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    1. Buy the SizeDoctor Penis Extender from PhalloGauge Medical

      Shipped from PhalloGauge Medical, Los Angeles, CA

      sizedoctor penis extender 1
      4 star review

      72 Customer Reviews

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      • Clinically Approved by PhalloGauge Medical Lab

      • Only dual-rod extender that showed positive size gains in real male lab subjects.

      • Cheaper than SizeGenetics, PhalloSan, and other similar extenders.

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      All SizeDoctor Extender sets come with storage case.

      sizedoctor penis extender 3

      (You will be able to use your credit card.)

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      SizeDoctor parts allow you to perfectly fine-tune tension.

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      • Quick Delivery (U.S. + International)

      4 star review

      October 15, 2018

      Great product. Gets the job done.

      4 star review

      December 26, 2018

      Definitely better than my SizeGenetics extender.

      3 star review

      January 17, 2018

      Probably only slightly better than SizeGenetics... not that great. Hard to tell which is better.

      4 star review

      September 7, 2018

      A bit pricy but definitely worth it. I first tried SizeGenetics and Phallosan. Phallosan's condom parts didn't fit my penis well, so it either slipped out or choked my penis to death. The SizeGenetics was OK, but I got the cheap version and the noose part always choked out my penis. Not to mention I'm uncircumcised and I had issues getting it stay on. Sizedoctors did not have any of these issues, so I'm glad I switched over and finally found an extender that's not wasting my time.

      5 star review

      July 1, 2018

      Have been using it strong for 6 months already!

      4 star review

      March 22, 2018

      First I tried the phallosan, but the condom parts broke... haven't had any issues with the sizedoctor yet!

      "Hey man, I got you free shipping on the PhalloGauge - on the house."
      Kind regards, Dr. M

      Maybe later

"Hey man, I got you free shipping on the PhalloGauge - on the house."
Kind regards, Dr. M

Maybe later