The Definitive Guide to Penis Hanging

Written by Jeff Ferrara on November 21, 2016

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What is Penis Hanging?

Penis Hanging is a form of penis stretching exercises to create permanent length gains.

As mentioned in it's title, it literally uses weights hung from the penis to generate the resistance needed for the training.

While it is fairly effective in terms of the size results that one can gain from these exercises, it is not the safest, and therefore, is reserved for the more advanced/experienced men in penis enlargement.

Here, we discover how penis hanging works, how to do it, what tools you'll need, and what to expect if you were to try it yourself.

How Does Penis Hanging Work?

So we know that you basically hang weights from your penis, but what exactly is going on?

Understanding smooth muscle tissue.

The first steps is to understand what smooth muscle tissue is.

Smooth muscle tissue is the soft, spongy tissue that makes the majority of the body cells in your penis.

an example of smooth muscle tissue in the penis.

An example of smooth muscle tissue like that find in your penis.

This tissue is different from regular muscle tissue because it does not respond well to normal weight lifting techniques (hypertrophy) - like those you do in the gym.

Instead, it responds to a much different phenomenon called hyperplasia.

What is Hyperplasia?

Hyperplasia is basically a form of tissue growth that is due to cell duplication - that is, the number of cells increase in count, thus increasing the overall size of the tissue.

Smooth muscle tissue engages in hyperplasia when physically stimulated.

This is way different than regular muscle tissue, which engages in cell hypertrophy - that is, each individual cell grows in size, not increasing in count.

Ok, so how does penis hanging affect smooth muscle tissue and hyperplasia?

The ultimate means of achieving the goal of permanent size gains is to trigger cell hyperplasia.

Do that, and you're home free.

But how do you do that?

Penis hanging of course! (And other penis enlargement methods - like stretching and jelqing)

See, hyperplasia doesn't just happen on it's own (at least not past puberty).

If it did, our penises would have uncontrollable growth, and we would effectively be mutants.

Penis hanging provides a resistive training that the human naturally responds to because by nature, the human body is very adaptive.

Thus, it will respond and adapt to the force generated by hanging.

It does this by building up the smooth muscle tissue in your penis to accomodate this newly found hanging force, and all this can be summed up as cell hyperplasia.

And that's exactly what we want.

How to Do Penis Hanging

Here are all the steps involved in doing 99% of all hanging sessions.

What to Expect From Penis Hanging

You have to be sitting or standing to do it.

You essentially can't move when doing it.

So, given that you are either sitting or standing when doing these exercises, most guys will opt for sitting, since you have to hang for at least 15 minutes.

Penis Hanging Gear

LG Hanger

Bib Hanger

PE Weights

Penis Hanging Safety

The Pros and Cons of Penis Hanging

Pros (Advantages)

The biggest pro?

Less time spent actually doing penis enlargement exercises.

That's because the natural intensity to penis hanging (I mean, you're literally hanging a weight from your penis!), tends to cover a workout session in less amount of time.

That's a big difference compared to penis extenders, where you have to wear the extender device for about 4-6 hours each day.

Another advantage?

You don't have to use your hands.

This a big advantage for you guys who like to multitask.

The most obvious multitasking to do when penis hanging is to use your computer or work at a desk.

Granted, you have to be at home, because your pants will be off while doing it - unless you have a work environment that can accommodate hanging - some guys have their own private offices.

Great options for angles.

The immediate force that will be applied to your penis is downward.

Not surprising since the weight is hanging down and pulling your penis down with it.

However, you can actually adjust the angle that your penis is being pulled at relative to your pelvis by simply shifting your butt and posture.

Let's illustrate how to create the effect of pulling your penis back, as if between your legs:

Simply attach the weight, sit in your chair, and then slouch and lean back.

You will start to feel your penis being pulled between your legs.

2Simply experiment and adjust your butt and posture to achieve many different angles! Try a sideways stretch as well - however, it may be uncomfortable to sit in the posture that results from engaging a sideways stretch.

Some conditional advantages:

  • If you're a cautious person, penis hanging can be very safe, given that you will never accidentally overstretch or use too heavy a weight.

Cons (Disadvantages / Setbacks)

Unfortunately, there are quite bit of cons. Let's start with the obvious one.

Penis Hanging is probably the least safest penis enlargement method.

That is of course, keeping penis surgery out of the picture - surgery is a whole other risky beast.

Not for beginners.

Not allowed to move (for the most part).

Aboslute privacy needed - not even interruptions are allowed.

If you're looking to add a reasonable .7 inches to your penis through natural stretching, hyperplasia, and traction principles already used in plastic surgery methods - you may be interested in our extender that thousands of men already use.

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