Are Penis Extenders Safe? 5 Things You Need to Know

Written by Jeff Ferrara on July 19, 2016

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While there are certain factors to consider when buying a penis extender, a common question we get is: Are penis extenders safe?

In short, yes, when used correctly, they are 100% safe.

Let's ses why:

1. The Risks of Pinching

What is pinching from penis extenders?

Pinching is exactly what it sounds like - parts of the device pinch on the skin and cause irritation, discomfort, and/or pain.

To be honest, this usually happens when the user puts on the device incorrectly. Most penis extenders are pretty well-designed, so it might take some practice to get it on just right, but when you do, you shouldn't experience any pinching.

If you experience pinching there are a couple things you can do to prevent it from happening:

2. In a clinical study of 30 men - 29 Safely Completeted the study. The other 1 did this:

In this clinical study, 30 men were instructed to wear a penis extender device for 9 hours a day.

While the results showed penis extenders are extremely effective in adding length - all 100% of the men experienced a statistically significant length gain of .4 inches within 3 months.

However, let's delve deeper into the safety aspects of these devices.

What happened to the 1 guy who didn't complete the study?

What happened was that there was one subject in the study that simply couldn't meet the required daily time of wearing the device. He complained that it was too uncomfortable for him to wear the device for that long each day.

So, 29 out of 30 men thought that it was completely feasible to wear the penis extender for 9 hours a day.

As we've mentioned in what it's like to wear a penis extender blog, you actually don't even have to wear it this long - 4 to 6 hours a day will do just fine. In fact, it's actually recommended to do so.

3. The Problem with Overstretching

What's actually happening: You're hardening your tunica by overstretching.

The human male body has an amazing natural response to overstretching, particularly by unecessarily high stretching intensities. The tunica - a soft, smooth muscle tissue in the core of your penis shaft starts to harden.

This is not a good thing - at least in the context of penis enlargement.

You need to keep this part of your penis nice and pliant (flexible) so that it can expand, adapt and grow.

When it hardens, you're effectively stunting your growth and hindering your progress.

Again, it's not dangerous if this happens, but it kills your potential for gains.

4. Using the device for too long with too high stretching intensity

One huge problem that guys will do when they get their penis extender device is that when they put it on, they crank up the force on the device past it's maximum setting.

No pain, no game right?


Training your penile tissues is not like training your muscles. That's because penile tissues are considered "smooth muscle tissue".

Their growth is stimulated by low-intensity, long time period stimulation, not high-intensity, hypertrophic stimulation like in weight training.

5. Cutting off blood flow

Similar to point 1, pinching, only really happens when guys use the device incorrectly. Additionally, it can also happen for poorly designed devices. These are the ones typically designed 10 years ago.

All penis extenders have an "anchoring" mechanism that hold the top of the penis shaft (near the glans) in place. Regardless of the specfic design, all penis extenders need to do this to hold the penis in the stretched postion.

What guys will tend to do is latch their penis too tightly. As a result, this tends to cut off blood flow.

Some guys will experience this pain within a few minutes, others after wearing it for hours, then they will start to feel the fatigue and pain.

The case you really need to watch out for is the first one: if the pain starts to kick in after a few minutes of putting on the device.

Is cutting off blood flow unsafe?

Technically no, as long as you're not cutting off blood flow from your penis 100% and 24/7.

That's because blood isn't always 100% flowing into your penis - the only time that happens is when you get a rock-hard erection.

So in terms of safety, there's nothing urgent to worry about. What most guys are concerned with is the discomfort that it provides. That has more in common with any pinching problems you might be experiencing.

How to prevent this from happening in the first place

It's quite simple.

All you have to do is not clamp so hard on your penis! Simply fit the noose or strap just enough to hold it in place - not choking it like a hostage!

You will find that you can easily wear the device for hours on end with no issues.

The Only Rule You Need to Remember When Using a Penis Extender to Be Safe

In terms of penis extender device safety, there's only one rule to follow:

If you're experiencing any sharp, accute pain, you're doing something wrong and need to make an adjustment.

Do not "tough it out" thinking that you're doing yourself a favor - in the long run, you're not. Most guys will give up because they can't put up with the pain. And rightly so, it shouldn't even be there in the first place!

There should never be any of this type of sharp pain when wearing the penis extender - whether it's due to pinching or pulling on the shaft.

What type of sensation you should be feeling:

Instead of a sharp pain, you may feel a constant stretching sensation - that's your penile tissues being expanded.

This isn't comfortable per se, it's a very unique feeling, but it's simliar to stretching your legs' calf muscles if I had to pick something that it feels like.

This is the correct feeling.

Just remember, no sharp pain, only constant, slight, manageable tugging at the penis.

Follow this rule and you'll never have a problem with a penis extender, just like those 29 men in the clinical study mentioned above.

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