The Male Edge Penis Extender Review

Written by Jeff Ferrara on November 15, 2016

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What is the Male Edge Penis Extender?

The Male Edge is a series of rod-based penis extenders that are manufactured by the company DanaMedic, a Danish company.

Their product is a newer iteration of the Jes-Extender.

Parts of the Male Edge Penis Extender Systems

  • Base Part

  • Rods

  • Straps

  • Comfort Pad

How to Put it On

Here are the following steps to put on the Male Edge penis extender.

  1. Choose the right metal rods for the tension you wish to apply and screw them in the frame of the device.

  2. Fit the base part around the bottom of the shaft of your flaccid penis, against your pelvis.

  3. Place the top of your shaft on the shaft platform.

  4. Proceed to secure your penis head and shaft by tightenting the plastic rigid noose, clamping down on your penis.

  5. Angle the penis extender to your desired angle.

  6. Put your pants back on and proceed with your day.

What it's Like to Wear it.

Again, it's like a traditional rod-based penis extender.

If you've ever used a rod-based exteder before, like the Jes-Extender, SizeGenetics, or X4-Labs Extender, you pretty much know what you're getting into when you use the X4 Labs penis extender.

There are practically no differences between all these rod-based extenders other than the color and minor mechanical implementations.

That being said, there are a few differences when it comes to wearing it.

The first one is the way that the top of your penis shaft is strapped into the device.

There is essentially only one option to secure your penis in - and that's with the rigid plastic strap.

This is a departure from the silicone nooses that some may be so familiar with.

Also, the basic version of this device does not come with a padding strap, so some may feel the bare surface of the plastic on their strap a bit irritating.

Therefore, you are more hard-pressed to buy the more expensive options.

There's all sorts of ramifications for this, so we'll discuss it later in the "cons" section of this review.

Overalll, it's a decent extender however, the price is not very competitive.

The comfort.

This penis extender is actually fairly comfortable. If you get the higher priced options. The basic one is not, unfortunately.

Compared to the other rod-based extenders it's a great competitor to the SizeGenetics and the Pro Extender.

Despite this, there isn't much noticeable difference from the user perspective.

At that point, you're going to just have to compare the cost and shipping options and make your decision from there.

When wearing the device, you're pretty much restricted to the standard office-chair sit and walking.

For most guys, however, this is good enough. Just don't expect to keep this extender on if you like to contort your legs or sit in cross-legged positions.

The Pros

Their double your money-back guarantee.

Because we all know penis extenders work, it's not surprising that companies back their products up with money-back guarantees.

Male Edge and DanaMedic is no different.

Basically, their terms say that if you do not experience any increase in penis size after using the device, they will refund you.

However, there are a couple of terms that you have to follow to be eligible for the refund.

  • You have to log into their online service, My Male Edge, and log your progress once a week.

  • You’ll also need to take a before and after photo of your penis while wearing your Male Edge device and holding a ruler alongside.

However, if you're using the device properly and consistently, you won't have to deal with this guarantee at all! And I'm sure that's what you prefer - real results over your disposable cash.

The Cons

Lack of comfort padding in the very basic option.

This is a big one.

I can understand it if you sell a basic package and it comes with everything you need from the get-go.

However, putting an essential component behind a larger paywall is not something that I can agree with.

I mean what happens if you bought the basic package and then realize that you needed the comfort pad?

Then you would have to pay a whole another $174.99 + $29.99 in shipping just for that one basic part that you should have had to begin with!

That's essentially $385 spent!

Or you could just give up and shelf the basic package (essentially let it collect dust) - and you would haev wasted $149.99 + $29.99, and are guaranteed to have zero results!

The price.

The price might be where we start getting into problems.

They have three tiers of packages for this penis extender:

  • Basic: $149.99

  • Extra: $174.99

  • Pro: $199.99

Given the fact that the basic comes with no comfort pad, you pretty much have to buy the Extra or Pro.

So let's look at the Extra package.

Well, it's $174.99. For $25 more, you're getting a comfort pad (which you need) and an extra strap (which you don't need. Only if you lose the first one).

I mean, everybody values their dollar differently, but there are much cheaper options on the market - this fact is indisputable.

That, and the quality of the product comparable or better.

Remember, no mechanical extender can provide more results, any quality just makes it easier to integrate into your daily life, increasing the likeihood that you actually wear it, and the probability of actually doing the work to reach your size goals.

Shipping is $29.99

That's quite a killer even for international shipping.

Contrast this to the PhalloGauge Model S which has a fixed $3.36 shipping even for international shipments out of the United States.

That brings the total to $204.98 - already breaking past the $200 benchmark.

Conclusion - Final Rating

Unfortunately, the Male Edge doesn't provide much, pound-for-pound given it's dollar value.

There are simply better options out there on the market.

But if you don't care about cost - then go for it!

Just be sure to make sure you don't get the Basic package, but rather the Extra.

That's because of the fact that the Extra comes with the comfort pad while the Basic does not.

Quite frankly, the Male Edge is just another rod-based penis extender - and there are at least 10 other options for a rod-based extender out there.

If you're only looking at functionality, and not cost, then the Male Edge can get the job done.

As long as you commit to the device, then you'll be able to succeed and get results.

If you're looking for a pound-for-pound dollar value penis extender that was designed around user-experience, you may be interested in our extender that thousands of men already use.

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