Logically, Manual Penis Stretching is Not Worth Your Time

Written by Jeff on March 6, 2016

So you started your manual stretching exercises

You're getting a good pull without causing any pain and you've been very consistent with your daily sessions.

But are manual stretching exercises worth your time?

Well, we already know that this form of exercise is better than nothing, so in that sense, yes, they're better than nothing.

Additionally, yes, they seem better at first because you don't have to spend any money.

But is it ideal?

Well, lets analyze it a little.

I'm sure you can agree with me that your time is worth more than money.

This is universally accepted.

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However it's really hard to picture how valuable your time is.

In this blog article, we're going to put a dollar value on your time, and you'll be so surprised what your time is actually worth.

By applying your time-dollar value to your time spent stretching, you'll also learn how much you're actually spending on manual penis stretching exercises - especially since it doesn't seem to appear to be physical money at first.

Let's do a low-ball estimate first

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Now, let's assume your time is worth minimum wage (but we all know you're worth more than that).

Since minimum wage differs across different parts of the country, let's just say that minimum wage is $8.

So let's also say a single penis stretching exercise session takes 10 minutes of your time - it actually should be 20 minutes, though.

Now if one hour of your time is $8 then 10 minutes of your time is worth $1.33.

Now, based on clinical studies, we know that it takes about 6 months of stretching with one daily session to achieve a .7 inch gain.

So let's take the dollar cost per penis stretching session and simply see how much it would it will cost if we were to do it for six months.

So $1.33 times 30 days in a month times 6 months is equal to $240.

That's way more than what a penis extender device costs!

And this is assuming that your time is the lowest value dirt cheap which we all know is not true - it is actually much higher.

It's also assuming you're doing 10 minute sessions, but it should actually be 20 minutes.

Now let's do a more realistic estimate calculation

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So in the previous examples, we took your life as completely worthless and dirt cheap.

But let's make the dollar value and the calculation a little bit more realistic.

Let's say you have a fairly decent office job and you make about $20 an hour.

Therefore, an hour of your time is worth $20.

This means that 10 minutes of your time is worth $3.33.

Now remember, each daily stretching exercises requires 20 minutes of your time - not 10 minutes.

But that time is time spent actually holding your penis in a stretch.

Realistically, there is some time in-between "downtime" between each rep which comes out to an extra 5 minutes.

Therefore, we'll say that it takes 25 minutes for each daily stretching session.

Therefore, each daily stretching session would cost $8.33.

Again we multiply this by 6 months which is also equal to 30 days times 6.

After doing that calculation, we find that it costs $1498.50 plus the additional mental and physical effort that is required with each stretching session.

Therefore, we can clearly see that doing manual stretching exercises is actually really, really expensive.

So ask yourself, are you willing to spend approximately $1500 for approximately an inch gain in penis size?

If you answered no, then we can 100% guarantee you that you will FAIL in increasing your size.

If you answered yes, then you just might succeed in increasing your size through stretching exercises.

But there are two important factors left out.

using a calculator in the office

That's the actual physical energy that you have to spend doing the stretching exercises.

There's also the mental energy aspect as well.

See, you have to count how long in your head you're holding each stretching rep as well as how many reps you've done to meet your daily quota.

All that takes mental energy.

And when you're mentally fatigued you may miss count.

This mental fatigue is further magnified when you come home tired from work and don't feel like counting reps or counting seconds for each rep.

Would you succeed if I just told you to "Don't give up?"

I could tell you: just do your exercises and you will succeed.

However, if I told you that in about a month, you might say to yourself, "OK, I'm trying!"

If I told you the same thing, just keep doing your exercises, after a month, you'll probably get irritated and frustrated.

Know why?

Its because of the physical and mental toll that the exercises cause on your body!

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Here's a perfect example.

You're at your job and you're working on a project.

Now say your boss one day tells you, "hey could you work a little harder?"

Then you tell him, "Sure thing, no problem."

Whether you're in a good mood or bad, no sense causing a fuss over it.

Now say he comes back in a couple weeks and says the exact same thing.

Then you might say, "Sure thing, no problem," but you'll definitely be a long little irritated, especially if you know that you have been working hard on the design or project at hand.

But say he comes back two weeks later and tells you the exact same thing.

Most people would probably get really upset and frustrated.

I know that I would.

See, the reason is, you're putting in the time and energy - it's not completely free. You're giving up something.

So that we put a dollar amount on that energy and time, I'm sure you can understand why frustration and impatience settles in after a month.

And that's the truth.

It's not free.

After a few months of doing stretching exercises, it really feels like you've spent thousands of dollars.

We're sort of like the insurance companies in that we save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

a checkbox for medical insurance

You can get the penis size through stretching without spending that kind of time and effort (about $1500 worth of time and effort according to our calculations).

When you wear a penis extender device like the Model S, you'll have the ease of mind of saving thousands of dollars worth of time and effort in the long run.

You see, we here on the PhalloGauge are the ones that have covered the cost of time and effort for you.

We're sort of like medical insurance. If you get injured, the insurance company will cover the majority of the cost - thousands of dollars to pay the doctors, hospital facilities, etc.

Our technology was made to serve you and your needs, by covering the cost of the time and effort that would otherwise be spent tugging at your penis with your own hands.

Using a penis extender minimizes all sorts of risks associated with the penis enlargement process.

Here are some of the various risks:

  1. You risk your health and safety if you're doing it wrong.
  2. You risk wasting your time and energy, by giving up after a month - in other words, minimal, non-visible gains, and about a month of time and energy spent. Not reaching your desired, goal size that you can be satisfied with.
  3. You risk results by doing your stretching incorrectly by not focusing on each rep during the stretching exercises.

Here's how a penis extender device minimizes these risks above.

It's much safer than manual exercises.

the phallogauge penis extender device

This is because you know that you're applying a stable, constant pulling force every second that you wear the device.

The same can't be said with your manual stretching; you can never precisely apply a stable force to your penis due to human error.

Remember how we said that it would cost about $1500 worth of your time to successfully reach your goal?

Well imagine spending about $100 to $150 instead when you purchase and use a penis extender device.

Here, were reducing the risk of wasting time and effort (converted to a dollar amount) by 90%!

In other words, instead of risking $1500 to gain penis size, you're only risking $150 - that's only 10% of what it would cost without using a penis extender.

So now, the tables have turned.

You can now ask yourself instead: Am, I willing to spend only $150 now on reaching my penis size gains goals?

I know most guys would say yes - I definitely would.

The last risk that penis extender devices eliminate is the risk of doing the stretching exercises incorrectly.

As you know, if you eliminate the risk of doing the exercises incorrectly, that means you will guarantee positive results.

It's unfortunate, but we see so many guys fail and waste all that time simply because they have been doing their exercises wrong the whole time.

That's why we created the PhalloGauge Penis Enlargement Guides to avoid this situation, but you have to read them to have them work for you!

So in conclusion

If you go for the manual penis stretching route, you're in for one of the most disciplined journeys of your life.

We now clarified exactly what you're spending if you go such a route by putting a dollar amount on it - it just happens to be about $1500 to achieve about an inch in size.

We're not going to lie - that's really expensive and risky.

So we propose using a penis extender device to automate the stretching process and eliminate the risks involved with manual stretching exercises (health/safety risks, time/money risks, risk of no results).

Not to mention it's much easier to use.

The PhalloGauge Team will answer all questions/comments you may have.

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