The Easiest, Most-Efficient Penis Extender Routine

UPDATED by Jeff Ferrara on November 19, 2016

This penis extender routine is a foolproof, easy routine to make sure you wear your penis extender each day with minimal hardship and interference throughtout the day.

It starts from the moment you wake up and ends around 3 or 4pm, as your work day is ending (if you work between 9am and 5pm).


Warming up is very important. But how do you warm-up for penis enlargement?

Unlike physical exercises, where warming-up consists of stretching, warming-up for penis enlargement literally consists of heating up your penis.

There are a couple ways to do this, the most common method, in the penis enlargement community is to take a hot towel and wrap it around your penis for a few minutes.

a man warming up penis with a hot towel

Another way of warming-up is to fill a sock with rice, heat it up in the microwave, and apply it to your penis.

Pretty much, any way that you can think of applying heat to your penis without injuring yourself, are valid ways to warm-up for your penis extender routine (and also penis stretching).

In fact, another bonus warm-up method could be to safely blow dry your crotch area by keeping the blow drier at a safe distance from your penis to avoid burning yourself. However, if you're energy consscious, this may not be the best method, so try the ones above instead.

The one trick I use so that I don't have to warm up

I like this trick because not only does it save me the time and effort of warming-up using the methods above, you don't have to use any tools like a rice-filled sock or a warm, wet washcloth.

This method was discussed another article I wrote about penis heat and temperature and is great because it uses the principles in a practical routine.

This method requires that when you go to bed, you make sure that you use enough sheets and bedding to make sure that your crotch is sufficiently warm (and comfortable).

I personally use a few high quality quilts and layer it on top. These quilts trap heat perfectly and I highly recommend taking a look at some great quilts for your own bed. My total setup consists of one sheet and two quilts on top.

Of course, if you live in colder climates, you may need more layers compared to someone who lives in, say, California.

The effect of the sheets and quilts when you wake up is that your crotch area is extremely warm, so if you start your routine at this point, you effectively don't have to warm-up using the other methods described!

Another effect of using this method is that it can help you get morning-wood, which is a good sign that you have a healthy blood flow in your penis for overall penile health.

The Morning Phase of the Penis Extender Routine

So the routine is pretty much straightforward. When you wake up, you put on the penis extender device. If you warm-up with sheets and quilts from your bed, like described earlier, then you should proceed to put on the penis extender as soon as you get out of bed.

a man waking up and rising from his bed

Of course, we recommend using the bathroom first before putting on the penis extender, so that you can avoid interrupting your stretching during the routine. This will fit nicely with those that use the bathroom immediately after they wake up - I know it works for me.

Once you put on your penis extender, pull up your underwear and then your pants. If you're wearing the Model S penis extender, you can pretty much wear any pants that suits you because it can't be detected under any pants.

Additionally, for the Model S penis extender users, you should choose to stretch your penis to the left or right, and it doesn't matter which side you choose for this first part of the routine.

Once you've used the bathroom and have the penis extender on, you can complete the rest of your morning routine normally, which for most guys involves, brushing your teeth and eating breakfast. Obviously, even if you don't do certain parts of a typical morning routine, it doesn't negatively affect the penis extender routine.

Wear the penis extender for about 4 hours until your lunch break

Plan to wear the extender until lunch at around midday. If you have to use the bathroom, then you'll have to take it off, do your business and put it back on. Some guys can avoid having to use the bathroom with the device on because their bathroom session before putting on can hold them until midday.

The Midday Break

Ok, so you've made it to lunchtime. Now's your chance to take a 15-30 minute from wearing your device.

a man eating lunch at work

Most guys will not take a break during their penis extender stretching and this is highly not recommended. Taking a break relaxes the ligaments and penile tissues which is important to prevent overtraining your penis.

Think of it like when you're doing exercise reps at a gym. For weight-lifting, you always take a 30-second to 1 minute break between sets, very same concept with penis stretching and penis enlargement training.

Since the break lasts 15-30 minutes, you don't have to really time it with a stopwatch, but rather just use the whole time it takes to actually eat your lunch as the perfect time window.

