What to Expect Doing Penis Enhancement

Written by Mike and Jeff on January 2, 2016

I'm sure you've seen many of those ads claiming to increase your penis by 5 inches.

Enticing, but no.

Quite frankly, a 5 inch gain is not possible.

However, penis length gains through stretching exercises are possible.

Instead of aiming for a 5 inch gain, the goal is should be to reach your genetic potential.

So how much can I actually gain, if its not 5 inches?

For most guys this is about 2 inches longer than they currently are if they have not started a penis enhancement regimen.

However, it takes a lot of dedication and time to achieve these sorts of gains.

For example, those who have never done penis stretching exercises before can expect to gain 0.5 inches to 1.25 inches in a time frame of 9-12 months if they are doing manual exercises like jelqing.

steps for jelqing

Jelqing actually works, but is very time consuming.

Seems like a crazy amount of effort huh?

Not really.

Although the numbers seem to work against you, the good news is there are a few essential points to consider.

1. Most guys wouldn't needed to reach their genetic potential.

Guys should just shoot for above average.

For most guys, this would only require a 1 inch length gain.

In fact, most girls just want a penis that's "above average", not a monstrous pornstar dick. This is because most girls actually fear getting hurt if the penis is gigantic.

2. Even more good news is that there exists penis extender devices.

A lot of these devices have been clinically proven and FDA approved as well back in the early 2000s.

An example study's results for the PhalloSan device can be found here.

These devices keep your penis in a stretched, extended state to automate the stretching exercise process.

These devices are great because they allow you to not waste time doing manual exercises, and are as simple as putting on your pants everyday.

So instead of 1.25 inches in 9 months, we can more safely say that a 1 inch gain is achievable in 4 months without dedicating time to do exercises. This time frame is not unlike how some will exercise and workout in the winter to show off their body for the summer.

The main thing realize is that you will not see length gains each day. Perhaps not even the first week.

To break it down using simple math, 1" / 4 months = 0.008 inches a day.

That is impossible to see with the naked eye.

The 1 inch gain is the sum of all the hard work and daily stretching.

Most will not see the results, get discouraged, think it's not working, give up and quit.

Thus you have to discipline yourself to not look for daily changes, but rather focus your efforts on making sure you do your exercises (whether they are manual are automated by putting on a device).

Only those that stick with the exercises will see the results.

It's as simple as that.

Taking into account these two realities, this is much more practical and doable.

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