What is Penis Traction, the Key to Penis Extender Effectiveness?

Written by Jeff Ferrara on November 15, 2016

What is the General Principle of Traction?

Traction is the usage of simple machines to hold something in a certain orientation or position that is different from it's natural state of resting.

Yup, it's a pretty general definition, but it is a foundation for plenty of applications.

However, we're going to focus on traction as it applies to the human body.

Taking this into consideration, traction means:

Holding certain body parts in certain positions using braces, struts, springs, screws, rod, or any combination of the above.

What is it used in?

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery, and even regular surgery for that matter, utilize traction to help modify the body to the desired result.

This is typically done with a machine that holds the patient's body part.

There are usually levers, screws, and braces involved - pretty much anything that will get the job done.

In plastic surgery, the goal is to hold the body part in the desired position so that the body naturally adapts to this new "default" position and the body is now altered permanently as a result.

Surgery is the first major domain where traction has been applied to real-life applications in the modern era.


Yes, believe it or not, the traction principle is used in many hospitals to hold limbs and joints in designated positions.

This can range from the common cast to more complex machines that hold patient's legs in an upright position while they're laying in the hospital bed.

Hospital traction devices are the most well-known, and simplest traction devices.

The goal of these machines is to move the body part into an optimal position that will help to facilitate health care.

These traction positions are either to prevent injury or alleviate pain ergonomically.

Ear Gauges

Ear gauges are fairly common in urban culture areas.

It's basically a ring that is stuck in an ear piercing that allows the earlobe to grow around.

The earlobe tissue is very pliant and flexible, so it's receptiveness to external forces is very agreeble and the results due to the traction applied are noticiably visible.

We will see later that the resulting ear growth is due to a scientific phenomenon called "hyperplasia" which is a direct result of traction.

Penis Extenders

Ah, the application that most men start to actually pay attention to!

Penis extenders were originally developed to correct undesired curvatures in the penis, but it was soon discovered that the traction they apply can also be used to permanently increase length!

As soon as we discovered that, you can bet a lot of guys have since then used the devices for their own "personal" gains.

The penis extender is none other than a traction device that is used to hold the penis in a fully extended position - the "traction position" for penis enlargement.

The penis extenders typically have a base part that goes around the base of the penis shaft, and some sort of mechanism to grasp onto the upper shaft. Springs, rods, or elastic belts are then deployed to keep the penis stretched out in the traction position.

The stretching triggers cell hyperplasia - the natural growth of the penis tissue.

Penis Stretching Exercises

Penis stretching exercises are an offshoot of the penis extender.

That's because penis extenders were invented first, and guys started thinking that if they could apply the same motions (in the form of exercises), then they could achieve the same result.

While this is partially true, the simple fact of the matter is: Penis stretching exercises do not employ the traction principle - or at least not very well.

That's because traction requires that you hold the body part in a position for a long period of time.

Each penis stretching rep is typically done by holding the stretch (the traction position) for about 30 seconds each.

Compare this to a penis extender that actually holds the penis for 4-6 hours straight.

Unfortunately they're not comprable.

I don't want to discourage you from doing penis stretching exercises - some guys have testified that they work, it's just they haven't been clinically proven through medical studies like penis extenders, and the simple fact that the stretch is not held on the order of hours offers a possible explanation.

Regardless, you can still checkout the full library of penis stretching exercises here.

What is Penis Traction?

Penis traction is a method to achieve a more desirable results.

Cell duplication (Hyperplasia) for permanent size length gains.

Ah, the science of Hyperplasia - the thing that makes all of this possible.

Well, what the heck is Hyperplasia?

It is basically the natural duplication of cells (increase in cell count) due to some stimulus.

cell hyperplasia

Think about a person who is over 6 feet vs one who is 5'10". The taller person naturally has more cells in their body.

Given that cells are typically the same size across all humans - the only explanation is that the taller person simply has more body cells than the shorter person.

Now cell hyperplasia does not just happen on it's own.

It needs a certain stimulus to occur.

In the case of growing taller, that cell growth is triggered naturally by your hormones (specifically growth hormone) and your genes.

However, in the case of penis enlargement, cell hyperplasia is triggered by kinetic forces, specifically stretching.

The cells adapt to this force by the phenomenon of hyperplasia - that is, duplicating cells in the presence of the stretching force is their natural response.

It is therefore, an effect we are taking advantage - manipulating in our favor to achieve permanent length gains.

So, by simply holding the penis in a stretched (traction) position for long periods of time, you can actually grow it permanently, and safely.

This process requires 4-6 hours each day, wearing the penis extender.

Resistive traction to correct curvature.

Curvature is a problem caused by Peyronie's Disease.

However, penis extenders have been used to treat and cure Peyronie's Disease.

How does it do this?

Well imagine a piece of clay, and you want to sculpt it into a certain shape.

Typically you mold it with your hands so that it forms the shape that you're going after.

When you mold, you're creating resistive traction that pushes the clay's matter into a desired shape.

You can either pound it into shape or press it.

Since clay is somewhat tough, it takes a little bit of pressure to get it to the exact shape.

This, at a very primitive level is what resistive traction is and is what is going on to correct curvature.

However, the penis is more resistive than clay. That's why it takes more time to permanently treat the curvature.

You can even try it yourself: When you bend your penis, it will snap back into it's natural relaxed position.

Given these parameters, it's no surprise why treating Peyronie's Disease using penis extenders takes months, and in the worst cases (90 degree penis bends) years.

But it works, and that just shows you the power of the traction principle as applied to this disease.

If you're looking to add a reasonable .7 inches to your penis through natural stretching, hyperplasia, and traction principles already used in plastic surgery methods - you may be interested in our tool that thousands of men already use.

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