The Downward Stretch (Tunica Stretch) Using the Model S Penis Extender

Written by Chelsea on March 1, 2016

We know from our penis extender analysis that rod-based extenders focus on downward stretches.

Didn't think that the PhalloGauge Model S Penis extender could do a downward stretch after seeing the images of men using it to stretch to the side?

Model S penis extender worn (censored)

Well, we're pleased to tell you that you can, in fact, stretch downwards - a crucial stretch direction that will prevent you from plateauing.

What's "plateauing"? That's when the speed at which you achieve gains slows down to the point where it seems like you're not gaining any more.

By hitting your penis ligaments in different types of ways (throwing your body something new), you can avoid plateauing.

This will keep you on a steady track to achieving gains.

This article will teach you how to do the downward stretch with the Model S penis extender device, which will ultimately aid you in the long run by providing you a method to combat plateauing.

First, how the Model S Penis Extender was built

As you can see, the Model S Penis Extender consists of two main parts.

We're going to talk about these two parts to get a better understanding of how each of these allows for a downward stretch and also to clear up which part we will be referencing in our instructions.

The first part is the combined part of the foam loop and elastic belt. Since the belt never separates from the foam loop, it is essentially, for all practical purposes, one part.

It is typically the part that goes around the base of the penis and then around the waist of the user.

We'll call this first part the 'Belt Part'.

The second part is the silicone gripping wrap and mating hook. Like the first part, these two smaller parts essentially never separate from each other, so you can think of them as one big part.

The mating hook that is pinned to the end of the silicone wrap can rotate along the metal fastener as an axis to accommodate different positions - say if you wanted to stretch to the left instead of the right, you could rotate the mating hook 180 degrees to mirror the original setup.

We'll call this second part the 'Silicone Part'.

Model S Penis Extender silicone wrap part bundled up nicely

Example of the 'Silicone Part' all bundled up.

Now that we understand these two main parts we can proceed to learn how to use them to achieve an automated downward penis stretch that you can hold for ours without any time or effort spent on your part.

The Downward Tunica Stretch Position

Here are the steps to do a downward stretch using the Model S Penis Extender.

  1. Wrap the 'Silicone Part' around your upper shaft and base of glans, the same as when you always put on the Model S Penis Extender.
  2. Loop the foam loop of the 'Belt Part' around the base of your penis and point the elastic belt upwards instead of to the side.
  3. Pull Your penis to the left or right of your testicles and then pull it back between your butt cheeks.
  4. Pull the belt over your thigh and connect the two mating hooks to secure the device. The hooks typically connect behind your thigh.
  5. Adjust and tighten the belt tension using the Velcro strap as needed.

Model S penis extender worn in the downward stretch

Make sure to push your testicles all the way to the left or right to give your penis room to go backwards.

Also be sure to make sure that the foam loop is pushing your testicles downwards and to the side, and not pushing them up towards your stomach.

If it's not, some simple re-adjustment with your fingers can put the foam loop in the proper position.

See the foam loop is used more than just an anchor for the pulling force here - it helps to keep your balls pushed down.

No Slippage With the Downward Stretch Even While Walking and Running

Another awesome thing is that by using the Model S Penis Extender Device with this downward stretch technique, you can actually also walk and run with it on without it slipping!

The main thing to make sure that you do if you plan on doing this is to make sure that the tension in the penis extender is pretty tight.

This will make sure that the hooks won't slip out because if belt is nice and taut, it will prevent the hooks from pushing towards each other and unhooking.

The Most Hidden Downwards Penis Stretch You Could Ever Achieve

Believe it or not, this is literally the most hidden downward stretch that was every achieved by penis extenders.

Because most penis penis extenders (especially the rod based extenders) use bulky rods and hooks, they could never achieve this sort of discreet stealth that the Model S achieves.

That's because the Model S Penis Extender's 'Silicone Part' is so compact and well designed, that it's like wearing a small sock around your penis.

Because the silicone wrap part is so thin, and the mating hook is made out of thin, yet extremely durable nylon, it is the only penis extender allows you to pull your penis between your thigh and testicles without being uncomfortable at all!

This is why size and good design is so important for stealth. When we designed the Model S, we made stealth a huge priority because it's what the users needed to succeed.

A big make-or-break factor in achieving this goal is to have the penis extender take up as little space as possible when worn by the user.

Therefore, every part was carefully considered by asking ourselves: "Does this part add usefulness to the design? Or is it there any fat that we can trim?

The result is what you see. The key in making the Model S penis extender successful was stealth through simple design.

It's no surprise that the greatest engineering feats come from the most simple designs - decreasing the complexity is key to engineering. All the engineers on our team with decades of experience in design can attest to this recurring engineering truth.

It's no wonder why the 6 Simple Machines of the Renaissance Era have built the foundation for all mechanical engineering.

The 6 simple machines inspired the Model S penis extender device

It's just like the A-Stretch from our Manual Penis Stretching Exercises Guide

The Downward Stretch is not something completely new.

If you're familiar with the our manual stretching exercises guide - the exercises that you can do with your hands - you'll notice that the downward stretch Model S Penis Extender technique is extremely similar to the A-Stretch exercise!

The A-Stretch manual penis stretching exercise example

Wouldn't it be nice to do these exercises without spending the time actually doing them and the effort required with your hands, and the mental energy it takes to count the seconds for each stretch?

Only investing in the Model S penis extender will allow you do this as we've just explained how to in this tutorial.

Get Your Model S Penis Extender to Automate Your Downward Stretch

So if you want to start automating your penis stretching exercises, feel free to check out this page to buy the Model S Penis extender device.

For a more detailed review of the Model S Penis Extender, feel free to check out this page here.

Remember, it will allow you to save you from time actually spent stretching, effort from pulling on your penis with your hands, and mental effort spent having to count the seconds for each stretching repetition.

By making the whole stretching process easier, it will increase your chances of success because you're less likely to give up!

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