The Model S Penis Extender Device

Written by Mike and Jeff on February 25, 2016

What is it?

The PhalloGauge Model S penis extender device is a penis extender that was developed to help guys stretch their penis for extended periods of time without spending any time or energy doing so.

It holds the user's flaccid penis in an elongated, stretched position also known as a traction position.

a penis held in the traction position

A penis is held in the traction position with two rods and a noose.

The traction position exerts a gentle force on the penis shaft and the body responds by engaging in cell hyperplasia growth in response to this force.

By wearing the PhalloGauge penis extender device for three to four hours each day, you will see start to see real length gains in a two to three months.

First, the foam loop part of the Model S is looped around the base of the user's penis.

Then a belt goes around the user's waist and connects to the silicone rubber that grips the top of the shaft of the user's penis.

The result is a nice stable pull applied to the user's penis shaft.

The grip is extremely stable and doesn't come off unless the user wants it to.

It can be worn anytime during the day and can even be used during ton of various activities.

It's completely hidden and nobody can detect it as long as you're wearing it under your pants.

In fact, someone wouldn't be able to detect it even if someone were to (for some strange reason) grab your crotch area.

man grabbing his crotch

In this article we'll see how the Model S has improved upon the traditional penis extender and why it is superior.

The secret? It was designed with the user's experience in mind.

For guys who have used Phallogauge Model S penis extender device, these user experience design choices has made all the difference to their success.

Why was it designed?

The Model S penis extender was designed because the other tools that people used just weren't cutting it.

This is the conclusion after we, the PhalloGauge Team, came to after we did a throuough analysis on penis extender devices in this comprehensive guide.

The problem with penis extenders is that they can slip and come off.

Google Search result for 'penis extenders keep slipping off'

Another big problem is that they can only used indoors and not in public.

While some extenders can be used at a office work place, it's still not ideal because its disastrous when they slip off.

Additionally, you're also limited by the types of pants that you can wear with the extenders - only loose fitting pants. Tight pants are impossible to wear with tradition extender devices.

I mean, you can't just walk out in public with a huge, unnatural bulge showing through your pants (unless you absolutely do not give a ****).

man with a huge bulge

Another problem with penis extender devices is that they have so many parts to keep track of.

And if you lose or one of these parts, or if they break, then you're pretty much screwed.

diagram showing the parts in a typical penis extender

Well, not entirely. The supplier will just charge you an arm and a leg for replacement.

Penis extender devices have traditionally been fragile.

You still have to be careful about how you move your body when wearing them.

Again, you don't want to have them to slip off or break while you're using them.

So, when you take all these issues into consideration, penis extender devices are a step in the right direction, but they're not perfect.

So that's where we came in and improved upon these issues above.

In order to make the penis extender device 100% invisible when worn in public, we designed it so that it would stretch the penis to the left or to the right.

As a result, you can know where the Model S Extender device with any pair of pants that you wish even the tightest skinny jeans.

A big plus is that even though your penis shaft is pointing to the left or right, you can easily twist your shaft to get fantastic stretches to target all your shaft ligaments.

Since slippage is a deal breaker, the Model S uses a extremely soft, low-durometer silicone rubber polymer that stretches to fit with the top of the penis shaft snuggly without squeezing too hard.

silicone rubber part of the Model S penis extender being stretched out

As a result, the silicone rubber melds with the penis shaft for a blending grip.

silicone rubber polymer melding with the penis shaft beautifully

It melds so well, you can even see the outline of the mushroom tip (the glans) popping through the silicone rubber!

The result? No slippage and extreme comfort.

Now, believe it or not, but the Model S is essentially composed of two main parts.

Compare this to the 5 or even 20 part penis extender devices that are out there.

The two main parts of the Model S are the belt and the silicone gripping wrap.

Model S Penis Extender silicone wrap part bundled up nicely

And these parts aren't small either - they are two large main components to the Model S device.

The beauty about having only two parts is that it extremely simplifies the process of putting on and taking off the device.

All you have to do is put the belt on and attach it to the silicone wrap part.

To take it off, just unhook the two parts and it'll naturally fall off by itself.

Again, these are ridiculously simple, but elegant design choices that make the experience super easy on the user.

The game changing advantages

The PhalloGauge penis extender device is, without question, a game changer for men.

It allows guys from all walks of life to increase their penis size without hindrance, no matter what their lifestyle is like.

The biggest advantage to using this penis extender device is that you can use it anywhere and any time.

Oh, and all you have to do to clean it is rinse it with water once in a while.

Not to mention, you can also easily and stealthily fit it in your pocket like a cell phone, so it's always on you. You literally don't give yourself an excuse not to get your stretch in each day.

It removes all possibility of excuses and lifestyle hindrances that prevent you from reaching enlargement success.

As we first stated earlier, Model S accomplishes this by stretching your penis to the side.

The biggest advantage of doing this? Your penis doesn't stick out and create a bulge in your pants that will be noticed by other people in public.

Another huge advantage with your Model S penis extender device is that it doesn't slip off even if you are walking or running with it on.

The most mobile-friendly device on the market.

This open up all sorts of possibilities because now it can be used in transit and in other mobile situations.

You no longer have to take it off and then put it back on if you plan on moving between rooms or even plan on going outside.

Again, this is another time and effort saver and makes the whole stretching process immensely easier on yourself.

Overstretching is also prevented.

Another big advantage is that you won't overstretch and stunt your potential for progress.

