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Written by Jeff on May 15, 2016

What are Penis Stretchers?

Penis stretchers, also known as penis extender devices, or penile traction devices are simple tools that are used to keep you penis a "stretched" state for long periods of time (~6-8 hours).

They stretch in order to trigger cell hyperplasia, which is a phenomenon that causes cell duplication, which causes more cell tissue mass in your penis, which results in natural, permanent length gains.

Results from Penis Stretcher Devices

The big question. What can I expect to gain from wearing penis stretching devices?

The good news is that the results we're about to share with you have been clinically proven by studies done with actual penis stretchers.

You can expect to gain:

.7 Inches in Length in 24 Weeks

Not only is that quite a bit of length (about a 15% gain in the average penis length), but it's entirely doable in a reasonable amount of time (24 weeks or 6 months).

The best part is that the gains are permanent - no you don't have to do penis stretching for the rest of your life if you want to keep your gains, unlike bodybuilding.

For more real (numerical and visual) results on penis stretching devices, check out our page on penis stretching results.

What to Expect When Wearing a Penis Stretcher

You'll feel a slight tug on your penis

Don't be misled by what we're saying. The "slight tug" on your penis in no way should be painful.

In fact, the stretch should be light as if you were pulling on your earlobes gently. One of the biggest misconceptions with penis strething is that you have to pull hard. This couldn't be farther from the truth because it's not stretching that causees growth, but rather the cell restoration caused by cell hyperplasia.

The easy rule to follow is: If you feel pain, then you're doing something wrong.

You'll have to wear the device for the most part of your waking day

While it is possible to wear a penis stretcher while sleeping, it is highly not recommended. That's because you can't monitor your current status while you're sleeping and the slight discomfort that is caused when sleeping will prevent you from getting a good night's sleep.

Therefore, if you can't wear it reliably at night, then you'll have to wear it during the day, which is how they were meant to be worn.

When wearing it during the day, you're ideally going to be wearing it under your pants, and you should have the freedom to wear it in public as well.

When you first start out, you're going to notice the penis stretcher under your pants because you can feel it there. But after a while, you'll get used to it and you won't notice it there anymore because wearing it will become second nature. That's a good thing because you don't want it to be distracting you throughout the day.

For more first-hand experience on wearing penis stretchers, check out our article on what's it's like to wear a penis stretcher throughout the day.

The Best Penis Stretcher on the Market

The best penis stretcher on the market is hands-down, the PhalloGauge Model S.

The reason is because we took men's most urgent needs and desires when using a penis stretcher. These factors include, the comfort inolved when wearing the device, and how well it can be hidden and worn in public during the day.

These factors were the top criteria when the Model S penis stretcher was being designed.

Important Factor #1: Comfort

Comfort is paramount because if the device is not comfortable (and some are even painful to wear), then you simply find yoruself not wearing the device at all. You may think that you have the willpower to keep wearing the device, but if it si painful to wear, it is literally torture.

Nobody can wear a painful device for 8 hours a day, no matter how strong willed you are. This shouldn't be a problem either because penis stretchers like the Model S were designed to be comfortable anyways, so why not just get one that is comfortable? You'll not only save yourself the pain, but the money too.

Important Factor #2: Stealth

The other important design factor for the Model S penis stretcher was the ability to be worn secretly in public, no exceptions.

Again, if you can't wear it in public, it's pretty much useless because this means you can only wear it in your house - for some maybe only their bedroom.

By giving yourself the freedom to stretch anywhere possible, you again, increase your chances of successfully reaching your goals because there is no excuse to not stretch during the day.

By limiting your stretching locations, excuses to not stretch, whether they are legit or lazy excuses, cannot arise and the only option is enlargement success.

How to Use the PhalloGauge Model S Penis Stretcher

Using the Model S is easy because it's primary design goal was to improve ease of use for the user - you.

Here are the steps to put on the PhalloGauge Model S penis stretcher:

  1. Wrap the silicone wrap around the base of your glans (top of the shaft)
  2. Loop the foam loop around the base of your penis.
  3. Pull your penis to either the right or left and the belt connected to the foam loop to the right (the opposite direction).
  4. Attach the hooks on the silicone wrap and the end of the elastic belt together.
  5. Pull up your undwear and pants and go about the rest of your day.

As you can see, the Model S was designed for easy assembly and removal because this procedure directly affects how easy it is to use the penis stretcher device.

Additionally, how easy it is to use a penis stretcher also affects the chances of whether you will succeed in your penis enlargement journey because it directly affects how likely you are to keep wearing the device, which is the only requirement for enlargement success.

Other Penis Stretchers on the Market

PhalloGauge is a team dedicated to bringing you the best and most up-to-date information in penis enlargement.

This includes other penis enlargement devices as well.

Next we'll introduce some other penis stretching devices that we have reviewed previously.

The PhalloSan Penis Stretcher

The PhalloSan penis stretcher is another sideways stretching penis device, although a lot more pricier.

It uses a vacuum-grip to hold the top of the penis shaft rather than the silicone wrap of the PhalloGauge Model S.

The biggest misconception is that the vacuum provides more gains and faster gains, when in fact this has been proven false by published clinical studies.

Regardless, the vacuum chamber bell method is another way to hold the penis, although it is a little bit more complicated and requires extra work, with no marginal benefit.

The SizeGenetics Penis Stretcher

The SizeGentics penis stretcher uses the classic rod-based design. It stretches the penis by pulling the glans away from the pelvis. It uses a frame to hold the penis in this stretched position.

It has two anchor points, one at the base of the penis and one at the base of the glans (top of the shaft).

While this penis stretcher uses the classic design that has dominated the penis enlargement device industry for the past decade, it is by no means the most effective.

While it is able to secure your penis in the "stretched" state which is essential for penis stretching, the biggest problem is that it can't be worn under pants and in public.

This then becomes a big problem, unless you're a hermit who lives at home all day, because penis stretcher devices require that you wear them for 6-8 hours each day.

By preventing cutting out the opporutnities to wear it during the day, you essentially lower your chances at successfully increasing your penis size down the road.

The Pro-Extender Penis Stretcher System

Another really old penis stretching device, the Pro-Extender was a rod-based system that actually existed before the SizeGenetics penis stretching system.

One major difference from the SizeGenetics is that it uses a silica noose compared to an adjustable strap used by the SizeGenetics.

However, that's the only real difference. Oh, and there's less accessories that come with the Pro-Extender, like extra rods, and padding.

Like the SizeGenetics, it suffers from the same problem of not being able to be used in public and it can be seen when worn under pants.

*UPDATE* The Pro-Extender Penis Stretcher is no longer sold on the market

Although the Pro-Extender is not sold officially it's website anymore, other 3rd party vendors do have leftovers that are sold, so it may be possible to find some at sex stores and sex novelty stores both in real-life and online.

However, because of this inconvenience, it is recommend to just find a company that sells a penis stretcher brand that has their own website and can ship you the device directly, especially to avoid 3rd-party costs.

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