How much you're Actually Spending on Penis Enhancement

Written by Mike and Jeff on January 2, 2016

It's simple math quite really.

Most penis pills are advertised to increase penis size and girth.

However, they cost $30 for a 30 day supply.

Additionally, you have to keep taking them to keep their "effects".

Sounds like a great way to make money indefinitely.

You are essentially paying for pills like you pay for rent on an apartment.

Why not just permanently get a larger penis?

Lately, we have been seeing multiple sources verify the "traction" method of penis stretching which has its roots in jelqing.

Additionally, there are whole forum communities that report their techniques and results to each other.

While we are fine with Jelqing in that it does increase penis length, it simply takes too much time in the day.

Penis devices eliminate the need for manual stretching like Jelqing, but...

Other penis devices have recurring fees or parts that you have to buy.

For example, the average penis device costs between $200 and $300 (some are more) and they contain parts that "naturally" break over time.

Even worse, if you don't handle them with care, they can break even easier and faster.

In order to keep using the device, you have to keep purchasing these parts, otherwise the device is rendered unusable.

Sound like the penis pills payment method?

It is.

The money you're paying for devices with "replaceable" parts can go on indefinitely.

So you pay ~$200 plus $70 for each replaceable part.

These products can't guarantee a certain length gain for a certain price tag.

They hope you keep breaking the parts so you can keep buying more!

So you want a 1 inch gain. You ask these companies: "How much will that cost me?"

They respond: "$200. But possibly more if you need to buy replaceable parts."

Secretly they mean: Keep paying us as much money as it takes.

The problem is that you most likely give up by the third broken part.

Not only have you not reached your penis length goal and you've wasted $300 or more.

A penis device isn't a car where you have to keep purchasing "fuel" for it, it should just work when it arrives.

There are only two fair situations where a device can break.

1. Natural wear after a long period of time

2. A defective unit due to poor manufacturing.

In the case that you receive a defective unit, it should be replaced no questions asked.

The PhalloGauge is a device that you pay only once and it works with no caveats or hidden recurring payments.

The PhalloGauge is the only permanent, engineered device under $100 that you don't have to keep buying parts for.

Our team has worked hard to bring you the best value penis lengthening device, completely free of these shady business practices.

You buy it once, it works as intended and you never have to keep paying for more useless crap.

Thank you for letting us give our personal insights into our innovation of penis traction devices. Get the PhalloGauge for yourself below:

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