The Importance of Blood Flow for Natural Penis Enlargement

Written by Mike and Jeff on January 20, 2016

diagram of red blood cells flowing in a artery

Stretching and exercises alone do not add size.

So what does?

First of all, we need to know where size gains come from.

Obviously the result is more penile tissue.

But there's a very important difference to understand.

The size is not gained from the cells in the penile tissue getting larger, but rather an increase in the number of cells!

This is called Hyperplasia.

The other incorrect case where cells get larger (but don't increase in number) is called Hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is how muscle mass is gained from weight lifting and is not related to penis size gains, at all.

So back to Hyperplasia.

Hyperplasia is the reason why the size gains are permanent.

When you grow new cells, they can't just disappear. Even after years pass, the cells are still there.

They don't shrink or grow... they just exist.

Now contrast this to Hypertrophy (muscle mass gained by weight training), where gains can actually can disappear.

diagram of cells showing hyperplasia vs hypertrophy

When you don't go to the gym for a month, the size of the cells adapts to the new, easier environment and they shrink -- there's no stimulation that triggers the body to adapt and no survival need for the body to get stronger!

arnold then and now

Arnold in his prime vs. years down the road when he stopped his focus on bodybuilding. It's the body's natural response (atrophy - the opposite of hypertrophy). Fear not, losing gains doesn't happen with Hyperplasia.

Ok. So Hyperplasia creates more cells... How do I make Hyperplasia happen?

NOW this is where stretching and exercises come in.

african penis stretching

This is where penis exercises are most similar to traditional muscle building exercises.

The stretching of penile tissue wears the cell tissue down to the point that there are "holes" in tissue, also known as micro-tears.

Essentially, the penile tissue is slightly "damaged", but it doesn't stay that way.

Any time our body is damaged, we as humans, have the natural response to heal.

And that's exactly what happens! When the "holes" heal, it does this by filling in the "holes" with more cells.

Because penie tissue is considered soft tissue and not muscle tissue, it "heals" by engaging in Hyperplasia, not Hypertrophy.

Yes, so where does blood flow come into play?

We'll the body can't just make something out of nothing.

Matter (or stuff) can't just be created out of thin air.

So what creates more cells in the penile tissue? What is the gained tissue made out of?

It's made out of the same stuff that your body uses to grow your body from a baby to what you are now.

The macronutrients and micronutrients that are consumed from the food you eat!

So, while there isn't really a special diet that you have to eat to gain size - you can continue to eat normally as you always have - you need a way to deliver the nutrients to your penile tissue to repair and grow new cells.

How are nutrients delivered?

None other than through the blood that flows throughout your body!

Now with muscles in your arms and legs, blood always naturally flows through these muscle tissues. Therefore, blood delivery is not a big deal.

However, your penis is a much different story.

The only time blood fully fills every cell in your penis is when you get an erection.

ron burgundy with an erection at his office

But, that's not all, when you have a semi-erection, or when your at your "maximum flaccid length", that is, when your penis is hanging as low as possible, blood is still flowing in your penis (although not as much as a full, rock-hard erection).

But there's other times when there's practically zero blood flowing in your penis. This occurs when the temperature around you is too cold (your penis actually shrinks instead), or when you're completely not aroused or haven't been aroused for a long time.

Other instances of no blood flow are with older-age when your penile health isn't as good as a young 20 year old male, or when you have some sort of erectile-dysfunction from watching too much porn.

However, the most common reason for lack of blood flow is low body temperature.

This is particularly true in guys that live in cold regions on earth.

So how can I maximize my blood flow for my gains?

One thing you can do is to make sure that you give yourself a full-erection at least once every day.

We'd expect with most guys this isn't a problem -- but for those who have erectile-dysfunction, we urge you to see your doctor or urologist.

Another thing to do is to make sure you keep your body warm at night.

So, you should invest in a quality quilt or comforter that will keep you warm in 40 degrees Farenheit (or below) temperature, or at least 6-8 hours (the amount of time you're sleeping in bed).

Hopefully, you'll wake up with "morning wood" which is a sign of good penile health and healthy blood flow.

morning wood erection

Another thing to do is to stop or limit the amount of time that you wear tight pants or tight underwear.

There's no way your penis will get a chance to hang low if it's cramped inside your pants all day. Remember, if you're fully "hung" - flaccid but your full flaccid length, this is still pretty good because you're blood is flowing and expanding your penis.

So remember, jelqing and other stretching exercises are not enough. You gotta make sure you're always getting a healthy blood flow because this is what completes the penile tissue building process.

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