Overstretching from stretching to hard can, in fact, and have negative effects on your results.

What happens is that your penis' septum will respond to the force stimulus applied.

Your body then responds by making the septum tissue tougher and harder.

This is the opposite of what you want you want: to keep it flexible and pliant so that it can stretch out further and adapt to the stretching force slowly and naturally.

See, when you're wearing a extender device like the Model S, you're applying a constant, stable force for extended periods of time.

The same can't be said about manual stretching exercises.

See if you do manual stretching exercises, one day you may have more energy and pull harder than usual.

Ultimately, this leads to inconsistent training and inconsistent results.

It's better to be safer and stretch for long periods of time at a low force (using a penis extender device), rather than shorter periods with a higher force (manual stretching exercises).

Consistent, stable force applied to your shaft.

Another advantage with the device is that it allows you to keep the force consistent, and you know exactly how much force you're applying to your penis (unlike manual stretching).

When you set the tension on the Model S, it stays fixed there no matter what and you can be confident that what force you set it to is exactly what you're going to get out of the device.

After all it's only natural that man has built machines across all industries - to get better performance and precise results with technology.

Downwards tunica stretch that gives you the "hung" look.

Always wanted to whip your penis out and it just hangs low?

Well, the stretch position that really achieves this is the downwards stretch.

Good thing, you can accomplish this easily with the Model S extender.

Who can benefit from it?

Any man that desires a longer penis can benefit from this penis extender device.

Most guys deep down, do want a longer, larger penis.

Most of our PhalloGauge subscribers and readers are already honest with themselves.

However, the undecided and unsure guys may be on the fence for various reasons.

One extremely common reason is that guys don't have time to put in the work.

Typically, guys get super motivated in the beginning.

Then after a few weeks, they start to lose momentum.

a man becoming exhausted and losing momentum

Then week after that end up quitting altogether.

The PhalloGauge penis extender device was made to address this problem.

It removes all the time and effort that would normally be spent doing manual exercises.

Most guys work between 9 a.m. at 5 p.m. during the weekdays.

It's literally impossible to get your workout in during the workday.

After all, most guys don't have the luxury of taking a 30 minute break to do stretching exercises in the office bathroom.

Their boss and co-workers also wouldn't approve of such activities at the office either.

office employees gossiping about a man

Traditional penis extender hindrances are pretty obvious.

So, what typically happens is that most guys plan on doing the exercises when they get home from work.

When they actually get home, they just can't find it in themselves to get it done. Either work was tough that day, or they just want to watch some TV and relax.

However, we find that guys that use penis extender devices, especially the Model S, are incredibly successful.

See, there's something extremely fun about secretly using a penis extender device at work.

It's due to the fact that you are improving yourself secretly, in plain sight, without anybody discovering it.

It's literally a secret weapon. You're getting ahead of your peers and they have no clue what your key to success is.

So when you wear the device at work, you don't have to do your stretching exercises when you get home.

This takes a load of stress off guys and saves them a lot of energy.

In fact, it makes guys feel extremely productive and good about themselves when they get home and realize that they multitasked.

Don't we all get satisfied when we get a lot of things done?

The sense of accomplishment and rewarding feelings from getting a lot accomplished creates a dopamine response in our brain that makes us feel good about ourselves.

Even men who are targeting girth gains can also benefit.

The reason is because ideally, you want to have a proportional penis.

You don't want a pencil dick or a chode.

a pencil shapped like a penis a potato that looks like a chode penis

Ideally, you want to have a penis grows in all directions outward.

Proportionality is important because just take a look at all the famous art pieces.

These artists were masters of visual proportionality and this has transcended across time as a universal standards of aesthetics and beauty.

Da Vinci man circle

Well, you can handle your girth gains with jelqing or with the Bathmate, but when you add the Model S penis extender device to your tool set, you'll be set up for a full, proportional size gain success.

You won't be cutting any corners.

Think of the bodybuilder that only does bicep curls, bench press, and dumbbell rows.

Sure, you may have a fantastic upper body, but combine that with his chicken legs and he looks quite awful.

The same goes with what your penis looks like.

Of course we all want bigger penises, but we also want them to look great and presentable when we use them with our partners.

So you can get a lot of mileage out of a good quality manscaping groom downstairs.

To wrap up why you should use the penis extender device and more specifically the Model S...

Remember, penis extender devices are scientifically proven to work.

You can't dispute the data that has been collected.

Therefore, it's in your best interest to be using this technology to your advantage so that you can set yourself up for a satisfying sex life and overall happiness and happiness in the other aspects of your life.

The Model S has improved upon the traditional penis extender device formula.

It now allows guys to stretch anywhere and any time without fear of being discovered by other people.

It allows them to focus on other things and yet tons of stuff done, because let's be honest, spending our time stretching our penis is not the most enjoyable thing to do.

The Model S is only composed of two extremely durable parts which avoids the hassle of dealing with many small parts and simplifies the process of putting on and taking off of the device.

Taking all these factors into consideration, this penis extender device is made for every man on the planet.

Whether you're extremely busy or you have a more laid back lifestyle, the PhalloGauge Model S never interferes with your life and before you know it, you'll be seeing your size gains one unexpected day when you happen to be looking at yourself in the mirror.

When that day happens, you'll be so happy with the work that you put in, and you'll feel unstoppable when it comes to life's multiple challenges.

The PhalloGauge Team will answer all questions/comments you may have.

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