Penis Extender Study Results - Before and After

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We're excited to bring you our second breakdown of clinical studies proving the effectiveness of penis extender devices. To see the first study breakdown, see this page.

The purpose of these blog breakdowns is to communicate to you, the key takeaways from the studies, so that you aren't encumbered by all the tedious statistical jargon.

In other words, every study has a definitive conclusion, and the purpose of this article is to use the study's results so that you can take practical action for your own penis enlargement journey.

About this penis extender study

This study was done by the Andromedical Clinic in Madrid, Spain in 2001.

It was published in the First Virtual Sexology and Hispanoamerican Sexual Education Congress of February, 2001.

First, they introduce penis stretching in the context of body modifications.

In the published journal, they first explain the inspiration for penis stretching by penis extenders by first citing cultural body modifications and the history of penis stretching.

Below is an example of penis stretching by hanging weights, which has origins from India.

The study's experimental setup

This study used 37 men between the ages of 22 and 60 years old.

The men wore a penis extender for ten hours a day, every day over the period of 3-6 months.

Most of the men were from Spain.

The erect penis length gain results

Now let's take a look at some of the results.

These are the before and after results when measuring the penis in the erect state.

Based on the graph above the follow conclusions were drawn:

  • There's a linear trend in size gained vs. time worn - In other words, the more you wear the device, the more gains you'll make, proportionately!

  • That means by simply wearing a penis extender, you'll gain 0.17 inches (0.43cm) each month!

  • The average length increase after 4 weeks of wearing a penis extender is .2 inches (0.48cm)

The standard deviation (shown below) was also small for this study. That means it's less likely to experience results different from the average. And that's a good thing because you want to guarantee your results from an extender - not take a chance on a method that doesnt work.

Lastly, we have the regression line for the erect penis results, below.

All that matters is the red line, which would estimate an average man's progress on his penis enlargement via extender journey.

Again the line is linear and sloping upward, which indicates a consistent increase in size the longer you wear the penis extender.

The flaccid penis length gain results

Now let's explore the flaccid penis gains.

These results are useful for looking good, feeling good about your length, and impressing women during foreplay - all with that "hung" look.

From the next two images, we were able to draw the following conclusions:

  • The average flaccid penis increase per month was 0.19 inches (0.48cm).

  • Length seems to also grow proportionately like erect length gains.

Now let's move on to the standard deviation.

As we can see in the graph below, it's much more "spread" out than the similar graph for erect length above.

That can be easily explained because flaccid penis size is more likely to vary a lot due to temperature and other factors in the moment, as described in this blog we did here.

The Long Term Results

Here are the key takeaways from long-term penis stretching using penis extenders.

  • After 16 weeks, the average length increase was .71 inches, growing by 14% since starting.

  • After 20 weeks, the average length increase was .91 inches, growing by 16% since starting.

  • After 24 weeks, the average length increase was 1.4 inches, growing by 28% since starting.

Here's a graph of the data above to help you visualize the numbers.

Number of Inches Gained from Penis Extender Since Start

I don't know about you, but these results are quite awesome - considering they stay with you permanently, unlike traditional muscle bodybuilding.

Other interesting, useful conclusions

The result I'm about to show you is incredibly fascinating.

As we can see in the result below, the average length increase was independent of age.

That means it doesn't matter if you're just out of college, or you've been married for 20 years, you can still gain size, and reliably, for that matter!

(The x-axis shows age by deacdes).

This data shows that every age group gained about .6 inches after using an extender - even the subject at age 60!

This is completely unlike sports skill and athletic ability - and that's a good thing.

For sports, and especially, professional atheletes, they tend to hit their prime in their late 20s. Most will have to retire from their career as a professional athlete just after 30.

That's not their fault - they're very experiernced and their mind and skill with the game are not diminishing, but rather, it's their physical capacity that's reducing.

It's no secret that a young man has more physical ability than an older one: His ability to train hard, build muscle, and heal faster is much more significant.

However, this goes out the window with penis enlargement.

The reason is simple, it's because your body is utilizing "hyperplasia" cell growth rather than "hypertrophy".

Hyperplasia is a survival response to external stimuli (in this case penis extender stretching). Hypertrophy is more of an adaptive survival response (e.g. weight training).

This is an important distinction because a body is more inclinde to respond to a survival stimuli than an adaptive one - after all, if you don't you'll die.

In other words, the body has no choice but to grow in response to penis extenders, but it can get away with not sythesizing as much muscle in adaptive training (especially at an older age where hormone production is down).

In Conclusion

There's a lot of important things we learned from this clinical study breakdown.

  • Penis stetching using weights has been done for centuries in countries like India.

  • You'll gain .2 inches in erect penis length every 4 weeks you wear a penis extender.

  • You'll gain .2 inches in flaccid penis length every 4 weeks you wear a penis extender.

  • You'll continue to gain length all the way into week 24.

  • Penis enlargement is effective for all ages, even those aged 60+. This means anytime is a great time to start.

As you can see, the prospects are extremely positive and uplifting, if you're looking to gain size.

Tools have allowed man to take him places never gone before - the penis extender is no different in this regard.

Just getting started has made all the difference for a lot of these men.

As Mark Twain once said: "The secret to getting ahead, is getting started."

If you're looking to add .2 inches every 4 weeks just like the men in this study - you may be interested in our penis extender that thousands of men already use.

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