave the house for the day.

The first step is to compact the 'Silicone Wrap' part.

  1. First take the mating hook that is connected to the silicone wrap via the metal fastener and simply fold in over the wrap.
  2. Then, roll the wrap up like a scroll (or carpet) with the mating hook still inside.
  3. a rolled-up silicone wrap part of the Model S penis extender device
  4. Next, proceed to fit the bundled 'Silicone Wrap' part into the foam loop part.
  5. Then, wind the elastic belt around the foam loop with the bundled 'Silicone Wrap' part still inside the foam loop, preventing it from falling out.
  6. Once you've finished winding the elastic belt, the whole device is extremely compact and can be put into a bag or your pocket for close, on-hand, ready-to-go storage.
  7. The Model S Penis Extender device being stored in the back pocket of the user's pants

To re-deploy the Model S Penis Extender, simply unravel the elastic belt, then unravel the silicone wrap part and proceed to put the extender device back on.

Readying the Model S Penis Extender from it's "stored" state should take only a few seconds.

Putting it back on yourself, should only take about 10-30 seconds more - again, lots of time saved through a device that was designed to save you the maximum amount of time.

If you haven't already, feel free to grab your own Model S Penis Extender Device so that you can get your penis training in with minimal effort and zero headache.

For more info on penis extenders in general, check out our penis extender comprehensive guide and review.

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