What It's Like to Wear a Penis Extender

Written by Jeff on March 29, 2016

Penis extenders also known as penile traction devices are simple machines that were invented to help men get their daily stretch in for natural penile enlargement.

Although they can be pretty intimidating at first glance, these instruments are instrumental to many men's success in penis lengthening and overall enlargement.

What Penis Extenders Look Like

All penis extenders are composed of two main parts that serve the same function.

There's always a part that grabs the penis glans or the upper shaft area.

This part always connects to some sort of 'base' part for stabilization of the pulling force.

Traditional penis extenders consists of two rods and a noose part.

The rods are typically made out of metal and the frame that hold these metal parts together are usually made out of white plastic.

plastic base and metal rods for a penis extender device

The noose part that clamps down on the upper shaft and base of the penis glans is usually made out of semi-soft high-durometer (high-hardness) silicone material.

penis extender silicone noose part

While the plastic material is pretty friendly to the skin's touch, the metal rods can feel cold if they have been sitting out on your shelf or desk for a while.

The body will adjust within 10 minutes to the coldness of the metal much like how your body adjusts to the cold water when you go to the beach or pool.

The Model S penis extender device is made out of slightly different materials.

It consists of a extremely soft silicone wrap that acts similar to the silicone noose found in the rod-based extender type.

However, instead of metal rods creating the tension on the penis shaft, instead, an elastic belt is used to pull and create the force. This elastic belt is made out of velcro and other polymers that contribute to its elasticity (stretchiness).

Since the belt is elastic (stretchy) it's like a rubber band pulling on your penis, except unlike a rubber band, the belt is durable and sturdy.

Lastly, the base of the model S consists of a EPDM foam ring which is soft.

Model S penis extender foam loop part

All of the parts are made from biocompatible materials that or intended to be used for safe and close interaction with the human body for long periods of time.

What Putting On the Penis Extender is Like

Putting on rod-based penis extenders

Putting on a penis extender takes about a minute of your time.

That's good because it's less than the amount of time it takes to brush your teeth - and that's something you definitely should be doing everyday.

To put on a rod-based extender, first you have to fit the base of your penis shaft into the plastic base part.

penis extender base part

Then you have to choose the metal rod and spring part size to determine the amount of tension (stretching force) you want to apply to your penis.

assembled rod-based penis extender

In order to change the tension, you have to swap out these metal parts every time you want to adjust the force.

Once you chose which metal parts you want to use, you proceed to stretch out your penis and pinch the top of your penis shaft into the silicone noose.

Then, you tighten the noose to secure your penis in place.

Once you're done with all these steps, you'll notice that you are penis is elongated and is sticking out.

That's natural and how penis stretching works.

Because of the way rod-based penis extenders are designed, your penis will either be sticking out in front of you but it may be angled either up or down.

Putting on the Model S Penis Extender

Putting on the Model S consists of wrapping the silicone wrap snug and flush around the base of the glans (top of the shaft that meets your mushroom tip).

Next, you place the foam loop around the base of your penis.

Then, you pull the elastic belt around your waist and attach the hook to the hook connected to the silicone wrap.

You can adjust the tension in the belt (the amount of force applied) by adjusting the velcro strap on the elastic belt.

When you're done, your penis will be stretched out to the side instead of in front of you like the rod-based extender device.

What Penis Extenders are Like When Worn Under Pants

When you put your underwear and pants on the "bulge" that's caused from these penis extenders is something that can show through.

It may be noticed by other people.

The bulge is guaranteed to show through if you're wearing tight pants or jeans.

In fact some guys won't even be able to wear tight pants or jeans with these Rod based penis extenders because it's too uncomfortable.

However some guys manage to pull it off by just toughening it out (sacrificing comfort for results - truly dedicated men).

Ultimately, it depends on how disciplined and how dedicated you are to wearing this device for your penis enlargement goals.

What it's like to walk around with them on

It is a strange, but exciting feeling walking around with a penis extender on for the first time.

