The Definitive, Safe Guide to Testosterone Boosting Supplements

Written by PHALLOGAUGE PE Coach, Jeff Ferrara on December 20, 2016

What is Testosterone? Why should I even care?

Testosterone is an essential hormone.

Testosterone is a naturally occuring hormonal chemical that is produced by the human body.

It is also the primary hormone of human males.

Testosterone is quite literally, one of the factors that makes you a man.

After all, adult men naturally produce 10 times more testosterone than women.

What does it do to my body?

Testosterone is key to developing healthy testes and prostate (male sex organs).

It is also responsible for increased muscle and bone mass, as well as the growth of body hair. That's why men naturally have more hair than women.

Not only that, but it also prevents osteoporosis (decreased bone strength, bones breaking) which is common in elderly people.

Lack of testosterone can lead to bone loss and frail bodies.

As you can see, it is a serious player when it comes to not only male health, but overall health in general!

How to your test your testosterone levels.

You'll have to see a doctor about this.

He'll be able to conduct the test.

It's basically a blood test and the amount of testosterone found in your blood is reported as ng/DL (nanograms / Deciliter)

If you haven't taken a blood test before or forgot what it is, a nurse sticks a needle in your arm and fills multiple test tubes with blood.

This blood is then processed by a lab and the results are sent back to you.

A blood test at least once a year is recommended anyways, because then you can see other useful metrics like cholesterol levels.

The problem? Your testosterone levels naturally decrease with age.

Most men will typically go through their lives more or less fine.

Then one day, working out, it might hit you suddenly.

No matter how much you try, you can't seem to drop a few seconds off your mile run time.

Or you just can't push past your bench press record and can't add on a single 5 lb. plate to the bar.

Sexual stamina and libido seem to drop and you tend to shy away from your wife or girlfriend.

The culprit: lack of testosterone due to aging.

While your body naturally decreases its production as you age, it starts to noticeably drop in men starting around age 40.

That's a problem - but one that can be treated effectively.

One Solution: Testosterone Boosting Supplements

One possible supplement that you can take is called "Ageless Male".

It is a tablet that you swallow, similar to any other pill.

The container above contains 60 tablets and you can buy it on Amazon for: $26.95.

Taking Testosterone Boosters for Additional Bonus Male Enhancement

While any man can benefit from the general health benefits of increasing testosterone, there are the obvious sexual health benefits as well.

These are, but are not limited to:

  • Increased libido and sex drive.

  • Longer erections

  • Fuller, harder erections

  • Naturally lasting longer in bed.

Pretty much every factor that is necessary to a stronger sex life gets a boost.

In Conclusion

Testosterone is quite literally what makes you a man.

Yes having testicles and penis is the formal definition, but without the chemical of testosterone fueling your manhood and masculinity, you're just an empty shell of a man.

Most men are obsessed about penis enlargement, but fail to address their testosterone levels. (In fact, increased testosterone even helps with your penis enlargement training!)

Not only does it improve your erection quality and libido, but is also crucial for general health by increasing your muscle and bone mass, and preventing diseases that kick in at older ages.

The most readily available solution is to simply take a testosterone booster supplement.

They are safe when used correctly and are easy to take.

In this guide, we discussed how to take it properly and safely.

However, if you're looking to try and improve your body's natural production of testosterone, see this guide.

Hopefully you will consider getting your testosterone levels checked with a doctor to decide if you should be using a testosterone booster or not.

That way you can really determine if you really need it, or you just want that extra boost to your sex drive.

What's your exeperience with testosterone supplements? Let us know in the comments below!

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