After you finish eating lunch, you can head back to the bathroom and put the device back on.

Oh, and don't forget, this is a good opportunity to use the bathroom so that you can minimize the number of times you put the device on and off due to bathroom breaks.

If you use this routine, you'll find that you may never have to take off the device due to an unplanned bathroom break.

The Afternoon Phase of the Penis Extender Routine

After you've taken your 30 minute break, it's time to put the device back on.

The goal here is to get another 3 or 4 hours of stretching in.

If you're wearing the Model S extender and stretching to one side, remember to switch sides when you put the device back on. If you've stretched to the left, stretch to the right, and vice-versa.

You're on this last stretch of the routine - literally. This segment tends to last in no time.

Wrapping it Up for the Day

After you've finished with a 3-4 hour afternoon stretch, you can now take off the device - you're done for the day!

The common way is to go to a bathroom stall to remove the device. If you're using the PhalloGauge Model S penis extender, you can actually fit it in your pocket because it's about the size of a cell phone. This means you don't have fear of people seeing the device in your hand as you walk out of the bathroom.

a man putting a penis extender on in a bathroom stall

Or, if you prefer, you could even take the device off when you get home. The key is to just make sure that you get your full 3-4 hours stretch in and to not cut corners.

Other Notes and Variations on the Routine

The midday break is also a good chance to do maintaince on your penis extender if you feel you need to, like washing the device or cleaning it for maximum comfort.

Typically, you're going to want to use a bathroom stall with a door to put on and remove the penis extender.

Another good place to secretly put on and take off your penis extender can be your car if you drive to and from work. This may be for the guys who don't work in a large corporate building with tons of bathrooms.

a guy secretly doing personal business in his car

For more information on what it's actually like to wear a penis extender everyday, check out this blog article.

If you're still on the fence on what a penis extender can actually do for you, check out some actual results from penis extenders.

Check out this blog article if you want to try your hand at making your own penis extender.

Ideas for minor tweaks to the routine to fit your lifestyle.

Not every guy is created the same, or lives the same lifestyle.

While the routine we just presented will cover 90% of the cases, every guy can tweak their routine slightly to optimize their efforts, therefore sticking to the routine, and thus, increasing the likelihood of success.

Here's the shortlist - apply or ignore as it pertains to you:

  • If your work is crowded, manage your penis extender in a bathroom on a different floor or building to not raise suspicion with your nearby co-workers.

  • Always urinate when taking off or putting on the penis extender, so that you cut out all unnecessary events of having to take off the device when nature calls.

  • Always have a fail-safe location in place. For most guys, this will be an ideal bathroom.

  • Count how many times you visit the bathroom a day to evaluate the effectiveness of your routine. How much time are you spending managing your penis extender? Ideally it should be as low as possible.

  • Your car can actually be great place to put on and take off your extender. Most do not know this, but people 5 feet away from your car cannot see your waist and legs - so you're effectively hidden, although it doesn't feel like it.

  • a man secretly removing his penis extender in his car.
  • Mentally, if you think people you're strange for visiting the bathroom more often than usual - have a backup excuse like, "My loose bladder is genetic!"

  • If you have a desk where no one can sneak up on you, you can actually easily take off the device by reaching in your pants and literally pulling it off and out.

In Conclusion

While everyone has different work conditions, you can use this basic routine formula and tweak it to meet your needs.

Hopefully, the ideas presented in this article have given you ideas on how to manage your penis extender, the most key one being that you have to put it on and remove it in a bathroom stall.

All of the strategies of this routine aims to minimize the times you have to put on and remove the device, as well as keeping the whole stretching process a secret from your co-workers.

Any guy, no matter what his daytime conditions can secretly stretch during the day.

However, you need the right tool, so be sure to pick up the only 100% stealthy device on the market.

What's your routine like? Any troubles? What works? What's preventing you from sticking to your routine?

If you're looking for a penis extender that only exists because there was a need for it to be used effortlessly, you may be interested in our extender that thousands of men already use.

The PhalloGauge Team will answer all questions/comments you may have.

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