The 3 Best Penis Exercises for Girth

Written by Jeff on May 17, 2016

a guy doing penis exercises while in a towel

1. Jelqing Exercises

We won't really go into a huge depth of jelqing. Our comprehensive, complete guide already does that.

However, we do want to emphasize that the best penis exercise for girth, is, in fact, jelqing.

There are a couple reasons:

  • It doesn't cost you a dime (for the most part).

  • It's easy to learn.

  • You can start doing it immediately.

Quick Steps on How to Jelq

After you read this, you'll pretty much know the basics of jelqing and can start as you are sitting there.

  • Form an OK-grip by pressing the tip of your pointer finger and thumb together.

  • Wrap the OK-grip around the base of your penis shaft.

  • an example of an OK-grip which is used for jelqing

  • Applying some pressure onto your shaft, slide the OK-grip slowly towards the base of the glans - that is, the top of your shaft.

  • You just completed one jelq rep.

For more elborate details on the finer points of jelqing - and to move to a more advanced jelqer - check out our guide on how to jelq.

Be sure to do each jelq rep for a full 3-5 seconds. Don't cut corners - that's one of the biggest mistakes of jelqing.

2. Bathmate Pump Exercises

Bathmate is a water-based pump that is made by the company Hydromax.

a glamor shot of the Bathmate penis pump

Rather than a air-filled chamber, it uses a water-filled one to prevent blisters and being overall safer by generating a more stable pressure. This is opposed to a more volatile one in air-filled pumps that you may see on the market.

To be honest, you'll see visual results with the Bathmate (although temporary), immediately after using it, compared to jelqing. There are both short-term gains (ones that go away after a few hours), and long-term ones - as long as you're consistent with using the Bathmate.

The Bread-and-Butter Bathmate Pump Session

Here are the steps on how your typical Bathmate session should go:

  1. Make sure that your pubic hair trimmed (or shaved) as short as possible to make sure that the pump's suction doesn't slip off.

  2. Fill the pump with hot water from your shower or bath.

  3. As best as possible, without spilling water, slide the water-filled pump over your erect penis.

  4. Push the pump towards your pelvis to increase the pressure and seal the suction.

  5. When the pump is deployed, wear it for 10-15 minutes. Do not go over 15 minutes in a single session as advised by the company and many other Bathmate users.

  6. Limit yourself to 1 Bathmate session a day, if you're a beginner or intermediate Bathmate user.

For our more details on the Bathmate check out our complete, definitive guide on the Bathmate.

Some really advanced Bathmate users may do 2 sessions a day, but must seperate each session by at least 8 hours.

The Easiest Bathmate Routine

Just got the Bathmate and don't know where to start? Do this routine and you'll be all set - this routine is pretty much all you need to be successful with the Bathmate.

Do a typical Bathmate session 5 times a week. If you aboslutely must miss sessions make sure you get in at least 2 sessions in a week, preferably spread out at different points in the week.

For each session use the Bathmate for the full 15 minutes.

When first starting out with the Bathmate, stick your penis in at a 70% erection level so you can get used to it and not risk hurting yourself from jumping in the deep.

As you get used to using the device, slowly increase the erection level that you have before sticking your penis in the Bathmate. Do this until you can use a 100% hard erection with the Bathmate.

Some other tips and considerations when using the Bathmate

One thing you can do with the Bathmate is to buy the leash from Hydromax which allows you to stand-up with the Bathmate on and not have to hold it up with your hands. This is pretty nice and convenient.

Alternatively, you can fill your tub slightly and just sit in the Bathtub, lean back and relax. You'll probably still have to hold the Bathmate up and stable with your hands, although it's not as bad when you're sitting (compared to standing).

I like to watch Youtube on my smartphone while I wait the 15 minutes for the Bathmate session. Alternatively you can watch porn or something more arousing to keep your boner nice and hard. However, just make sure you don't get your smartphone wet!

a guy using his laptop while in the bathtub

The In-Pump Shaft Bend

While this exercise isn't specifically for girth (simply using the Bathmate itself is already sufficient), if you're trying to get some length gains in as well, you can do this exercise to get those bonus length gains.

This is a good variation to the typical stretching exercises and penis extender device routines that most guys stick with.

This exercise targets the penile ligaments that directly affect how long your penis is. After you learn how to do this exercise, you'll definitely see (and feel) why this contributes to length gains.

Here are the steps to do the In-Pump Shaft Bend:

  1. Get a stable pump on your penis.
  2. Push the Bathmate up like a joystick. Hold for 10 seconds.

  3. Push the Bathmate to the left. Hold for 10 seconds.

  4. Push the Bathmate downwards. Hold for 10 seconds.

  5. Push the Bathmate to the right. Hold for 10 seconds.

  6. Repeat at least 10 times, going all the way around.

This exercise is great because it gives you something else to do, otherwise you're just sitting around with the Bathmate on.

Don't get me wrong, you're going to see great girth gains from the Bathmate, but you're also going to get get twice as much from the time that you're putting in sitting in the bathtub with the Bathmate on.

3. Compression Penis Exercises

How to do Compression Penis Girth Exercises

  1. Make an OK sign with the pointer and thumb of both hands.

  2. Place one OK grip around the base of your glans and the other at the base of your shaft.

  3. Slowly move both OK grips together towards the middle of your penis shaft, stretching the tissues inward.

  4. That completes 1 compression exercise repetition. Be sure to take 3-5 seconds for each compression rep.

When you move the fingers towards your shaft, try to get a stroking motion, similar to jelqing.

Although compression exercises are a perfectly valid form of exercise for girth, they aren't as popular as jelqing or the Bathmate.

Regardless, it's a useful penis enlargement method to have in your aresenal.

How often you should do your penis exercises for girth

So now that you know exactly what to do to increase penis girth, how often should you do them?

Ideally, you want to get one form of penis exercise for girth for at least one session each day. At the very most, you can take one day off during the week, say Saturday or Sunday.

For jelqing, do one session of 250-500 reps each day. This takes about 20 minutes per session.

For the Bathmate, do one session of 15 minutes each day.

For compression exercises, do one session of 250-500 reps each day. This takes about 20 minutes per session.

Doing one or two sessions a week is simply not going to cut it. That's because you're not giving your penis sufficient stimulus for growth. So make sure you stay disciplined and really focus because you truly want it for the long term and the results for the rest of your life.

How to make sure you're being safe when doing penis exercises for girth

The biggest key to all penis exercises for girth is to make sure that you don't feel pain when doing the exercises.

Sure, of course, you're going to feel pressure due to the forces that you're applying to your penis. But in no way, should you feel any sharp, accute, constant pain during or after you do these exercises.

If you are feeling this sort of sharp pain, you need to tone down the intensity for a bit.

If you follow this simple rule, you'll have no problem doing all penis enlargement exercises safely.

For more mistakes that guys usually make, check out the 6 common mistakes the guys make when doing penis enlargement.

In Conclusion

Penis exercises for girth are pretty well known, but you have to put in the effort and really commit to sticking with them.

Remember, this is your penis that you'll have for life and it's the only one that you'll get. It's the only one you can use during sex. So you better make it has great as possible for your confidence and your sex life.

If you're new to penis enlargement and are looking to get started, do jelqing, and it's easy to get started on our site because we have literally all the guides you'd every want on jelqing and penis enlargement.

If you really want to take your girth exercises to the next level, check out the Bathmate - after all most guys have given it positive reviews.

When you need a change-up to your routine, try the compression exercises we discussed above.

Now you know what you need to grow your penis, we on the PhalloGauge team will make sure you get there.

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