The Definitive Guide to Penis Pills - Do They Work, What to Expect

Written by PHALLOGAUGE PE Coach, Jeff Ferrara on December 15, 2016

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What are Penis Pills?

Penis pills are originally swallowable tablets that are marketed to either help with erectile dysfunction (help get a boner), or increase penis size.

The fact is, pills that help with erectile dysfunction are completely legit, but those that increase penis size are less so.

I mean, technically, you are increasing your penis size when you take a pill that helps you get an erection, so it's kind of a white lie.

However, while pills actually have real effects (some are actually beneficial) - it's important to understand what to really expect and what is just bogus.

This guide aims to make the distinction between the actual benefits and lies, crystal clear.

Do Penis Pills Even Work?

Here's what they (some) incorrectly claim to do.

The Biggest Misconception About Pills

The biggest misconception about pills is that:

Myth: Pills permanently increase penis size.

Key word: Permanently.

This couldn't be farther from the truth.

Why is this not possible? (And never will be possible?)

Think about it.

If there was something that you could magically eat and you could grow your penis size, wouldn't the same be true for any other part of your body?

Next, you'll be telling me that there's a pill that could magically make your left arm longer or your right testicle bigger.

There's no such thing as a consumable object that specifically targets the growth of a specific part of the body.

It's just like the myth about spot-targeting body fat - it's just not possible.

But that's not the end-all-be-all for pills.

There actually are some benefits (some very useful ones) which we will next explain.

Here's what they actually do. (Benefits to look for)

The Science of Penis Pills - How they Actually Work and What is Actually Happening

Why blood flow is the only thing that matters.

So we know there is no way you can simply specifically and permanently increase the size of your penis by taking penis pills.

But what about the beneficial effects of fuller, harder erections?

Here's what's really going on:

Pills widen the blood vessels in your body, which leads to an increase blood flow to the penis.

This is also known as vasodilation.

Wikipedia definition of Vasodilation

It's like you're turning the sink faucet, opening the valve and letting more water flow.

Except here, it's just the physical diameter of your blood vessels expanding outward due to the chemical reactions from the pill contents.

An example of vasodilation which helps blood flow to the penis.

What to Expect When Taking Penis Pills

What will actually happen within an hour of taking one.

What will happen when after a few hours.

The Different Pill Brands on the Market

Pretty much all of these pills do the same thing (increase blood flow to penis) but a few differences:

  • Cost per pill is different.

  • Potency per pill is different.

  • Actual formula (ingredients and proportions) are different.

  • Different Pill Sizes

  • Different Recommended Doses

VigRX Plus

The Cost of Using Penis Pills

The monetary cost. How much will I spend on them?

While the prices vary between brands, they are, for the most part priced similarly.

Let's take the VigRX pill as an example:

If you were to buy one box (60 pills) of VigRX Pills as a one-time purchase, it would cost you $76.99.

There are cheaper options if you choose to subscribe or buy in bulk.

But for simplicity sake, we divide the box cost by the number of pills and see that one pill costs $1.28.

The recommended dosage is two pills a day, one in the morning one in the evening. You have to take this dosage daily.

That easily comes out to $2.56 per day. That's $76.99 a month, or $923.88 per year.

As you can see the price definitely starts to add up, so just be aware of this fact to see if you can financially support a lifestyle dedicated to taking penis pills everyday.

The side-effects of penis pills.

The effort cost of pills.

So believe it or not, there's the manual effort cost of taking pills.

For some swallowing pills are easy - for others, like my brother, the task is nearly impossible and torture (gag reflex).

The fact that you have to take them religiously and if you stop taking them you'll stop receiving the effects is also somewhat of a disadvantage.

So if you can't even brush your teeth everyday, you may find it hard to make sure you take your pills.

Some people can't even remember to take their daily medication - and that's a more important, life-or-death responsibility.

How to Identify Penis Enlargement Pill Scams

Look at the claims of benefits.

Here are the correct claims to tell if the pill is legit:

  • Will increase blood flow to the penis.

  • Will increase the amount of time that you can maintain an erection.

Here are the false claims. If they claim the things below - avoid!

  • Will permanently increase your penis size!

  • Will grow your penis 3 inches or more!

  • Will make your penis permanently fatter/wider/girthier!

Look at the ingredients in the pill.

Here are some typical ingredients that promote healthy, fuller, harder erections and not permanently increasing size.

  • Horny goat weed

  • Ginger

  • Vitamin E

  • Ginseng

  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Powder

  • Cayenne Pepper

  • Saw Palmetto 45% Fatty Acids

As you can see, they're typically natural, like herbs, but just packaged nicely into a swallowable pill.

In Conclusion

If you're looking to get fuller, harder, longer erections - you may want to seriously consider penis pills.

However, just be aware that the cost is relatively high (reaching at least $100 a month) and that you have to keep taking the pills.

If you have a hard time swallowing pills, they are definitely not going to be for you. However, there are other alternatives, like erection tea.

But the biggest takeaway, if you learn nothing else from this guide is:

Penis pills do not increase penis size permanently.

For that, you're going to need penis extenders.

There are so many tools for penis enlargement and male enhancement.

What method do you prefer? Tell us in the comments section!

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