Penis Extenders vs. Pills - Which Works and Which Doesn't

Written by Jeff Ferrara on July 17, 2016

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A brief crash course on what penis extenders and penis pills are.

Penis Pills

Ah, penis pills. Did you know that there are over 20,000 searches a month for these products?

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That's not surprising. Every guy is looking for the quick solution to increasing their penis size - I too was one of these guys.

Penis pills are consumable tablets that contain a formula that are marketed as increasing your penis size, in general.

However, we're going to take a deeper look at the marketing concepts that companies use to sell their pills. We're also going to look at what they actually can do because they aren't completely worthless - just misleading, as we will see.

Penis Extenders

Model S penis extender

Penis extenders are devices that are used to hold the penis in an "extended state" for approximately 4-8 hours a day.

They were primarily used to help guys with "micropenis" increase length, as well as help to straighten out men who had a curvature in their shaft, also known as Peyronies' Disease.

In short, based on many studies, the penis extender has been extremely effective in solving both these problems, and have now gained popularity with any man that is looking to increase their length, permanently.

Why are penis pills so popular?

Penis pills are popular because they follow the "magic pill" angle when being sold to you.

The "magic pill" tries to convince you that it's the easiest solution to fixing the problem that you have - all you have to do is swallow this pill.

As we will see later in the article, pills are not necessarily "ineffective", per se, they're just misleading in the actual benefits that they bring you.

The rise of the penis extender device.

Contrary to the orally consumed nature of pills, the penis extender device is a mechanical solution that utilizes the "traction principle."

This traction principle used reliably in plastic surgery and other cultural body modifications around the world.

Actual benefits and cons of Penis Pills and Penis Extenders

The true benefits of pills

  • Most pills, actually make your penis harder and improve the blood flow. These tend to have the compound known as "horny goat weed" in them. A lot of the pills have this in their forumla.

  • They're easy to use - just swallow and take with water. However, this is depends how comfortable you are with pills and varies on a individual-by-indivdual basis.

  • The first bottle of pills won't cost you that much. However, this quickly changes because you have to pay for refills.

  • Pills can help you in a pinch to get an erection if they're designed to treat erectile dysfunction. However, there are many ways to treat errectile dysfunction besides pills.

The disadvantages of pills

  • They're in a pill and tablet form which may be impossible for some people to swallow.

  • You have to keep buying them - so expect 1-2 statements every month on your credit card bill for those pill bottles.

  • The constant payments mean that you can easily spend up at least $1000 a year - I know I can't afford that in my budget, to be honest.

  • Stop taking the pills and you lose the beneficial effects.

  • Some pills are placebos and don't do jack - gotta be careful of these. I easily wasted a few hundred on pills that didn't do anything. This one is tough because you either gotta trust a review or have someone try it for you before you buy.

The true benefits of penis extenders

  • Penis extenders are been clincially proven through numerous studies like this one, or this one, or this one.

  • They have one specific goal and that's to increase penis size - so you know what you're paying for.

  • They are extremely effective when used properly - all men in studies that used them experienced size, that is, there were no outliers or exceptional cases where a man in a study didn't gain size.

  • Penis extenders are hundreds of dollars cheaper than penis pills (in the long run). That is you pay about $150 for a penis extender once, while pills you have to pay for refills which can easily surpass the $1000 mark.

The shortcomings of penis extenders

Penis extenders are tools - and you have to use them to get any results out of them.

So it's given that they require a little more effort to use than pills.

However, just like pills, you have to use them consistently to keep reaping the specific benefits - so this sense, they are similar to penis pills. Pills are not vaccines - one and done - you have to keep taking them.

What they're really trying to sell you with pills.

a sleazy salesman

They're trying to sell you on "permanent size gains".

Unforunately, this is the hard truth.

However, permanent size gains from pills is completely impossible.

The day a pill is created that can increase penis size, we will, quite literally see such a technology used to solve world hunger and malnutrition across the world. That's because a pill or supplement that can generate tissue, let alone, specifically at the penis area, is something that will revolutionize the world.

Rarely do you see pills advertising primarily on "harder erections" and "stronger blood flows" which are the actual benefits that they provide.

You could even consider these benefits as "temporary" size gains, something like Viagra, but they try to get you to think that these gains will be permanent.

This couldn't be further from the truth, simply because of the fact that there is no chemical compound that you can consume that will make your penis larger.

Probably the only compound that even comes close to this "magic pill" criteria are steroids and growth hormone, but these compounds still require that you put in the physical effort of weight training.

They also have negative side-effects that can offset the benefits provided.

So you decide whether they're honest or not.

We won't question each individual penis pill company's ethics.

However, we feel obligated to show you the common marketing that these companies like to do to tug on your heartstrings and get your hopes up.

Here is one such ad:

a ad for penis pills

Clearly, this advertising headline is lying. However, when you read the fine print of what their formula actually does, it does exactly what we said in the last section - improves blood flow with horny goat weed compounds.

This can be a good thing if that's what you want, and aren't too concerned with permanent size.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, pills are not completely worthless - given that you avoid the placebo ones. That means you'll have to do some thorough research on each brand and the forumla they're using.

There is one reliable source: can also testify on the effects of pills and penis and each of their roles in how they help men.

However, most of them are very misleading in what they actually do. They try to market them as a product that can permanently increase your size, when, in fact, these size gains are temporary and are usually a result of the increased blood flow by the horny goat weed compound in the formula.

If you're looking for a solution to increase penis size, particularly, penis length, that is clinically proven, you can't go wrong with the penis extender device.

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