A Simple Penis Size and Temperature Experiment That You Can Do

Written by Jeff on March 15, 2016

Penis Size and Temperature

I'm sure that we've all noticed changes in penis size and temperature throughout our lives.

It's no secret that when we go into a swimming pool, we see a very real reduction in flaccid size.

a man dipping himself into freezing water

But did you know that the opposite is also true?

If you go into a very warm environment, your penis size (as well as testicle and scrotum size) enlargen temporarily

In this article we see a very simple experiment (and lifestyle change) that you can do that proves how heat affects your penis size, particularly temporary size

As a result of this experiement, we also see other changes that we can make that will improve natural size as well as how it can help our penis enlargement journeys.

Proof Through a Simple Experiment That You Can Do At Home

Here's an extremely simple experiment that any guy can do at home.

Once you do this experiment you will see for yourself how your penis responds to temperature and how big of a change will happen when you purposefully apply a higher temperature.

The first night, before you go to bed, use a thin sheet for a blanket and nothing else. The idea is to keep the temperature as low as possible (but still allow you get through the night).

If it's simply too cold, simply add another sheet and then another, until you feel that you can fall asleep.

Now take a note of what happens when you wake up the next morning.

What you will find is that you may have a normal-size flaccid penis or for some guys, perhaps even a smaller-than-usual sized flaccid penis.

You can even take a ruler and measure the result (using the bone-pressed flaccid method) and make note of it. Also make a note of the girth as well.

Now for the next night, take at least 3 quilts and comforters and cover yourself and go to bed as usual.

When you wake up the next morning, look downstairs and see what happens to your penis size.

For one thing, you will definitely feel warmer down there. But even more importantly, you'll simply notice that your penis is bigger (both length and girth)!

This shouldn't be surprising, because you are already familiar with how cold temperature shrink your penis, but the great thing about this experiment is seeing how much larger you get when you apply warm temperatures!

You'll hang lower and you'll have a little bit more thickness.

For me personally, all I need to do is use one thin sheet, a quilt, and a comforter on the very top for this to work fantastically.

a stack of bed quilts

Another extremely similar example that illustrates the exact same point is when you wear jeans to work or when you wear suit pants.

Suit pants are naturally thinner and don't insulate heat as well as jeans.

As a result, you will notice that your penis and testicles will hang lower when you wear jeans compared to when you wear suit pants.

two men, one wearing a suit, and other wearing jeans

Why Temperature Affects Penis Size In This Manner

When your groin area experiences higher than normal temperatures, what happens is that your body needs a way of controlling it's temperature.

Take a step back and think about what happens when you're in a hot room. Naturally, you will try to either turn on the air conditioning, or open a window.

This is just human nature, after all.

But our body also has biological mechanisms that activate without consciousness.

The most common example is when you sweat.

In the presence of extreme heat, your body is triggered to sweat to keep yourself cool. You can't control your ability to sweat mentally, it just happens as a natural reaction, which is how we evolved to survive.

Now let's get back to what happens with your groin and penis.

We all know this, but if you're in extreme cold weather, you cross your arms and hug yourself to trap your own body heat to keep yourself warm.

The exact same response happens with your penis and testicles.

See, the male genetalia needs to regulate body temperature, not so much for comfort, but rather to make sure that your sperm survives.

If the temperature is not ideal for your sperm, then your sperm will actually die.

Again, this is just another survival tactic that our male bodies developed for survival.

So, in general, when our groin becomes hot, our testicles and penis expand, and when it's cold, they contract and "hug" closer to our body.

The penis expands by having blood flow in it

So how does our penis expand outward? By none other than blood flowing into it.

Therefore, when we have an erection or are simply at our maximum flaccid length, then we know for a fact that blood is healthily flowing into our penis.

But did you know there's actually a name for what happens when blood is not flowing to your penis because it's too cold?

This phenomenon is called vasoconstriction, and not only does it prevent blood flow to the penis, it also is the direct cause for "shrinkage" that guys experience when the temperature is too cold.

While vasoconstriction is not inhernetly a bad thing (in fact it is also another survival trait that we evolved), it does go against things that we want for penis enlargement.

Vasoconstriction works by preventing blood flow so that heat isn't delivered to parts of our body that stick out (like our arms, legs, and penis), so that it can save heat by keeping it closer within the core of our body.

Some of the things that we want that vasoconstriction doesn't help with is looking big for our sexual partners, and also having a stronger blood flow for penis enlargement repair processes.

This is why natural penis enlargement is naturally harder for those that live in colder regions, like the northern parts of the United States, for example.

Even more revealing is how the average penis size of people who live in countries close to the equator is much larger than those that live farther from it!

For example, African and South American countries have a larger penis size than those in, say United Kingdom.

a table showing average penis size and country

How This Knowledge About Size and Temperature Can Help Your Penis Enlargement Journey

So now we know how although vasoconstriction is a survival technique, it's not ideal for penis enlargement and simply looking bigger.

But we can take this knowledge and simply manipulate the temperature around us to get the results that we want.

One way of doing this was by doing the bedroom blanket experiement that we described above.

This method is great because it's really easy and doesn't require much effort on your part.

So if anything, make sure you're keeping warm at night - something extremely basic, but some guys may not be doing.

By doing this method, you will take care of your penis temperature during a whole 6-8 hours each day - that's a lot of time for blood to flow naturally to help your penis recover and grow stronger after your penis stretching exercises.

It naturally stick to itself, is completely non-invasive (you can't even feel that it's on), and will traps heat in your penis shaft (and even your testicles).

With it, you can naturally keep your penis in a warmer temperature 24/7.

In Conclusion

Of all the simple things that you can do to help your penis enlargement journey, keeping your groin warm is probably the easiest one of them.

Unfortunately, it's something that a lot of guys will overlook.

However, now that you know that heat aids in penis enlargement as well as simply looking larger naturally, you can start applying some lifestyle changes to make heat work for you.

We gave the examples of simply keeping warm at night by using multiple quilts and comforters, and we also proposed using the non-invasive, easy-to-use, PG Thermal Wrap for during the day when on the move.

By taking these simple steps to trapping heat in your penis, you will improve your blood flow and the size gains will come along with it, both temporary and permanent.

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