That's because there's this constant tugging (not painful, of course!) at your penis, and you're reminded of it every time your body shifts into a new position with each step.

I'd like to reiterate - it's not a painful experience. If you're experiencing pain while wearing the device (and while you're walking with the extender on), you probably strapped yourself in with the force setting on too high.

Remember, this is one of the most common mistakes when wearing penis extender devices and doing penis enlargement training.

That's not say that it's all cherries and roses either - or as easy as a "walk in the park", pun intended.

It is after all, pulling on your penis. So there is that slight discomfort. However, it's a light discomfort that you get used to and it even goes away after a few days of wearing the device and getting used to it.

However, to put in perspective, there are much more painful things in life. An extremely common one is when you go to workout.

When you workout, you're probably putting more pain on your body in a single set of squats than every penis extender stretching session for a whole week combined.

One reason is because traditional muscle workouts employ hypertrophy which uses the overload principle to stimulate muscles. Penis stretching is different. It uses hyperplasia to stimulate the smooth muscle tissue in the penis to increase the number of cells in the tissue. The result? Natural, permanent size for the rest of your life.

The Stretching Sensation

a woman getting a good leg stretch in

Penis extenders are just tools for penis stretching training - and very useful ones at that.

That's because the biggest factor to successfully engaging hyperplasia is the total time that you spend stretching.

Have you ever did calf or hamstring stretches before? If so, this is the same "stretching sensation" that you feel in your penis.

It doesn't "hurt" per se, but there is that slight discomfort. And just like all stretching sensations, once you release the stretch, a wave of relief flows through the ligaments and/or tendons that you were stretching.

For some, the stretching sensation is quite motivating because you know you're getting in a good workout.

This mental effect can be further amplified when you know you're saving tons of hours (even days) when you don't have to use your hands to do the actual stretching - because you're using a penis extender instead.

Penile Ligament Fatigue

Think of wearing a penis extender like going on a long hike. By the end of the hike, your legs will be really fatigued, but they will grow stronger and develop naturally.

Same thing with the penis extender: You wear it for long periods of time (about 4 hours each day) and you will experience fatigue in your penis that will stimulate it and allow it to also grow stronger and develop size naturally.

A Secret Life

a secretive man dressing in the closet

Routinely wearing a penis extender creates a secret that you're going to have to keep from the people in your daily life.

Or, at least most guys will want to.

Unfotunately, that's because society looks down upon men who "aren't happy with what they got." However, society also tells us that "with hard work, you can achieve anything."

These are double standards and hypocritical. After all, you're focusing on your own penis size, and it's not hurting anyone else.

While there is the rare exception that you may have a few friends that won't care whether they found out you wear a penis extender, those people are few and far in between.

The most common situation is that when someone discovers such a device - and it doesn't even have to be a penis extender, it could just be a sex toy - then you're immediately branded as being strange or weird.

While it may take time for society to leave guys who are working for their own size alone, we will have to make do with using penis extenders that are as invisible as possible.

That's a major reason why the PhalloGauge Model S was designed - making it practical for the user to use in public, because after all, total time stretching is the single-most important factor for results!

So our best advice is to not be shamed by what society thinks. If you really want it and it's possible, you should get it - this is a secret to all success in life.

It's actually really good that penis extenders like the Model S were invented to address the shameful barrier that has prevented so many men from achieveing the size that they always wanted.

In Conclusion

There's nothing like getting a good stretch in - knowing that it takes lots of time - and then taking off the extender device, letting that feeling of relief settle in, extinguishing the stretching sensation, and your mind is at ease, knowing you successfully completed another day and you are one step closer to your goal.

Remember, every little step in the penis stretching journey counts and adds up. If you can find motivation and actual enjoyment through the stretching experience, that it quite powerful and you're practically guaranteed to succeed.

So embrace the workout, don't fear it. Hopefully this guide gave you some great insight into what it's like to wear a penis extender device and the sensations nuances that you're getting into before you invest in a extender device of your own.

For more in-depth details on the Model S extender, the first extender that was design with the user (your) needs in mind, head over to this comprehensive page.

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