Top Penis Traction Device Comparison

UPDATED by Jeff Ferrara on November 18, 2016

Here we compare PhalloGauge to the top penis extenders on the market.

While we try remains as unbiased as possible in this comparison, we will present facts and common testimonials for these devices.

The PhalloGauge penis traction device
The SizeGenetics extender
The PhalloSan Forte penis traction device



PhalloSan Forte

$132.00 + $3.36 Shipping

$349.95 (comfort package) or $199.95 (basic)

$339.00 + $25.00 Shipping


  • Comfortable belt design.

  • Quick assembly

  • Smallest, discreet device

  • Fairly comfortable (debatable)

  • Quick assembly

  • Comfortable belt design.

  • Mostly discreet device (except suction bell -- can see through pants sometimes)


  • Short procedure to remove device to urinate.

  • Three months or more for significant length gains.

  • Short procedure to remove device to urinate.

  • Three months or more for significant length gains.

  • The metal bars are a bit uncomfortable because they are cold on your skin.

  • The basic package is not a really good deal. Buying the cheaper package means you are gonna need to order more extender rods and comfort straps, rendering the basic package useless for most people.

  • Slightly discreet with loose pants. Definitely not discreet with jeans or suit pants.

  • Lengthy procedure to remove device to urinate.

  • Three months or more for significant length gains.

  • Have to shave/trim hair periodically.

  • Suction bell sometimes fails to hold penis head in.

  • Fragile parts: Condom Sleeve ($26.90 + shipping, for each replacement)

  • To big or too small. Large condom slips off, smaller condom chokes penis.

  • Difficult to take off if condom is too small.

  • Baby powder required. Or else high risk condom break and irritated skin.

Why is the PhalloGauge so much cheaper?

Because it doesn't try to over-compensate in terms of design. Or sell unnecessary DVDs and parts.

A penis traction device only needs to hold your penis elongated (to promote cellular growth), and be comfortable (because you you have to wear it for long periods of time). That's it.

As for the competitor's price tag, there's only two possibilities: the competition either has a really poor design in terms of manufacture cost, or they are making a fat profit off each sale. Only they know for sure.

All we can say is: We've delivered just as much, and then some, at less than half the competition's price tag.

Additionally, the benefits are greater with the PhalloGauge: Easier and faster to use, time saved, you can use the device anywhere, and it cannot be seen underneath your pants.

All this value for a price much less than the competition -- it's a indisputable as to which device is the best for the consumer.

Head over here if you're looking for a lengthy, in-depth review of the PhalloSan penis extender.

Or you can learn more about the PhalloGauge Model S extender and learn how we designed the device with the user's experience (your experience) in mind.

Check out this blog article to see what it's like to wear a penis extender during the day.

Design centered around User-Experience

If you ever considered wearing a penis extender, you may be unsure about what it's like to wear one.

While they work 100% and the results have been documented, you don't want to go in blind without knowing what it's actually like to wear one.

The most important thing to understand is that you're going to be wearing this extender device for at least 4-6 hours everyday.

While that seems like a lot, the truth is: it depends.

Remember the saying: "Time flies when you're having fun?"

Well the same principle loosely applies here. While it's not exactly that time passes faster when wearing the penis extender, you have to look at the other side of the coin.

That is, time will go by really slowly and miserably if the device is not comfortable to wear. That's when the 4-6 hours feels like 18 hours and you're being tortured the whole time.

This is the precise reason why penis extenders and the user-experience of wearing them is probably the most important thing of them all the factors when choosing a penis extender.

While it won't be "fun" to wear the device, it better not bother you when you wear it. If it does, you're going to end up shelving it and that's about $100-300 down the drain.

tools collecting dust on a shelf

In Conclusion

Ultimately, the product that you choose to use is completely up to you.

When it comes to penis size, money is not an object - I know it wasn't for me.

However, it doesn't hurt to take a step back and really evaluate your options.

Hopefully this article gave you the 10,000 foot view from above, so you can see the forest for the trees.

The main takeaways are the following:

  1. Out of the penis extenders discussed the PhalloGauge is the least expensive, by about 60% the price of the others.

  2. The PhalloGauge is the only extender that stretches to the left and right, so it is completely hidden. The others stretch straight out, and risk being seen.

  3. While all of the extenders are relatively comfortable, this quality is a tie.

  4. Results only come to those that stick with their routine religously. Thus, you have to reject any device that creates any resistance to the fact that you have to wear it for at least 4 hours a day.

If you're looking to use a penis extender that was designed to actually make it easier on you, you may be interested in our extender that thousands of men already use.

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