6 Critical Requirements When Buying a Penis Extender Device

Written by Jeff on April 4, 2016

Penis stretching exercises taking up too much time during your day? Now you're looking to buy a penis extender device?

Took a look on the Internet on what's available out there, and overwhelmed by the selection? Not sure which product you should buy and why?

Fear not, the PhalloGauge Team has been navigating the penis enlargement environment for many years and we're going to give you some insight as to what you should be looking for when purchasing a penis extender device.

These are factors that we've seen make or break men's penis enlargement endeavors.

Here are 10 requirements that you absolutely must look for in the prospective penis extender that you're thinking about buying.

1. The Penis Extender Needs to Be 100% Hidden

a suspicious man looking to the side

This absolutely the most crucial requirement when buying a penis extender device.

While it is fine and dandy to buy a non-discreet penis extender device (one that shows through pants), this guarantees that you can only use it inside your house or apartment.

I'm not sure about you, but I like to spend a decent amount of time outside, with other people, and especially meeting new women (to use my penis on!).

The simple fact is that you can't stay inside all day stretching your penis and expect enlargement success. Even if you were to successfully enlargen your penis in this way, your entire social life will take a hit.

Remember, 4-6 hours a day of stretching using a penis extender is not a short amount of time. If you're spending all day inside your house, how can you expect to get other things done! Other aspects are going to take a hit, especially important ones. Errands, groceries, work, social lives - all these things need to be done outside of the house.

So remember, there's no other way, the penis extender needs to be able to be worn outside, and if that's the case, it needs to be invisible when worn outside.

It's not worth it to sacrifice other essential parts of your life to getting a larger penis, especially if it can be avoided. With the right penis extender, this should be on every prospective male's checklist for their penis extender.

2. The Penis Extender Needs to Be Comfortable To Use

a man who's laid back and comfortable, staring out his window

Comfort is an aboslute must and I'm sure you can easily see why.

That's because you're going to be wearing these devices for hours on end.

If after a couple of hours of wearing the device, you find that it's too "scratchy" or something is pinching you, these are factors that kill comfort.

And what happens when the device is not comfortable, like described above? It's simple. You end up not wearing the device.

Now, some guys feel that they can tough out the discomfort, but the harsh truth is, eventually you're not going to put up with it anymore.

And when you don't put up with the discomfort anymore, you simply give up on wearing the device or start looking for another one.

Most guys actually don't even end up looking for another penis extender and the result is that they completely "fall off" and lose sight of the goal that they so intently desired when they first started out.

3. The Penis Extender Needs to Actually Fit On You

puzzle pieces that are a perfect fit

All men come in many different shapes and sizes.

Men that are naturally taller have bigger limbs as well as bigger penises.

Combine this reality with the fact that penis extenders contain parts that need to fit on your body properly in order to be used correctly.

So if a penis extender part doesn't even fit on your body, you won't even be able to use it. This just means wasted money.

It would be awesome if the part came in many different sizes so that you can just swap out the part with a larger or smaller part if it happens to not fit the first time.

So that's definitely one thing you should look into before you buy: Whether there are multiple sizes for a part.

However, there's an even better feature to look out for in penis extenders, and that's if the penis extender is a one size fits all type of extender.

What this means is that the penis extender part is not dependent on the width of your penis or other body dimensions.

If that's the case, then you don't have to worry about buying the penis extender (unless you're morbidly obese and might not be able to fit it because you have, say, too much body fat).

4. The Penis Extender Needs to Stay in Place

some loose screws on a piece of wood

Although this factor is pretty obvious, it's amazing how shody some penis extenders are built and are extremely unstable - that is, they might fall off within an hour or so of putting them on.

Remember, these penis extenders need to stay on your body for about 4 hours a day, so any time shorter than that is simply going to give you frustration.

Another reason why you need the penis extender to stay in place is because you don't to get any unnecessary rashes while wearing the device.

Rashes are caused by parts rubbing against your skin for long periods of time.

Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to tell if the parts are going to be rubbing on your body from a first glance.

However, it's pretty easy to tell. Just take a look at how sturdy the parts are. If they're not that sturdy looking, then you can expect that the parts will rock back and forth, especially when you're walking around in public.

unstable jenga tower

If that's the case, then you can skip on that penis extender and move on to looking at a new one.

Also look in to how the parts work together to stabilize itself on your body. Generally, if the parts are close to your body, the more stable they are.

5. The Penis Extender Device Needs to Not Fall Off When You're Walking

a man in a rush (illustration)

We here on the PhalloGauge Team believe that this is a huge factor when picking a penis extender device.

While it's great if a penis extender works only while you're sitting - this means you can only use it in private because other people will think you're weird if you're not moving from the same spot for 4 hours.

When the device can only be used when sitting, it's not an ideal situation.

That's because you're effectively narrowing the number of opportunities to wear the device. This can effectively lead to missed time on stretching.

Expecting to be a bit more mobile at work during one day? Have lots of meetings to attend? If you can only use the device when sitting, you're pretty much giving up on your penis training for that day.

a busy man making a phone call in a hotel lobby

We've seen it time and time again, and it's the biggest reason why guys fail to reach their penis enlargement goals. They miss one day and they think "That's OK it's only one day."

But that one day eventually turns into a few - because you're so used to taking a "break" during the week.

Eventually, these "break" days start to increase in number and pretty soon, you've skipped on a whole week.

The same pattern continues and then you've missed a month - no good, and at that point, you've pretty much failed because you lost the heart and commitment to reaching your enlargement goal that you were so excited abou a month ago.

To combat this effect, you simply have to not give yourself and excuse to not stretch.

This means not giving yourself excuses to take "breaks" and if the device functionality can prevent you falling into the temptation of taking "breaks" then, you're much more likely to succeed instead!

One big factor of this is the device's ability to stay on when walking. If it keeps coming off when you're walking, you're going to get discouraged when using the device and eventually avoid using it when you expect you have to walk - that is, you won't even bother to put it on.

This effectively acts as a "break" from using the device and then it snowballs from there, just like we described above.

6. The Penis Extender Needs to Be Durable and Last a Really Long Time

Ok, so the penis extender can last for a whole penis stretching session, but is that the case after a month or two?

Again, this is another factor that's really hard to tell from looking at the device on just a webpage.

Now think about what's going on with the penis extender. It's holding a force on your penis for long periods of time. Not only does the penis extender need to be capable of generating the necessary force, it also needs to be able to hold it for an extended period of time.

Think of a bridge. When the engineers are designing the bridge, they have metrics that describe how long they expect the bridge to last over time. Is it 30 years? 80 years? When will they have to reinforce the bridge? When is the minimal expected time to failure?

Golden Gate Bridge is a sturdy engineering example

We're not saying that your penis extender should last 30 years (after all you only have to use it for a few months to see significant gains), but it should definitely be built to last at least this long (6 months).

It's even better if it can last, say 5 years. Hopefully, you will have reached your penis enlargement goals by that point.

Just a tip, most products were brought quickly to the market to try and meet the demand, so some devices may have cut corners in the durability department. One way to maximize profit is to use the cheapest parts possible.

In Conclusion

So now you know the mission-critical factors that will affect your success when using a penis extender device.

Hopefully this guide has given you some insight when you're out shopping for a penis extender device.

Believe it or not, these were all the factors that were considered when designing the Model S Penis Extender, our very own flagship device that we are extremely proud of.

That's because the user experience was our beacon for the whole design process.

We know that if the user doesn't want to put it on, then that's wasted money on their end.

So above all else, cost shouldn't be an issue - functionality and usefulness should take priority for penis extenders.

Because we have so much experience with penis extenders, we took the things that we didn't like to simply made it a priority to improve upon all these points. I'm sure you'll be pleased as well!

The PhalloGauge Team will answer all questions/comments you may have.

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